‘Batwoman’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 11 “Broken Toys”

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On this week’s Batwoman, Camrus Johnson steps behind the camera to direct a suspenseful episode. Marquis continues to pose a major threat, especially to Batwoman’s identity. Alice and Mary seek help with the joy buzzer, and Sophie and Luke team-up. Read on to find out what happens in “Broken Toys.”

Looming Threat

batwoman season 3 episode 11
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Mary and Batwoman head to the clinic to find Marquis gone but a creepy doll bearing a threat in his place. Back at The Hold Up, the group assesses the joy buzzer. Luke thinks he can use the AI to get some answers, and Mary admits she gave it to Marquis. Alice says she knows someone who can help, leading the group to learn about a woman named Kiki Roulette. They find an address, and Mary and Alice agree to find her. Shortly after, Luke shows Sophie and Ryan a press conference in progress by Marquis, in front of Arkham. He’s partnering with the city so people like Batwoman (who he claims is the insane one) will get the “help” they need. Ryan is at a loss until she remembers leverage Jada has that could help.

A Tense Mother-Daughter Chat

Ryan goes to talk with Jada, saying the videos of Marquis as a kid won’t stop him. One of Jada’s security guys comes to tell her she has a visitor, who shoots the security guy. It’s Victor Zsasz, whom Marquis released earlier. She relinquishes the video tape to Zsasz and offers to pay him more. But Zsasz doesn’t care and is there to kill Jada. Instead, he says he left a note for Batwoman and sets a timer giving her one hour to show up and save the day.

The deadline runs down, and Jada and Ryan talk about why Jada left. Jada reveals the money she paid was meant to go to Ryan and the family that wanted her, but the doctor stole it instead. Time runs out, and just as Zsasz prepares to shoot Jada, Ryan tells her to duck before throwing a letter opener at Zsasz. The two fight and Ryan knocks him out. Jada realizes that Ryan is Batwoman. When Zsasz is gone, Ryan voices her anger that Jada never checked on her as a kid. Jada says she thinks it was for the best given how Marquis turned out.

Buzzing With Joy

batwoman season 3 episode 11
Colin Bentley/The CW

Mary and Alice arrive at the halfway house. Before they leave the car, Mary asks about how Alice deals with the bad stuff she’s done, and Alice offers some unhelpful advice. They go ask about Kiki, and a woman tells them she doesn’t live there. However, Alice knows the woman is actually Kiki. Mary tells her they want to fix the joy buzzer. Kiki is reluctant but eventually agrees. So, they bring Kiki to her old workshop. She finishes the buzzer then begins maniacally laughing as Arkham inmates surround Mary and Alice.

Arkham on the Streets

batwoman season 3 episode 11
Dean Buscher/The CW

Luke prepares to break into Wayne to get the AI back with Sophie joining him. They get into Marquis’ office, where Luke tries learning more about Sophie and Ryan. She won’t give him much info and manages to change the subject when she finds the AI. Luke reattaches it to the Batwing helmet and is ready to go, but Sophie spots Marquis’ laptop and wants to check it. They find out Marquis released Arkham inmates, and Sophie calls Ryan (post Zsasz) to tell her. Luke adds that Marquis and Kiki were in contact. Then, they tell Batwoman where to find Mary and Alice. Marquis arrives with a few Arkham inmates as Kiki and co. bring Mary and Alice somewhere and Batwoman arrives. Marquis calls Kiki who puts him on speaker. Batwoman tries to rattle him, though it doesn’t work. As Marquis threatens Sophie and Luke’s safety, Sophie attacks and everyone fights their respective groups.

Wildmoore Dreams Are Made of This

Batwoman goes to tell Jada that Marquis has the buzzer (thanks to Kiki) and apologizes. Jada apologizes, too, admitting her pitfalls and explaining that she did love Ryan. Luke also talks with a parent as he fixes his AI. He shares his revelation about being Batwing with his dad, who’s proud of Luke. Meanwhile, Mary goes to see Alice and tells her she’s going to the wake for the man she killed; she needs to take responsibility. She also brought a bag meant for Alice, to help her leave Gotham. Alice doesn’t want to leave yet, though. She’s tired of being Alice and wants Mary’s help to get the joy buzzer.

Sophie meets with Ryan at The Hold Up, pre-annoyed at whatever Ryan might say. Instead, Ryan says she knows she’s been closed off. Now, she wants to be real with Sophie. Rather than tell her, Ryan kisses Sophie. Things ramp up and the two go upstairs, where they finally have sex (and it’s altogether steamy, a bit awkward, and incredibly tender).

Batwoman airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT on The CW, available the next day on The CW app and cwtv.com. Find our previous recaps and the rest of our coverage here.

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