‘9-1-1: Lone Star’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 4 “Push”


This week’s episode of 9-1-1: Lone Star concluded the ice storm saga. With Grace in labor and her and Billy trapped in the middle of the storm, Judd, Tommy, and Owen race to find them. Meanwhile, with T.K.’s condition worsening, Carlos prepares to say goodbye, but not before we find out what really happened with Tarlos.

Keep reading to find out what happened in the newest episode of 9-1-1: Lone Star, “Push.”

Trapped In the Middle of a Storm

Still trapped and with no cell service, Billy decides to go out in the storm after getting some weasel-like comments from a very pregnant Grace to do some foraging. While Billy is out, Grace prays to God just hoping everything works out for her child who deserves the chance to meet her father.

Billy comes back and the two soon get to walking to a tour bus that was abandoned not far down from them. Grace tries to get comfortable as Billy tries to get the heat going by hot-wiring the bus. However, there is no fuel, so he goes back out into the storm with a funnel and a tube to siphon some fuel from abandoned cars.

After coming back with a gallon full of diesel, Billy gets the bus going but then passes out from having sipped a bit of fuel.

Stop Dying, T.K.!

In his coma dream, T.K. eats cookies with Gwyn, just having a good time. Gwyn breaks the news that the cookies don’t exist and T.K. asks his mother if he’s dead. She tells him that he’s not and she’s not really there. She needs to be the person to tell him to stop dying.

A Heartbreaking Revelation

Kevin Estrada/FOX

Marjan is back at the 122, but all Judd cares about is if she was ever able to get in touch with Owen. He tries to contact him again after finding out he’s back at home while Mateo, surprising Marjan, asks if she got him to sign the Billy letter. Mateo vaguely catches Marjan up on what happened with Paul and a collapsed building. He casually tells Marjan that Paul is in the hospital and he is okay, and, noticing the looks on Judd and Mateo’s faces, she wonders who isn’t.

Owen, meanwhile, is back at home and Tommy, likely hearing from Judd, is at his doorstep to deliver the news that his son his dying.

Carlos Stop Breaking My Heart

Jordin Althaus/FOX

Oh, Carlos. If there was an Emmy for “Outstanding Performance That Will Break Your Heart,” it would go to Rafael Silva. Carlos and Nancy have this touching moment together, where Carlos says he’s holding a vigil for a man who doesn’t even want him in his life. Nancy assures Carlos that T.K. loves him. While he doesn’t talk about Carlos much at work, he does bite off Nancy’s head whenever she mentions Carlos’ name. It’s just too painful which means he still has it bad for Carlos. It’s obvious.

If he loves me so much… then why did he break my heart?”

Later as Carlos is sitting by T.K.’s bedside, Mama Reyes makes a surprise visit and gives Carlos the advice he desperately needed. Carlos admits to his mother that they broke up and he didn’t want to let them down. Andrea tells her son that they are proud of him no matter what, and they love T.K. too. But she is going to have a conversation with T.K. when he wakes up about breaking her baby’s heart and getting away with it.

A Clear Indication of Love and Anger

Andrea tells Carlos he needs to talk to T.K. and tell him what’s on his heart. Though if Carlos told him what’s on his heart, it wouldn’t be very nice. Andrea tells her son that he needs to say it and T.K. needs to hear it. Heaven forbid this is the last time Carlos can say what he needs to say to T.K. Andrea leaves her son alone and closes the door.

Carlos reluctantly pulls his chair closer to T.K.’s bed and starts talking to him, pain in his voice and his eyes. While breaking down, Carlos tells T.K. he’s so mad at him right now.

“And the worst part about this is… if this is… goodbye, I can’t even hold your hand. Or run my fingers through your hair, or… kiss your head. Not without it feeling like it’s some kind of violation.”

A tear runs down Carlos’ cheek as he goes on to tell off his dying ex-boyfriend, to just believe people when they tell you who they are.

What Happened With Tarlos?

Kevin Estrada/FOX

Meanwhile, T.K. is in his coma dream and watching it all go down, and Gwyn wonders what happened. As Carlos is going on his rant, Gwyn breaks down T.K. and he confesses what went wrong. After the townhouse burnt down, T.K. and Carlos stayed with Owen while they were looking for a place. Carlos found a great loft downtown but the landlord didn’t want someone to rent it, they wanted someone to buy it. And T.K.’s credit score wasn’t that good, he didn’t have a lot of money. So they dealt with the crushing disappointment, and Carlos said he didn’t care where he lived as long as it was with T.K.

Eventually, Carlos found something and it turned out it was the same place, surprising T.K. with their new place. T.K. thought it was a total power move, Carlos knew that he didn’t have any money and he still put his name on the deed. He panicked because everything was perfect. T.K. did the thing and blew it up. He knows he hurt Carlos and he’s afraid he won’t take him back. There’s only one way to find out and that’s by waking up.

Cap’s Plan

Jordin Althaus/FOX

Nancy, Carlos, Marjan, Paul, and Tommy are waiting in the ICU and Owen comes out of T.K.’s room to give them the news that T.K.’s body is trying to shut down and it’s because his heart stopped. But Owen thinks it’s because his did and that Marjan was right. About everything. He was afraid he wouldn’t be able to put the 126 back together as everyone was looking toward him to do something so he ran away. Owen blames himself for what happened, but after everything, he finally received the message. It might be too late and he may not be able to fix things, but he’s going to try. He’s going to find Billy and he’s going to put that signed letter of apology in his hand and get reinstated.

“Look, I don’t know if I can fix the world in time for my… for my boy to wake up but when he does I want him to see that he’s not the only Strand who’s still fighting.”

Tommy offers to go with Owen and the two leave after Owen gives Carlos a reassuring hug, a hug they both definitely needed. Driving out in the storm, Tommy tries to get Billy over the radio but there’s no response. She tries to apologize to Owen about what happened with T.K., still blaming herself. Owen says she already has his forgiveness and whatever happens, there is no one he would have rather have had his son serve under than her.

A Snowy Delivery

Kevin Estrada/FOX

Judd gets a call on the radio from Tommy, and Owen tells him that his wife is not at home. They’ve been trying to track down Billy and his GPS was pinging to the Ryder residence. But neither him or Grace are there. Judd tells them to look around for a pink duffel, which is Grace’s go-bag for the hospital. Owen says there isn’t one and that’s when Judd realizes his wife has gone into labor, “of all the damn days.” The three make a plan to go out and look for her on the route to the hospital and meet in the middle, and Judd prays to God that his girls are okay.

In the bus, Grace is trying everything she can to stall the delivery because she wants Judd to be there. Help soon arrives, as Tommy and Owen find Grace’s car and follow footprints to the bus. Judd gets off the firetruck to look for his wife. Tommy takes her place in front of Grace, and just before Baby Girl Ryder makes her way into the world, Judd makes it in time.

The Miracle of Life

T.K. starts moving in his bed and Carlos calls for nurses. They pull Carlos aside and take the tubes out of T.K.’s mouth. Carlos watches from outside the room, with Andrea by his side. Carlos is finally let back in, but still worried, though T.K., even weak, is the one to reassure him.

“Hey baby. Breathe.”

Carlos lets out his breath that he’s been holding in for what seems like forever and holds T.K.’s hand after some hesitation, stroking his face and kissing him, as T.K. hugs him.

At the same time, Grace is pushing with everything in her as Tommy and Judd help deliver the baby girl. Soon, a cry can be heard, and the newest little Ryder has officially arrived, beautiful as ever.

Outside the bus, Owen breaks down and Tommy is there to comfort him.

New Lives

What is likely some time after T.K. wakes up, Carlos once again surprises him with the loft that is all finished and furnished. T.K. is speechless, seeing his exercise bike and throw blanket. Carlos welcomes T.K. home to their new place.

Evie and Izzy meet Baby Girl Ryder, even bringing her a little penguin. Tommy holds the baby and asks what her name is. Grace tells her they wanted to name her Charlie, they wanted to honor Charles and don’t want to overstep. Tommy likes it and couldn’t be more honored.

The 126 Is A Family

Jordin Althaus/FOX

The 126 crew comes together to watch their firehouse go down and they are ready to say goodbye. However, Marjan gets a message that their GoFundMe to save the 126 just got fully funded. Five million, and it was funded by none other than Lindsey’s father, the rich milk carton seller. The 126 is back, baby! And at the official reopening, the crew push the rigs in, everyone celebrates, with Gwyn and baby Jonah making a special appearance in the real world this time, and all was right with the world.

The 126 is a family. These uniforms bind us tighter than blood. Like a family, we argue, screw up, let each other down. But as long as we keep fighting for one another, there is no challenge we cannot rise to. There is no crisis that we cannot overcome. This building stands today not because of its bricks and mortar but because of the heart and the soul of the family inside of it. The 126. And so it shall always be.

Captain Owen Strand

Honorable Mentions

  • Two nurses rudely talked about T.K.’s condition and his chances as Carlos just stood by the door.
  • Grace telling Billy he has a weasel tongue and weasel hands. Never upset a woman in labor.
  • In T.K.’s coma dream, Gwyn called her son by his full name, Tyler Kennedy, when he was avoiding talking about what happened between him and Carlos.
  • At the newly reopened 126, the fallen brothers have a new place on the wall, with Tim Rosewater added.

The next episode of 9-1-1: Lone Star will premiere on FOX on Monday, February 7 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Stay tuned for our continued coverage on the series, including episodic recaps and more!

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