‘Cobra Kai’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 2 “First Learn Stand”


In this episode of Cobra Kai, Johnny and Daniel teach each other their respective techniques. We also meet a new kid named Kenny, who attends his first day at West Valley Middle School. Meanwhile, Amanda makes her own stand. Read on to find out what happens in “First Learn Stand.”

Warning: Spoilers beyond this point.

Johnny’s Lesson in Patience

Daniel heads to the dojo, ready to use his sanding technique for the sparring deck. But unfortunately for him, Johnny’s already on it… with a much bigger and faster sander. Soon, they agree to teach each other their methods. Johnny’s up first, but his impatience doesn’t lend well to learning Miyagi-Do karate. Eventually, he makes decent headway, and his lesson ends after falling into the pond (again). Meanwhile at Cobra Kai, Robby also begins teaching Miyagi-Do.

Amanda Takes a Stand

Amanda has her own confrontation, visiting Tory at her job. She tells Tory to stay away from Samantha. As Tory gets progressively more heated, she snaps at a customer and is fired. Later, she tells Kreese. He stages a run-in with Amanda at the grocery store. He respects Amanda protecting her daughter but then tells her that Tory doesn’t have a mother. In a final confrontation for the episode, Tory (with a full bag of groceries in tow) finds Amanda at the dealership. Tory says she doesn’t want pity before leaving.

Daniel Learns to Bite Like an Eagle

It’s time for Daniel to learn some new tricks, too. Like Johnny, he doesn’t understand the methods at first. But, of course, he picks it up. After, he and Johnny head to a hockey game as more “training.” Johnny provokes a player, hoping it will cause a fight. Daniel de-escalates. As they leave, though, they face the player and a few others. Johnny decides this is the perfect time to get a pretzel. The players make snide remarks about Amanda, so Daniel defends her honor, taking them all down. When Johnny returns, he’s surprised but also ecstatic.

New Kid on the (School) Block

A new kid, Kenny, starts his first day at a new school. From the get-go, it doesn’t go well, as he’s teased on the bus for dancing (by none other than Anthony LaRusso). During PE, he accidentally smacks Anthony in the face with a basketball. But he manages to make it through the day. He talks on the phone with his dad, who offers support. We also learn something happened with his brother.

Later, he plays a roleplay game called Dungeon Lord Legacies. A girl from school, Lia, messages him through the game. Only it’s not really her. It’s Anthony and his friends. They invite him to meet up, and when Kenny arrives at the spot (in full cosplay), Anthony and co. record and tease him. In response, Kenny swats at Anthony’s phone, accidentally breaking it. A chase ensues and Kenny manages to hide in a dumpster. The next day at school, he’s teased by everyone. Fed up, he asks for help from someone at the juvenile detention center. It’s his brother, Shawn, the guy who previously had a rivalry with Robby.

Cobra Kai season 4 is streaming now on Netflix. Keep up with our season recaps here.

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