‘Cobra Kai’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 1 “Let’s Begin”


In the season 4 premiere of Cobra Kai, Johnny and Daniel begin to put aside their differences and team up. However, their teaching styles begin to clash. Meanwhile, Kreese tries to recruit an old friend. Read on to find out what happens in “Let’s Begin.”

Warning: Spoilers beyond this point.

Eagle Fang Meet Miyagi-Do

Johnny and Daniel begin their joint classes at Daniel’s dojo, but as they approach karate in drastically different ways, the first day is kind of a dumpster fire. They try not to get too discouraged though. At home, Amanda voices her concerns to Daniel, and he tries to reassure her. Meanwhile, Johnny cooks for Miguel’s family, and they’re all excited. Well, until Miguel brings up Ali. This later prompts Carmen to tell Johnny she wants to take things slow.

During the next class, Johnny and Daniel split up to teach. Johnny’s session disrupts Daniel’s. So, Daniel confronts him, which leaves an opening for a few of the Miyagi-Do kids to also confront Hawk. When Miguel and Johnny get home, Miguel still has hope. But Johnny doesn’t.

Robby Faces His Options

At Cobra Kai, Kreese wants to recruit Robby, who would rather stay out of the rivalry; he just needed a place to stay. A bit later, Tory confronts him, saying that if he won’t fight, he can leave. He’s also soon approached by Samantha, who wants to make amends. Robby is fed up and says as much. He refuses to give Samantha what she wants.

Kreese Seeks an Old Friend

Kreese heads to Terrance Silver’s home, where he finds that Terrance is living a new life (and hosting a swanky but casual soirée). When they have a chance to talk privately, Kreese brings up the old days in Vietnam, hoping to sway Terrance. It doesn’t work. Terrance is content in his new life. However, when Terrance later goes to grab some wine, a bottle sitting on a small table catches his attention. So, he kicks it against the wall. Seems like Terry Silver is catching the karate bug.

Finding Common Ground

Daniel shows up at Johnny’s place to apologize. The two sort of patch things up but decide their joint dojo method won’t work out. The next day, they go tell the kids. Instead, they find everyone clearing out a new space where they plan to build a sparring deck. Rather than end the team-up, they give it another chance.

Meanwhile, Robby prepares to lead Cobra Kai, but they’re not on board. He tells them if they land a hit, he’ll leave. The only person who does is Tory. But she lets him stay. He rallies them in a rousing speech, ending by saying that he’s going to teach them Miyagi-Do karate.

Cobra Kai season 4 is streaming now on Netflix. Keep up with the rest of our season recaps here.

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