Saturday, March 25, 2023

‘WWE 2K22’: New Footage Teases New Modes, Controls, and More

FANDOM'WWE 2K22': New Footage Teases New Modes, Controls, and More

A new look at the WWE 2K22 game reveals the return of GM Mode, a new Showcase Mode, and more in the first live play footage.

Full details on the 2K Games and Visual Concepts release won’t be available until January 2022, however, in a new video, the first look at some of the incredible graphics and new modes looks promising.

Fans of the games may recognize GM Mode — now titled MyGM — which hasn’t appeared in a WWE video game since the 2008 release of WWE SmackDown vs. Raw. Fans will be able to act as the General Manager in the game to help book matches as well as build up WWE Superstars and create brand supremacy.

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MyRISE focuses on creating your own rookie stars, taking them to new heights of stardom, and giving them potential Hall of Fame careers. There will be new New storylines available for both male and female MyPLAYERs. Similarly, MyFACTION will let players create groups of wrestlers that you will help manage and upgrade with weekly events and regular updates.

The video also teases 2KShowcase with a clip of Rey Mysterio. This will allow players to select a Superstar and relive their most iconic matches. Universe Mode will make its return, offering players more control over the brands, PPVs, match results, rivalries, and more. Finally, in Creation Suite, players can play as themselves or someone/something different.

Hopefully, this release will be enough for fans to forgive the problematic WWE 2K20 launch, which saw Yukes drop out of development, forcing the company to scramble to get the game finished in time for release. Of course, this caused a myriad of issues in gameplay, eventually fixed, but forever scorned.

WWE 2K22 will release in March 2022. Stay tuned for additional updates on the release of WWE2K22.

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