‘Foundation’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 9 “The First Crisis”

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Last week, Hari and Gaal parted ways, Brother Day was successful is getting the support he needed for Zephyr Gulat and had a revelation on his nature. On the Invictus, Salvor wasn’t able to stop the random jump and the ship jumped into the unknown. You can read the full recap of the episode here.

Warning: spoilers for “The First Crisis” below!

Salvor takes control of the Invictus

The episode starts with a young Salvor and her father watching the stars. They talk about humanity’s origins and how they may come from a mythic place called Earth.

Back on the Invictus, Salvor stayed awake for the jump. She gets up and realizes the ship jumped to Terminus. She finds Lewis who plugged himself into the mainframe to control the jump. Upon seeing the Thespin ships and the Beggar which jumped too, she tries to contact them and the planet without success. Then, she decides to jump to the Beggar. After entering the ship, she tries to contact Terminus again. Salvor notices something approaching her ship and is ready to shoot it when she hears Hugo’s voice.

The lovers are reunited and Salvor says she thinks the null field has expanded and everyone on the planet must be unconscious. Hugo wants to run, but Salvor has to fix this. She asks him to contact the Thespin ships and neutralize the jumping technology. She has a feeling they need the Invictus to survive the crisis. The Thespin arrives on the bridge and find Rowan attached, but Phara is gone. She took control of a Thespin ship and left.

Brother Dawn is betrayed

Dawn and Azura are talking about escaping. The plan is to escape the next day after the woman secures a damper for the clone’s nanobots. Later, Dawn meets with Dusk who wants to show him a painting he made of the hunt. He seems vaguely threatening during the whole scene and we realize it was a test. After Dusk leaves, Dawn puts the device who allows him to see colors on and realizes Dusk painted six birds. Three of them are red. Dawn failed the test. Dusk knew all along that the younger man killed more birds that he said, but, more importantly, he knows Dawn is colorblind.

Back to his room, Dawn starts to pack his things when a guard arrives to bring him to Dusk. The young clone is able to flee, but all the travel stations are watched and he has troubles leaving the Palace. He remembers what Azura told him and makes his escape via the irrigation system. After nearly drowning, he arrives at a refugee camp and exchanges his shield against a coat and directions to the place Azura lives. The young lovers are reunited, but Dawn’s happiness is short-lived when he sees Azura menacing him with a gun. After leaving the flat, he is quickly encircled and neutralized by Azura’s accomplices. Before fainting, Dawn sees someone looking at him with his own face.

Later, Dawn wakes up chained with his nanobots ready to be transferred to the other clone. He is heartbroken when he realizes Azura used him. The rebel clone reveals he is part of a plan that took several decades to accomplished. Cleon’s DNA was smuggled out of the Palace and the rebel clone created. They corrupted Dawn’s DNA so he would have to flee because of his difference, so they would have an occasion to exchange the clones. The plan was to end the Cleon dynasty from the inside. Once the nanobots transfer is complete, the rebels are ready to kill Dawn when they are interrupted by soldiers who kill everyone except Dawn and Azura.

Dusk enters the room and reveals he has been spying on Dawn and Azura all along to mislead to the plotters. He orders her to be put in a cell. Dawn will now to face Brother Day and his judgment.

The Vault opens and someone unexpected arrives on Terminus

Salvor lands on Terminus and sees everyone is down due to the expanding null field. She makes her way to the Vault and spots her mother holding the Prime Radiant that Hari used to predict the future. Salvor concentrates to open the object. She is unsuccessful until she has another vision where she is in Gaal’s body. After seeing Hari and Gaal open the Prime Radiant, she is able to do it too. The Vault opens and becomes luminous. Everyone wakes up and Salvor is reunited with her mom. Before being able to make her way inside the artifact, the Anacreons take control of the site for a short time. Hugo and Thespin soldiers arrive with a captured Rowan. The Anacreons surrender and Salvor tells the commander that their plans for Trantor won’t happen, which Rowan confirms.

A Thespin ship arrives and tries to shoot everyone. After the ship lands, Salvor realizes it’s Phara, and the Huntress wants revenge. After taking control of the situation, she starts menacing Salvor who tries to reason with her. The woman explains her plan: all of them should unite and use the Invictus as leverage against the Empire.

Phara doesn’t listen and wants to kill Salvor, but Rowan comes between the two of them saying the hunt is over. Then, the Vault starts acting up and Phara starts o shoot it with her ship. To save the artifact from destruction, Salvor kills Phara with her own bow. Seeing their leader dead, the Anacreons move against Salvor until Hugo puts himself in danger to protect her. They notice someone coming to the Vault. It’s Hari. The mathematician observes the scene and says that seeing them all together gives him hope they can pull this off.

Will Brother Day be clement towards Brother Dawn? What does Hari’s presence on Terminus mean? With only one episode left, we should get some answers soon.

Foundation‘s season 1 finale will stream on November 19 on Apple TV+.

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