Saturday, March 25, 2023

‘Gossip Girl’ Trailer Drops With Return Date of November 25

TELEVISIONHBO Max'Gossip Girl' Trailer Drops With Return Date of November 25

After leaving its avid followers on read for a couple of months, Gossip Girl has hit send on a drafted trailer.

The two-minute and 11-second trailer set to Ariana Grande’s “7 rings” unravels the latter half of season 1. Of course, starting with the secret-spilling tidbit of socialites Otto and Julien’s riot rendezvous after switching sisterly sides. However, it’s not the only flash of designer red as we scramble to question who Audrey, Max, and Aki are kissing now. And why isn’t it each other as part of our throuple?

Gossip Girl returns November 25 or Turkey Day for some; feast with these scandalous bites!

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