‘Batwoman’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 5 “A Lesson from Professor Pyg”

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Javicia Leslie as Ryan Wilder on 'Batwoman'. (Dean Buscher/The CW)

On this week’s Batwoman, Ryan and Sophie do some recon on Jada. Unfortunately, the evening takes a turn when an unexpected guest drops in. Meanwhile, Alice and Renee have their own reunion. Read on to find out what happens in “A Lesson from Professor Pyg.”  

Renee’s Got a Secret

Dean Buscher/The CW

Batwoman and Alice head to an auto shop where they find a man dead, suspended with his wrists and ankles bound. Renee sent them to find a bullwhip she thinks is Catwoman. They find what they’re looking for, but the bullwhip isn’t Catwoman’s. It’s someone else. Batwoman gives Alice the task of finding out more information.

Alice meets up with Renee and passes the news along. So Renee gives Alice a box of files to sort through. Maybe their culprit is in there. But this leads to Alice finding on folder thicker than the others: Poison Ivy’s. Alice thinks Renee has been hiding her real motives. Later, Renee reveals her relationship with Pamela Isley (aka Poison Ivy). She tells Alice how they met, explaining how Pamela completely changed after one of her classmates began performing experiments on her. And, eventually, Renee told Batman to bury Poison Ivy alive to stop her from hurting anyone.

After visiting Mary in the clinic to get info on the victim, Alice spots a vine on Mary’s workstation. She goes back to Renee. First, she shares who the real killer is. Then, she shows Renee the vine. Renee is confused, as the vine is dead. After a few moments, she realizes that if the vine is dead, someone else is infected.

An Awkward Family Dinner

Dean Buscher/The CW

Ryan and Luke are still dealing with the aftermath of the stock plummet. Mary enters, holding a dinner invite from Jada. Ryan thinks she can use the dinner to find more information on the Black Glove Society and Jeturian Industries. Mary, however, is worried about Jada’s real motives. But Ryan still goes, with Sophie as backup (we love a good fake dating trope). Soon, Jada and Ryan both try to figure out each other’s motives. Meanwhile, Sophie goes to plant a bug in Jada’s study. An angry Marquis also shows up, believing Ryan betrayed him. And we get a glimpse at the chef who seems just a little angry.

Dinner is just as awkward as you’d expect. Marquis’ plus one, Zoey, doesn’t help, asking about Ryan. This leads to Marquis emphasizing his hurt, with Ryan trying to convince him she didn’t betray him. She and Jada bicker. Ryan gets the final word when she thanks Jada for leaving her; she has something better now. Zoey heads to the bathroom. While there, she finds she can’t move … and then someone murders her.

Professor Pyg Goes Ham

Dean Buscher/The CW

Downstairs, a paralytic agent kicks in with everyone else. The chef, Lazlo Valentin, has a common case of wanting revenge. He’s angry with Jada for firing him awhile back and subsequently ruining his life. So, he’s going to ruin hers. He goes for Marquis, but Ryan stabs him in the leg. She buys enough time for Jada, Marquis, and Sophie to escape. Ryan goes to find Zoey. When she rejoins everyone, they realize they can’t get out and phone signals are gone. They manage to make it to Jada’s panic room. But not too long after, Marquis begins seizing.

Marquis’ blood pressure drops. He needs adrenaline. Unfortunately, it’s all the way in the basement, and the only way to get there is through the kitchen. Oh, and via the panic room camera monitor, Professor Pyg is in the kitchen. Making a bomb. No big deal. Ryan decides she’ll try, with Jada’s help. Ryan reaches the kitchen. Jada speaks through the intercom to distract Lazlo. But it’s not enough. He hears and finds Ryan, who barely makes it to the basement in time. Meanwhile, Sophie tells Jada about Jordan. Jada claims she had nothing to do with that.

Ryan finds the adrenaline sitting on a top shelf. Of course. She tries to hoist herself up, but the shelf falls on her. Now she can’t move, and the adrenaline is still almost out of reach. Lazlo breaks into the basement. He reaches Ryan just as she passes out. But he doesn’t hurt her further. Instead, he brings her upstairs to use her as leverage to get Jada out of the panic room. When she won’t come out, Lazlo makes to kill Ryan next, which is enough to draw out Jada. Ryan has a moment to inject herself with adrenaline. Sophie manages to get it, inject herself, and then inject Marquis. Sophie and Ryan fight off Lazlo, but it’s Marquis who kills him … and maybe goes a little overboard with the stabbing.

Marquis, Are You Okay? Are You Okay, Marquis?

Dean Buscher/The CW

After, Ryan goes to get information from Jada, who seems deeply upset. First, she reiterates that she didn’t know about Jordan. Then, she tells Ryan about Marquis. She explains that, when he was a kid, Marquis had an incident with the Joker, who zapped Marquis with his joy buzzer. Since then, Marquis has been “sick” (read: showing psychopathic tendencies). Jada continues that everything she did to Ryan was for her own safety. She reveals that she wants to put Marquis in cryostasis to buy more time to help him. Jada needs Ryan’s help to do it. And what is Marquis doing this whole time? Oh, just smearing blood across his face in his room.

Itching to Catch a Villain

This episode, we also saw how Mary’s night in the park begins to affect her. Her behaviors are fairly minor. They begin as she can’t seem to get enough water. Then, in the clinic, she’s so itchy it begins to distract her from her actual work. Alice notices the plants around the clinic, but Mary snaps at her (which is nothing new). However, after Renee’s little tidbit about dead vines, what does this mean for Mary? It’s now clear she’s infected but doesn’t know yet.

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