Emilio Estevez Will Not Return for Season 2 of ‘The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers’

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Season 2 of the Disney plus original series will look different than expected. Emilio Estevez’s beloved Coach Gordon Bombay will not be returning to hit the ice.

As the show prepared to begin production for season two, a vaccination requirement was set in place. The vaccine requirement is part of the “Return to Work” agreement settlement that was reached between studios and unions during recent discussions. This requirement would be for everyone included in the group called “Zone A.” This group would be the cast of the series and basically everyone they would be in close contact with during filming.

Estevez has played Coach Bombay since the ’90s and returned for the series as executive producer and to revive the beloved character in season 1. The studio and Estevez’s team negotiated over the requirement for several weeks, and sadly, an agreement was not reached. After Estevez would not agree to disclose if he would receive the vaccine or not, the studio chose not to ask him back for season 2.

Without their coach, this new group of Ducks direction is unclear. Season one ended with Bombay being at the center of many major storylines that will clearly have to be reworked. This unexpected exit leaves one coaching position open that needs to be filled soon. Season one saw the return of some old faces, and who knows, maybe this will be an opportunity to bring back one of our original Mighty Ducks to lead the next generation to victory! Hey, does anyone know if Joshua Jackson is currently available?

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