‘Batwoman’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 4 “Antifreeze”

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This week on Batwoman, Ryan makes some major strides in her life thanks to Marquis. Luke, however, worries about the consequences it may cause with Jada. Meanwhile, Alice’s hallucinations intensify, and Sophie’s sister Jordan goes missing. Read on to find out what happens in “Antifreeze.”

Cold as Ice

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The Bat Team may have contained Mr. Freeze’s cannister last week, but someone still has the tech. This time, it’s more advanced — no cryo chamber needed. All is going well at a 30 Under 30 press junket. Ryan, Marquis, Sophie, and Jordan are in attendance. Jordan, who’s there for the community center, talks with Sophie. She shares that she’s nervous about a speech she’s giving later. Sophie leaves for a moment, but in that time, Jordan gets kidnapped.

Sophie finds Ryan and Marquis and asks if they’ve seen Jordan. Ryan gets Luke’s attention over comms to get some extra help. Ryan finds Jordan’s phone, and Sophie begins to panic. Luke tells them Jordan is somewhere in the building, though. Marquis finds out where, and Sophie and Ryan go find her. But when they do, Jordan is frozen.

Later at the clinic, Mary works to figure out how to safely thaw Jordan. While Alice and Sophie are out doing recon, Mary has a lightbulb moment. She can use plants she was examining to help. Thankfully, she’s able to safely unfreeze Jordan.

The Black Glove Society

batwoman antifreeze photos
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Alice and Sophie follow a lead about a group called the Black Glove Society. Jordan and two others were planning to expose them during the junket. So, they head to Jordan’s apartment to find any other information. While they look, Alice is taunted by an orderly from Arkham who’s not really there. He leads her to discovering a BGS file in Jordan’s vent. And one of the names on the file? Jeturian Industries.

The BGS finds Alice and Sophie. They knock out and bind the two and take the file. When Alice and Sophie wake up, they see a trail of books doused in gasoline, leading to a toaster about to catch fire. Just before the fire reaches them, Batwoman freezes it with the freeze tech and frees Sophie and Alice.

At the hotel, Ryan returns to the room Jordan was being held. She mentions the heat lamps in the room. Luke uses that to track the heat signature of activated heat lamps in another room. Now suited up, Batwoman heads to the other room. She finds one of Jordan’s group members a pile of mush on the ground. Then, she realizes the other recovered body from earlier was another member. Jordan is the last one left.

With a Little Help from My Brother

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Ryan made the 30 Under 30 list, thanks to Marquis, who also invited her to a press junket. Luke doesn’t think it’s such a great idea though, but Ryan isn’t worried. She plans to avoid Marquis. But it turns out avoiding him isn’t so easy. The two end up in a photo together — one that Jada sees. In response, Jada calls Vesper Fairchild.

Meanwhile, the search for Jordan is underway. Marquis’ tip turns out to be legit, but Luke suspects Marquis might be involved. When Ryan and Marquis run into each other again, she asks him about it. He tells her that someone at the front desk asked around. Marquis isn’t there for nefarious reasons; he just wants to get to know his sister, and he’s hurt Ryan doesn’t want to know him.

Later, the two meet at The Hold Up. They patch things up as Ryan tries to confirm that Jada is planning to take over Wayne Enterprises. Due to several NDAs, Marquis can’t tell her anything. So, Ryan suggests they team up against Jada.

Acceptance Is the First Step

Mary, Luke, and Alice all face personal challenges this episode. First, Mary deals with spending the night on a park bench — one that had her entangled in vines. However, when she tries to tell the team about it, they focus more on the issue at hand. Meanwhile, things with Luke are still rocky. Luke continues to deny anything is off kilter with him, even when the Batwing suit, sans failsafe, won’t talk back to him. By the end of the episode, Luke decides to reactivate the failsafe. His father’s voice returns, and Luke confirms what he’s been fighting to deny — he’s not ready to suit up as Batwing.

Alice’s hallucinations also intensify. She even kills an orderly in her cell to confirm this theory. (Don’t worry, the orderly wasn’t really there.) Though she talks back to him when she and Sophie search for the files, she acknowledges he’s not real. Alice determines she’s getting worse. Mary, Sophie, and Ryan all learn this. Mary thinks it’s due to the wrong meds at Arkham. So, Alice decides that Ryan needs to convince Renee to keep her out of Arkham. Unfortunately, someone will need to keep an eye on Alice, and that someone is Sophie.

You Don’t Mess With the Jet

Jada Jet continues to show us that she’s not to be trifled with. While Ryan is busy with the junket, she gives Vesper Fairchild a hot scoop. Later, Wayne Enterprises stocks plummet. Significantly. Jada leaked that Ryan uses Wayne money for her own personal gain. And she does. Funding Batwoman is no cheap task. But Jada doesn’t know that.

After everything is settled, Charlie (her in-house publicist) and Luke let Ryan know the matter was kind of resolved. Thanks to A.R.G.U.S, Ryan has a cover story. The stocks are still bad, though, and shareholders lost their faith in the company. Charlie suggests she step down as acting CEO. Ryan wants to fight it.

But that’s not all Jada did. By the end of the episode, Black Glove Society’s boss is revealed: Jada Jet. The head guy meets with Jada and hands her the file from earlier, along with the adjusted freeze serum. Who could Jada want to freeze? Maybe Ryan? Nope. Marquis.

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