Nerds Gets Spooky: 7 Best Pop Culture Halloween Costumes


We here at Nerds and Beyond love a good scare, cultivating our Nerds Gets Spooky series, where we discuss our favorite eerie-themed cuts from pop culture! Today, we’re raiding our comfort characters and pop stars cobwebbed closets. What hair-raising attires have they been spotted in?

JoBros Lightnin’

Is it really a pop culture list if there isn’t Grease caught in a stylish ’70s, pulled-back quiff? One-third of The Jonas Brothers takes the starring role, with Joe next to his wife Sophie Turner in the “What A Man Gotta Do” music video.

The CW

Breakfast on the Upper East Side

Even the wealthy have their own stylish heroes. For headband’s sake, Blair Waldorf’s was Audrey Hepburn (“duh,” says every Gossip Girl xoxo-er). Through various fever dreams, the series was allowed to make this all the more apparent. One even occurring in the fourth episode of the first season. Whereupon acting out the opening scene of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, her frenemy best friend Serena Van Der Woodsen is the window display for a luxurious brand, charmingly laughing along with minions dressed as maids. It’s the subtlety of a wave that foretells the popularity Blair always craved secretly belonged to only one It Girl, aka, not her. 

The CW

A Deathly Angel Befriends the Devil 

Despite its name, this brick-stoned venue definitely sat on the treat side of things, Tric, an all-ages nightclub created by One Tree Hill’s Peyton Sawyer, which would later help see artists trickle in as guest stars. Dealing with the freshly heard news of her biological mother’s breast cancer, Peyton’s visited by a gothic version of herself. The channeled message is that her sketched-out mantra of people always leaving is only because she drives them away. Later on in the episode, she attends a masquerade ball where Brooke Davis is dressed as a devil trying to seduce Lucas Scott, who has his hands grazed around Pamela Anderson, or as she’s otherwise known as, Rachel Gatina. 

Thank U … Now, Bend and Snap

This 5’3 whistle note-r was born roughly seven years out of the golden early-2000s girly film era. One that saw such leading ladies as Jennifer Garner curl out her Razzles tongue as Jenna Rink and Reese Witherspoon rule the law room with a pink, fluffed-up pen in Legally Blonde. All of which Ariana Grande shook out her trendsetter, high ponytail to pay tribute to in her “thank u, next” music video that’s currently raking in an impressive 12 million likes (or people claiming it to be so ‘fetch,’ if you will)! Of course, one can’t remiss the cameo of Kris Jenner as the resident cool mom filming the risky “Jingle Bell Rock” dance.

The CW

Scooby Dooby Doo

In a cartoon mix-up that saw Scooby-Doo take to our Supernatural boys who love to cruise down a rock ’n’ roll highway in a chevy impala, Dean Winchester again proves his fannish ways by throwing on a red caveat. This is after understanding one simply can’t split up Daphne Blake from her one true love Fred Jones despite the level of flirtatious banter.

What Era Are We In, Anyway? 

From Red tour’s ringmaster with a sequined sown jacket to country stylized curls, Taylor Swift’s previous selves lined up in front of a massive plane for her comeback “Look What You Made Me Do” music video.

The CW

Mary Queen of Lies

Finally, when not running through the twig-infested forest from a vibrating -A, these Pretty Little Liars knew how to throw together an outfit! Whether it’s Hanna Marin’s take on Marilyn Monroe or a personal favorite of bookworm Spencer Hastings covering 1500s history with a red wigged Mary Queen of Scots, their Halloween goosebumps would be snap worthy.

Are there any fashion stealers we’ve left off this spooktacular list? Absolutely, Mean Girl’s mouses, to name one, but that’s where we’re gonna call upon you; list your favorite in the comment section below!

Joining the Nerds and Beyond team back in February 2019, Rachel Finucane graduated university with a Bachelor of Arts (Humanities) majoring in Screen Arts. She’s been passionate about all things television and film-related since penning her first Neighbours fanfiction aged twelve, before inevitably taking that pen to dabble in fashion, sports, and music. She can be spotted on Twitter at @rachelfinucane_.

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