‘Seven on 7’: Breaking Down the Fourth Episode of ‘The Boys’ Digital Series

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It’s October 7th, and you know what that means. Today signaled the release of the fourth episode of Seven on 7, the digital series set in the world of The Boys that serves to bridge the gap between the events of seasons 2 and 3. Here at Nerds and Beyond, we’ve been helping you break down and connect all the storyline threads, tidbits, and propaganda totally reliable news that VNN is hand-feeding us to the bigger picture of events in the show. Without further ado, check out the newest episode and our breakdown below!

Segment 1 – Rise of the Neo-Nazis “Storm Chasers”

Should we be surprised that Stormfront’s still kicking up trouble (even in her newly crispy form)? The “surprisingly large group” of “loyalists” (if we weren’t convinced that Coleman was terrible already, his not-so-subtle support of a literal Neo Nazi kind of seals the deal) are committed to fighting for “Stormfront’s vision of the future”… hard pass if I do say so myself. We do learn that Stormfront’s (no doubt supermax) prison location is being kept hush-hush (the Storm Chasers don’t like that), but Vought seems to be sticking to their guns — and their silence — on this one. Speaking of guns, the Storm Chasers are “heavily armed” but peaceful in exercising their constitutional right of freedom of speech according to Coleman. How long that peace will last is anyone’s guess, but if we’re throwing out figures, mine is not long.

Segment 2 – The Deep Emerges

The Deep has deigned to make a rare appearance in a visit to Oceanland, commemorating the addition of a new baby bottlenose Dolphin, Dinky, to the aquarium (I’m sure his lingering guilt over the dolphin debacle of season 1 has absolutely nothing to do with this). Generously donated by Vought, it seems like the company and hero alike are trying to make up for the loss of the center’s original aquatic mammal after it met its unfortunate demise in The Deep’s unsuccessful jailbreak 2 years ago. Oh, Kevin.

Segment 3 – Opening the (Financial) Gates of Heaven

In its latest (and seemingly successful) business venture, Vought has acquired Heaven’s Harvest, “the beloved Christian-owned organic farm-to-shelf grocery store chain.” This short announcement doesn’t seem that important right now in the grand scheme of things, but it’s always the little stuff that comes back to bite you in the butt. Does anyone else feel like this particular tidbit is going to come back in a big way in season 3? Just me?

Segment 4 – Return of the OG Starlight


Starlight, keeping up her newly-refurbished image as America’s sweetheart, has finally gotten to don her old costume once more (and you know what, good for her, because she was not a fan of version 2.0). As Coleman reports, the return to her old costume (bringing back “wholesome American values”… Cameron, why are we connecting the idea of virtue to clothes? Anyway.) apparently resonates with America, as her costume is skyrocketing in Halloween sales, going as far to approach Homelander levels of popularity (I imagine he’s probably not too happy about that). You may not be able to find one at the stores with how fast they’re selling out, but there’s always hope of snagging one for beaucoup bucks on V-Bay (the brand puns, always a nice touch).

Commercial – Death to Plastic!

New appearances and new appointments. Maybe The Deep is not so deep on Vought’s sh** list these days. Kevin seems to be moving on up in terms of Supe-periority (get it?) with his new appointment as Chief Sustainability at Liquid Death — nothing says sustainability like shotgunning mountain water then throwing the “infinitely recyclable” can onto the beach for small children to pick up. Of course, this could be yet another pit stop on his long trail of misfortune. Be a (questionably sustainable) hero and delare death to plastic (and those kids’ lungs — I’m coughing from looking at that smoke alone) today!

Segment 5 – A Halloween Shock


Another day, another Supe grappling for fame. In a bust straight out of the midwest, Livewire has put a stop to a trafficking ring using childrens’ candy (“Sour Supes”, yuck) to illegally transport methamphetamines. Can’t argue with that. Shortly after, the Supe headed to his “All Treats no Tricks” event where the theme is protesting… Halloween cancel culture. I feel like there could be better things to be protesting at the moment. Like the internal Neo-Nazi movement of the huge corporation influencing the masses? Just me?

Segment 6 – A Silent Vow


Ah, Sage Grove. The gift that keeps on giving. It seems that Cindy from season 2 (you remember, bald head? Telekinesis that can make almost anything (including people implode? Yeah, her) is still at large following her escape from the human test center for Compound V — and it appears that she has not gone quietly. Wanted in connection with multiple homicides, it seems that the Supe is exacting her rage on unsuspecting civilians. I guess V Neuman isn’t the only one to be looking out for lest your head go “boom” as Billy Butcher would say. Luckily, Black Noir is on the case with a (silent) vow to protect civilians, handling the Cindy situation quickly and quietly in true Black Noir fashion.

Segment 7 – Justice is Served


Another day, another complaint against the FBSA. It seems like the agency’s latest victim was our old pal Ezekiel from season 1. If you don’t remember, Hughie blackmailed the leader of Samaritan’s Embrace at a Capes for Christ event for information on a shipment of compound V by threatening to leak a (nonexistent) video of he and Hughie having sex. Faces must be hard to remember at Supe orgies.

It seems abuse and misconduct charges based on anonymous sources have been leveraged against the “Evangelical entrepreneur” — much to the outrage of Coleman, ever the good Vought puppet. Those Supes just work so hard for the people and this is what they get… serves them right I say. Victoria Neuman seems to agree with her and Hughie’s aggressive pursuit of justice, though Ms. Neuman’s motives still are elusive to us. One thing is for sure, Hughie is definitely pulling the G-Man look off.

As always, tune in next month to find out what totally 100% unbiased information Vought will deliver to us next. Make sure to check out our breakdowns of the three previous Seven on 7 episodes here.

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