Nerds Rewatch: ‘Nancy Drew’ Season 2, Episodes 15 & 16


Hello, Drew Crew! Welcome to our 12th edition of Nerds Rewatch Nancy Drew, where we will be rewatching the series from the beginning to prepare for the arrival of season 3 this fall. We’ll be watching three episodes of season 1 per week, then switching to two episodes a week for season 2, ending the week of the season 3 premiere. Never seen an episode and want to dive in? Seen every episode but want a refresher? Either way, we’ve got you covered with both spoiler-free and spoiler-filled discussions of our favorite sleuth and her friends. You can head over to HBO Max to watch seasons 1 and 2 now.

Under each episode heading, you’ll find a discussion ONLY of the current episode and the ones preceding it, while at the end of each article there will be a section discussing how the episodes relate to the series as a whole (translation: spoilers). If you missed our last rewatch, you can head here for all the action. Without further ado, let’s jump right into the next episodes of Nancy Drew season 2!

“The Celestial Visitor”

Shane Harvey/The CW

Written by: Melinda Hsu Taylor, Noga Landau, and Cameron Johnson

Directed by: Ruben Garcia

  • Welcome, Tom Swift! This episode serves as a fabulous introduction to the character, who will officially be leading his own spin-off series next year. He’s so fun to watch, and while I look forward to seeing his own adventures, his chemistry with the Drew Crew makes me hope that he’ll stop by Horseshoe Bay for a crossover or two.
  • The first scene of the Drew Crew noticing all the strange happenings while George accidentally causes Bess to puke green bile is hilarious and directed well. Ruben Garcia is an expert at staging action, and it really set the tone for Tom’s first appearance.
  • I look forward to more of Tom’s relationship with his AI Barclay. There’s even a tribute to LeVar Burton, the actor who voices him!
  • If Tom’s one-liners in this episode are any indication, Tom Swift is going to be one funny show. A few highlights: “You met some white people? Got into this nonsense? Tiger Woods Syndrome, we understand.” “Straight men love an excuse to put on a dress, don’t they?” “I feel like we’ve maxed out on secret societies.” “You have a mobile witch library?” “I went to MIT, and you went to a thrift store to buy that hat.”
  • Our first Tom Swift book Easter egg: his license plate is the publication date for the first Tom Swift novel.
  • This episode features a possessed Bess swordfighting with Ace, a concept that is so fantastic that I’d like to personally thank whichever writer pitched it.
  • George and Nick’s relationship is unique for a teen drama in the way that both tackle their issues so honestly and work through them together. Nancy Drew addresses tension within interracial relationships so well in this episode, and Tunji Kasim and Leah Lewis both give great performances.
  • Of all the ways to come out to your father, kissing Nick Nickerson live on social media has got to rank pretty high on the list of options.
  • We learn a lot about The Road Back’s origins in this episode, but there’s a lot we still don’t know about their agenda today. We also learn more about their connection to the Women in White. Tom’s right: this town has way too many secret societies.
  • Tom Swift’s adventures will continue in 2022 on The CW! For more of our coverage of the spin-off, head here.

“The Purloined Keys”

Shane Harvey/The CW

Written by: Jesse Stern and Katherine DiSavino

Directed by: Jeff W. Byrd

  • This episode contains one of the biggest twists of the season with Celia’s death and her ghost haunting Nancy. Like so many of this show’s twists, it makes completely sense in hindsight but the viewer doesn’t see it coming. It sets up Nancy’s arc in the last two episodes very well, and it’s a worthy farewell episode for Celia.
  • Poor Bess deserves to find a gorgeous lady who treats her like a queen. It’s so heartwarming to see George trying to help her move on from Odette by boosting her confidence (with Odette’s help).
  • Nancy’s nightmare is visually stunning. The dress and Nancy’s makeup stand out against the blood and create a nightmarish scene. When Nancy Drew goes full horror, it works. Also, that Balmain dress is fabulous.
  • Fun fact: Taser is an acronym for “Tom A. Swift Electric Rifle”! The inventor of the Taser was a big fan of the Tom Swift books as a child. I’m sure that’s why Nancy picked it as her weapon of choice, right?
  • Nancy’s full turn to Dark Nancy with her final look to camera is one of the best “breaking the fourth wall” moments on the show, much like her look to camera after she accidentally releases the monsters from Hannah’s drawers.
  • New ship alert: Ryan and Val seal it with a kiss! Hopefully this won’t be the last we see of Val Samuels.
  • Ryan’s one liners are always welcome, and he gets a great one in this episode: “I’m sorry, I thought the bribe was implied.”
  • Welcome, Bertram Bobbsey! The Bobbsey connection to the Hudsons is interesting, and it’s great how we get to see Amanda and Gil’s father in a new light.

Thoughts From the Mobile Witch Library

Colin Bentley/The CW
  • In these last few episodes, Nancy Drew begins setting up season 3’s mysteries, like The Road Back, The Women in White, and Temperance Hudson. If Celia’s death is any indication, The Road Back are not to be messed with. It will definitely be interesting to see where it all goes this coming season!
  • Ryan teaming up with the Drew Crew sets the stage for his collaboration with them in season 3, and I just love when Ryan is a part of the group dynamic.

What did we miss? Let us know in the comments! Seasons 1 and 2 of Nancy Drew are available now on HBO Max. Be sure to catch up on episodes 17 and 18 of season 2 for next week’s final rewatch! You can also watch the first trailer for season 3 here.

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