Friday, February 3, 2023

Michelle Gomez is Back as Missy in ‘Missy and the Monk’

PODCASTSBIG FINISHMichelle Gomez is Back as Missy in 'Missy and the Monk'

Missy, the female regeneration of The Master, is back for three new adventures. The Doctor’s enemy is now traveling with another Time Lord, The Meddling Monk, from battlefields to Renaissance Italy where they will encounter The Meddling Nun.

Michelle Gomez is back portraying Missy. She is joined by Rufus Hound as The Meddling Monk and Gemma Whelan as The Meddling Nun.

Missy and the Monk is directed by Ken Bentley and produced by David Richardson. You can read the three stories’ synopsis here:

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3.1 Body and Soulless by James Goss

Stuck with a co-pilot, Missy has taken extreme measures. After all, she only needs the Monk’s brain to fly his TARDIS. But when Missy and the bodiless Monk end up on different sides of a planetary war, they may need one another to survive…

3.2 War Seed by Johnny Candon

Missy takes the Monk to Earth to make a point – she can be nice if she wants. In fact, she can save the planet! While the Monk tries to charm the corporate sharks, Missy makes them a better offer. To supply the ultimate warrior, created in the ultimate war…

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3.3 Two Monks, One Mistress by James Kettle

On the trail of some weapons-grade plutonium, Missy and the Monk visit Renaissance Italy and the house of an elderly Borgia. But someone else is en route to the Tuscan villa with designs on the old man’s treasures. Someone the Monk will soon know very well…

You can watch the trailer for the new release below:

Don’t miss Michelle Gomez in Missy and the Monk, now available to purchase on Big Finish website as a CD or a digital release.

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