‘DC’s Stargirl’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 7 “Summer School: Chapter Seven”


Episode 7 of DC’s Stargirl is here and it is an emotional one. In “Summer School: Chapter Seven,” Yolanda is struggling with what happened to Henry and Brainwave, so much so it starts to affect her everyday life, and even her future with the JSA. Meanwhile, the team try to figure out where Eclipso could have gone.

Keep reading to find out what happened and what some of our questions are in “Summer School: Chapter Seven.”

Yolanda’s Regrets

Eliza Morse/The CW

This episode greatly focused on Yolanda and her regrets with what happened with Brainwave and Henry. We open with her confessing to a priest, wondering if the Devil is truly real and if she kills something truly evil, can she ever be forgiven? Yolanda starts getting flashes of Henry and Brainwave, when they died. Painful flashes.

“The devil is real. And he’s in Blue Valley.”

At work, Yolanda is not feeling like herself so Maria takes her table. However, when she’s talking to costumer Joe, her eye glows purple and she pours coffee on him. She doesn’t know what happened. She’s let go for the day. As other staff is cleaning off the table, Yolanda talks to a little boy to comfort him and she brings him a lollipop. She turns around for a second and when she looks back, the little boy is gone and across the street, by himself.

After her shift, Yolanda hears a voice telling her he’s there, and she gets a headache. She tries to talk to Courtney but she’s busy with Cameron, so she does some walking. She ends up at the church, where she finds her mother talking with Father Thomas. Mrs. Montez is not thrilled about the fact her daughter is dragging the priest into her problems. Father Thomas tells her that Yolanda needs love and support and no judgement, and just as she’s about to apologize to her daughter, Yolanda sees someone walk out the door. He looks a little like Brainwave. Yes, Brainwave. Yolanda races out the door, but there’s no one around.

In class. Yolanda dozes off and she gets a picture from Henry, of her in class. She looks up and he’s standing out in the hallway. She goes into the hall and Henry, at the end, slowly walks away. As Yolanda walks towards him, she gets a pounding headache, but she trudges forward. She follows a trail of blood and an almost zombified Henry into the cafeteria. Henry turns around and tells Yolanda that because she never forgave him, he’s in a bad place.

“I’m burning.”

Although Yolanda forgives him, Brainwave never will. She gets another headache and Brainwave makes an appearance. He tells Yolanda he’s with her, forever. Courtney wakes up Yolanda in class and everyone is looking at her. The two of them sit in the hallway and Courtney comforts her. Yolanda tells her what’s happening, how this is her punishment. Courtney tries to help but because she never had to make the choice she did, Yolanda doesn’t want to listen to her. She talks Yolanda into talking to Beth and Rick as well, so let’s just hope that the team works together on this.

The Future of the JSA

Bob Mahoney/The CW

The JSA get together, but Yolanda doesn’t know if she can do this. With Courtney’s encouragement, Yolanda admits to Beth and Rick that she killed Brainwave. Rick tells Yolanda he would have killed Brainwave if he had the chance. She did what she had to do for their team, though Beth isn’t so sure. Yolanda tells her friends they’re not capable of what she did, so who’s going to kill Eclipso if they have the chance? She doesn’t want them to have that guilt, to know they’ll always be a killer in God’s eye. So it’s on her. She’s going to have to kill Eclipso to save the rest of them.

“I’m gonna have to be the JSA member that kills.”

Yolanda returns to the church to confess to Father Thomas and she lets it all out. When she’s confessing, Brainwave appears, bringing up the fact that Henry’s death is because of her. Yolanda gets out of the room and comes face to face with Brainwave. He admits that he underestimated her, but she underestimated him too. Yolanda tries to run away, but Brainwave closes the door. Even now she can’t escape. Soon he’ll be in control, and her body will be his to use and Brainwave will live again… through her. There’s a high pitch ringing and Yolanda’s mind is nearly exploding. Courtney shows up but Brainwave gets to her too. Yolanda, suited up, claws Brainwave’s neck and he turns into Henry. He tells her she’s going to burn with him and he’s on fire.

Courtney puts the Staff on the ground and Yolanda is freaking. She tells Yolanda it’s going to be okay, but it’s never going to be okay. Yolanda wanted to be left alone but Courtney couldn’t do that. Why did she do it? Why did she choose her to be in the JSA? She wasn’t supposed to be Wildcat. She wasn’t supposed to hurt anyone. Yolanda tells Courtney she’s never putting that costume on again. She quits.

Yolanda is going through a lot, now more than ever. While she’s quit the JSA and her job, her now former team will always be there for her. Hopefully this is just a temporary setback, because the team needs Wildcat. But Yolanda’s mental health is definitely the top priority.

What Is Eclipso’s Endgame?

It’s been days since Cindy and Isaac were killed, and while the Staff is getting better, it’s still weak. Pat mentions there’s been nothing in the news, but Courtney brings up that he could have left Blue Valley. He’s no longer in the Black Diamond so what does Blue Valley mean to someone like Eclipso? Whatever the reason, Pat knows it’s not good.

Beth is having a hard time trying to track Eclipso, she’s having no luck. Meanwhile, Pat is training newest JSA member Mike, mostly by fixing S.T.R.I.P.E. At least it’s something to keep them occupied while Eclipso’s on the loose. However, Mike spots something glowing and purple on the table, and it’s the Black Diamond, in four pieces. He keeps playing with them, but when he grabs a piece, it turns into a leech. Many start to cover his arms and Pat comes to his rescue. He tells his son to not touch those pieces, ever. Now, why does Pat have them in the first place? He says that the diamond is Eclipso’s only weakness and he’s hoping it still is.

Eclipso is far from gone. He’s proven how powerful he can be in the first six episodes and he’s only going to get more powerful.

Remnants of The Shade?

While at American Dream, Barbara looks at Jordan’s portrait and she hears an eerie voice echoing “Emily.” But no one’s around. The voice gets louder and a black liquid falls from the ceiling. What is going on? Barbara doesn’t know what she saw. It wasn’t exactly The Shade, who seemed to have been killed by Eclipso, so just what was it?

Who is the Creepy Little Boy?

The creepy little boy, first seen by Yolanda at the diner when she was working. He was there one minute and the next he was across the street. At first it didn’t seem like much, however, he showed up outside of Beth’s house in the final minutes of the episode. Little kids are creepy enough if they really try to be, however when they show up outside your house in the middle of the night, that definitely means something. This little boy will likely, and sadly, be a prominent part in the remaining episodes of season 2, but in what way?

Catch DC’s Stargirl on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT on The CW! Check out our other coverage on Stargirl here.

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