‘Doom Patrol’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 6 “Hope Patrol”

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Last week, it was revealed that key Doom Patrol members gain their longevity from parts of Immortus. As long as they keep their longevity, Immortus cannot rise. So, of course, Rita already lost hers to Dr. Janus, and other entities aligned with the forgotten deity will come for the rest of them. This week, it’s Larry’s turn.

There Was an Evil Bunny


We begin in the garage, where Cliff is working on the Gran Tourino found in “Butt Patrol.” His banging wakes up Jane, who was wrapped in a blanket on the back seat. She thinks she had a crazy dream where she was a baby, until Cliff informs her that all of the events last episode actually happened. Initially, Jane seems happy that Willoughby pulled off reversing the youth curse — until Cliff points out that it reversed a little extra. Jane’s longevity is gone, and it’s showing in her gray hair. “There was an evil bunny,” she mutters as she stares into the wingmirror.

Cliff welcomes Jane to middle age, acid reflux and all. Not appreciating flippancy, Jane reminds him that this means Immortus is one step closer to rising and “wiping his ass with reality.” Blowing off her urgency, Cliff apologizes for leaving when he did. He explains that when the spell broke, he went straight after her, finding her alone and still a baby. As Jane continues trying to convince Cliff this is code red — she could be dying — Cliff points out that despite appearing like he’s handling his Parkinson’s, he really isn’t.

“As someone who’s been staring death in the face for a while, take my advice. Figure out what’s left for you to do and use every second you have left to do it.

Cliff gets back to his carburetor as Jane storms out. As he works, there’s a creepy little laugh. The sound comes from Cliff’s oven mitt. Rory. Who, all of a sudden, is a lot more sentient than we expect most kitchen fabrics to be. “What the f—” Cliff exclaims as the glove wiggles and giggles.

In the Underground, Jane searches for Kay. Instead of the girl, she finds the other denizens working on the puzzles Kay gave them. It’s what Kay wants. “If Kay thinks I’m gonna spend my last days on Earth doing a f*cking puzzle, then she’s even crazier than I am,” Jane exclaims before storming back out.

A Supporting Role

Outside the bus depot where we left teenage Rouge and Rita, adult Rouge brings coffee and shoos a pigeon off of a sleeping Rita, who is stretched out on a bench. It’s not the most Rita-like of sights, but Rita is feeling her old age. She wants to go back home, lay down, and maybe make some peanut brittle.

Rouge scoffs, telling Rita that they will get her longevity back and save the universe in the process, as they talked about last night. Rouge has a theory that someone at the Bureau picked up where Caulder left off with the Immortus Project and figured out how to conjure Immortus. So, they should go back to where it began.

Rita thinks Rouge is crazy for wanting to go to the Bureau after what happened to the both of them. “Our friends are in danger, Rita, and we are heroes, are we not?” Rouge reminds her.

Rita reluctantly agrees, but when Rouge asks how they should get into the Bureau, she reminds her that she’s not the leader anymore. Rouge says her promotion was what was needed in the moment for one particular task, and she’d rather take a supporting role. Pleased at being called the leader again, Rita looks thoughtful and begins plotting.

You Gotta Have Faith


Larry’s having a bad time. The portal he tumbled through led to Orqwith, the pocket dimension from season 4 that is closely tied to Immortus. Escorted by faceless men with giant scissor hands, Larry is led toward an ominous temple. Keeg is quiet. Luckily, Rama — previously only known as Mr. 104 — jumped into the portal after him, and he appears and uses his powers to save Larry.

Rama theorizes that they sent the Scissormen to collect Larry because Rama was taking too long to extract his longevity. A lot of this is still news to Larry, so Rama explains the deals made with Immortus; all of the people working for him will get their greatest wish when he rises. He says that when Rita’s longevity was taken, the entire temple rose from the ground. A sign of great power.

When Larry likens Immortus to a genie, Larry points out that everyone has to have faith in something. “Then why did you just rescue me?” Larry questions. Rama reiterates that hurting people was never part of the plan. He questions if Larry will really help him find another way to stabilize his molecules.

“Of course…I promise.” Larry reaches for Rama’s hand and tells him that he can put his faith in him.

 “You have my faith, Larry Trainor,” Rama replies.

With that, Rama opens a portal for them to escape back to Earth.

Butt on Ice


Rory the oven mitt won’t shut up. “What about what Willoughby said?” he bugs Cliff about Immortus. Cliff isn’t taking advice from a manifestation of his own diseased brain. He’s doing this all for Rory, anyway! Well, the real Rory. Not Hamburger Helper Rory. The oven mitt theorizes that if it was about Rory, Cliff would be on a bus to Florida instead of hiding his fear in something he can control — the car.

Cliff claims he doesn’t have enough time to fix himself, but he does have time to fix the car. “Come with me, Pop-pop,” the oven mitt croons. He’s got something to show Cliff. He leads him to a freezer, where there’s proof Cliff is a good person. It’s the frozen Butt from episode 2!

A thoughtful moment in front of the freezer is interrupted by a portal opening and Larry arriving home.

Sexual Tension

Jane visits Shelley, who’s surprised but pleased to see her. Jane confesses she can’t stop thinking about Shelley, and Shelley admits the same. The tension is palpable, but Jane doesn’t tell her about her longevity being taken. Jane reaches for Shelley but struggles to make a move, before reaffirming that Shelley is what she wants and leaning in. She jerks back before they kiss, frustratedly wondering what’s holding her back.

Jane flees to her room. She kneels amidst her puzzle pieces, grabbing a handful and whispering that she’s not ready to die.

In the kitchen, Cliff isn’t pleased to see Rama (who he only knows as Mr. 104) come through the portal after Larry. “Please don’t tell me we’re adopting another supervillain,” he complains.  Larry vouches for Rama, telling Cliff he’s a good man. Rama smiles as Larry reiterates his trust. “Wait, am I sensing sexual tension here?’ Cliff questions.

“We haven’t crossed that bridge yet, but…” Rama says, a little coy.  “There’s a bridge?!” Larry interrupts. Their flustered moment breaks, and Rama explains to Cliff that he is there to help stop Immortus. Cliff is sick of hearing about the guy, but Rama points out that Cliff and Jane are in danger too.

Cliff tells the duo that Jane’s longevity has already been taken. Which means Cliff and Larry are the last two pieces. “We have to stop this,” Larry jumps in to say. “If Immortus rises, we’re all—”

Larry is cut off by Keeg zapping out of his chest and shoving him back into the portal to Orqwith.

“No!” Rama yells, diving through the portal after Larry again.

Wally Sage


At the Ant Farm, a janitor heads into a file room with a bucket of mop water. Once the door closes, the janitor turns out to be Rouge in disguise. The bucket of water, of course, is Rita. They are in section 99, “The Vineyard.” Projects so dangerous they were “nipped in the bud,” Rouge explains. They find a filing ticket for the Immortus Project which states the notes were checked out to Asset 34771 in 1955.

Clearly uncomfortable, Rouge tries to leave, but Rita pulls her back and makes her explain. Asset 34771 is Wally Sage.

In a brief flashback, we see Wally is connected to Rouge and Rita. Rita tries to comfort Rouge when she says this is all her fault and she deserves only pain. She doesn’t want to confront her past, but when ordered by Rita, Rouge agrees to take them to Wally’s cell.

Back at Doom Manor, Vic and Deric arrive in the kitchen after driving from Detroit. The portal is still there, and they find Cliff in the pantry on his ass. Keeg threw him there.

Deric’s interested in the portal, but Vic pushes him back and says this is the superhero stuff he was talking about. Regardless, Larry needs help, so he’s going in. Deric hesitates but then jumps through the portal after him, armed with Doom Manor’s only good kitchen knife.

On the other side, in Orqwith, Deric catches up and reminds Vic that he isn’t a superhero anymore. In fact, 12 hours ago, he was changing Vic’s diapers. Begrudgingly, Vic allows Deric to accompany him.

Rita and Rouge enter the room outside Wally’s cell. It looks like an investigator’s string wall of madness. Tortured-looking drawings and “Orqwith” graffiti cover every inch.

“I recognize you,” Wally calls from within the cell.


In Orqwith, Deric and Vic are still arguing. They finally reach an understanding and apologize to each other for the rift between them. Detroiticons for life.

Cliff knocks on Jane’s bedroom door. He apologizes for his behavior and admits that what’s important is being there for those you love. When Jane admits that she isn’t sure she deserves to be loved, Cliff sits down and removes his oven mitt. “If people want to love you, there isn’t really anything you can do to stop them,” Cliff tells her. Gently, Jane reaches for Cliff’s uncovered touch-hand.

Deciding to fight Immortus, Jane and Cliff stride out into the corridor and find Willoughby on the floor. The Agents of Immortus got the Knights Templar. Bunbury is now a bloodied clump of fur.

Vic and Deric are hiding from the Scissormen during their hunt for Larry. Deric reminds Vic of a D&D game they played and tells him that everything that existed in that world was created for a purpose. He points out a flower made from newspaper and pulls out a pen from within. This place, he theorizes, was created by somebody. Deric draws a bug on the paper, and voila, it comes to life. Team Detroiticons has a plan!

Rita and Rouge argue, as usual, while Rouge tries to free Wally. Rita orders Wally to tell them what they need to know. He tells them of Orqwith. Coaxing Wally out of his cell causes Rita to lose control of her form. Her blob-self fills his cell, and he screams.

Larry is marched into the temple. Keeg is not answering his demands for an explanation as he’s pushed down onto a table. Finally, Keeg shows Larry a vision: Larry overtaken by Butts. His radiation leaking out. Keeg having to fly Larry into the sun to save the world. Keeg thinks Immortus can keep them together forever. He really believes it.

Trusting Keeg, Larry lets them take his longevity.

Not So Invincible


Outside, Deric and Vic draw their robot, Mr. Invincible. With a swirl of green smoke, it comes to life and takes on the Scissormen.

As Rita comes back to herself, she realizes Wally is gone. Upset, she begins to freak out, until she’s interrupted by the intruder alarm.

Jane and Cliff enter the portal to help, just in time for the showdown between Mr. Invincible and the Scissormen — which the robot loses when Orqwith gains more power.  Captured by Scissormen, Deric, Vic, Cliff, and Jane watch as one of Immortus’ minions steps forward and removes his hood.

“Cliff Steele,” he says, “I’m Wally Sage. And you’re the final piece of the puzzle.”

The Scissormen march Cliff and the others toward the bone temple where Larry’s longevity was just taken.

Rory-mitt choses that moment to ask Cliff if he remembered to close the freezer door. Y’know, the freezer with the Butt in it.

“Oh, f*ck,” says Cliff.

The final shot shows the shivering Butt making his way out of the freezer.

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