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‘Mr. Corman’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 5 “Action Adventure”

In this week’s episode of Mr. Corman, Josh hits it off with an art teacher, and Victor, Dax, and Josh become a trio to be reckoned with. Read on for more of what happened in episode 5 of Mr. Corman, “Action Adventure.”

What’s the Point?

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It’s Halloween so Josh has brought in an art teacher for the class. She’s having them make masks because “every person has a persona. You probably have a persona, whether you realize it or not.” That gets Josh thinking about a lot of things, so they exchange numbers

Victor and Dax, two new best friends?

bobby hall, arturo castro, and joseph gordon-levitt in Mr. Corman episode 5, action adventure
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Have you ever been in a situation where you introduce your friends to each other and they end up getting along way better than you thought so they leave you behind? Well, that’s exactly what happened to Josh at the Halloween party. Victor and Dax ended up getting along really well (albeit a little drunkenly) while Josh sits bored out of his mind waiting for his date to show.

Quality Juice Costs More

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I know what you’re thinking — no, not actual juice. While Victor, Dax, and Josh are rambling on about Rider (Cameron Dallas), who has millions of followers, Dax starts to trail off and wonder if he’s “juicing” but there’s no way he could be, even with him driving a Tesla Model X.

There’s a lesson to be had here, though. Josh says you shouldn’t care what other people think because most people are idiots. But Dax wants people to like him. He gets heated and says Josh isn’t even really his friend. They’ve known each other for years but he wouldn’t say Josh even cares about him.

Off-brand Avengers … Assemble.

bobby hall, arturo castro, and joseph gordon-levitt in Mr. Corman episode 5, action adventure
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Dax gets in a fight with a guy dressed as the Joker and of course, Victor and Josh are there to back him up. When he gets thrown to the ground he gets taken to another world. At first, it looks like they have the upper hand until they don’t — but Batman (Victor) is at the ready, UPS bat signal and all. They get thrown back in reality, one where the cops have just pulled up to the scene.

They celebrate with fried food after a long night and go their separate ways. By morning Josh’s phone is being blown up with texts … Dax is dead.

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New episodes of Mr. Corman premiere Fridays on Apple TV+.

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