Big Finish Goes to the Future in ‘Torchwood: Empire of Shadows’

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Big Finish

Zachary Cross Flane is back for a new adventure out today called Torchwood: Empire of Shadows.

Cross Flane was first introduced in Doctor Who‘s two parter “The Satan Pit/The Impossible Planet.” At the time, he was second-in-command on the Walker Expedition on Kroptor and a representative of the Torchwood Archive. With the help of The Doctor and Rose Tyler, he was able to escape the planet with a few members of his crew.

Shaun Parkes is back as Zachary Cross Flane. The actor is joined by Chandrika Chevli (The Empress), Mateo Oxley (Emperor Merdiven), Wilf Scolding (Courtier), and Amanda Shodeko (Chloe).

The story is written by James and directed by Scott Handcock. The synopsis is available below:

“In the far future of the Earth Empire, Torchwood is forgotten. So it’s a surprise when Zachary Cross Flane of the Torchwood Archive finds himself summoned to the opening of the late Empress’s Library. Her son believes that the conspiracy which deposed his mother is still active and that the key to it is hidden somewhere in the library. But does Zachary want to find it?”

The release was announced on Twitter:

Torchwood: Empire of Shadows is available to purchase on Big Finish website as a CD or as a digital download.

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