‘Roswell, New Mexico:’ The Biggest Moments in Season 3, Episode 4 “Walk on the Ocean”

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Roswell, New Mexico brought us another heavy hitter episode this week in “Walk on the Ocean.” Jones is on the loose, Maria and Isobel go down a drug-induced rabbit hole, and a beloved character might not make it into next week!

Jones: Good or Evil?

John Golden Britt/The CW

Free of his cage, Jones’ (rightfully) first act is to take a shower and shave off that beard. Fresh-faced, though sporting the same five o’clock shadow as Max, Jones investigates Max’s life. He reads his letters, journals, breaks into his safe, discovering all he can. Oh and he shoots a dog that he thankfully heals, proving his powers are much stronger than our pod squad. Through the infusion of memories straight into Max’s mind Jones tells his side of the 1948 story.

Jones wanted to rescue Max from Louise and Nora. Jones tells Nora, “We’re two halves of the same whole.” Max will die if Jones dies and vice versa which isn’t considering we’re still highly suspicious of Jones. That suspicion only deepens when Jones offers to heal Max’s heart. It’s risky if Jones is playing a long con and really intends to kill Max, though his memories seem to confirm that isn’t the case. Later, Max tells Michael he can feel that Jones thinks of him as a son, it’s a paternal mindset for Jones. After telling his truth and realizing Max’s life on Earth is good, Jones willingly returns to his cage, another move that suggests he may not be as evil as we initially believed. Will Max let Jones heal him? Given the events that unfold after the exchange, it’s likely.

Don’t Do Drugs to Solve a Murder

John Golden Britt/The CW

Isobel has the bright idea to take Maria out into the desert, lay on a blanket, and do drugs together. No, really. The idea is that this will allow them (through Isobel’s mind powers) to together access the memory of Maria’s vision and hopefully glean more clues to the murder victim. Now, it of course involves some serious mental self-reflection with Isobel and Maria both facing down some tough truths (Maria feels alone, not a human but also not alien enough to belong with Isobel and crew. Isobel is fighting with the fact that Jones, be he good or evil, felt like family to her new empathy powers.) Once those barriers of Maria’s Roswell Mind Palace are conquered, the vision is revealed more sharply than we’ve seen before.

The newest clues show Michael talking to Bert who again says, “If the Sheriff’s Office did something about my complaint, they could have prevented this.” We also see Rosa hugging a woman with black hair. Max tries to speak after the preacher but is too emotional. For Maria and Isobel, all signs point to Liz. However, Liz arrives late which rules her out. They move to the coffin where a woman (a woman we see Kyle helping earlier in the episode) places the sunflower bouquet on the casket. The same song begins to play as the previous vision.

The biggest revelation? Isobel and Maria approach the casket and move the flowers to reveal… the Valenti family crest. Maria and Isobel believe this is Kyle’s funeral. These new glimpses are all interspersed with Kyle’s ongoing story, which we’ll discuss in the next section.

We’ll agree that this isn’t looking good for Kyle, especially considering his severe altercation with Jordan. However, a few of the elements don’t add up. Alex has been noticeably MIA in this episode, yet in the vision, he very vocally says they are covering up a murder. If Kyle dies at Jordan’s hand, why would they cover it up? Even if this is to prevent someone from discovering the handprint, it’ll be hard to explain away the huge stab wound in Kyle’s side. There is also the chance this could be Kyle’s mother, the ex-sheriff Michelle Valenti. Both she and Kyle are absent, which is odd if this is Kyle’s funeral. The only thing we know for certain is Roswell always keeps us guessing.

Kyle Gets Impaled

John Golden Britt/The CW

The above clues happen alongside Kyle’s altercation with Terror of the Year, the new Sheriff’s Son, Evil Racist Jordan Bernhart. The two get into a huge fight outside the Sheriff’s Department. Kyle is there to report Jordan who beat up an undocumented farmer. Earlier in the episode, the farmer’s wife (who is the woman from Maria’s vision with the flowers) calls Kyle for help. Jordan catches Kyle on his way into the office. The two end up scuffling and Jordan throws Kyle into metal equipment, impaling him through the stomach. The wound is large and obviously death-inducing if you don’t happen to have an alien show up right after it happens. Thanks to Maria’s trippy vision quest, Isobel calls Max and he finds an unresponsive Kyle.

We know Max at least tries to save him because all the way in LA (talk about a long-distance connection) Liz begins to stumble around her apartment. Heath is there to witness her collapse to the floor, but what he doesn’t see is her pull back her dress to reveal a glowing alien handprint on her chest. The very one Max put there so long ago has reappeared. Oh, and her computer and all the lights burst and shut off. Totally normal.

While all signs point to this being Kyle’s funeral, there is the possibility that Max is able to heal Kyle. We know his heart is weak and this could force him into accepting Jones’ offer. Alternately, Kyle is momentarily dead and Max takes him to Jones who proves himself a capable healer and fixes Kyle. Mostly, we just really hope this isn’t the last we see of Dr. Kyle Valenti!

Liz Makes a Huge Decision

John Golden Britt/The CW

Let’s back up to before she dramatically collapses from the mysterious ongoing connection to Mr. Max Evans. Liz spends the whole episode back in LA, with Heath, explaining that she doesn’t want any of her potential research (she hasn’t even checked the all-important spores for DNA yet) in the hands of GenX, the huge corporation she works for. Heath offers to help her do her work off the books, risking their jobs, his friends’ jobs, and equipment all in the name of advancing science. It’s admirable but it gives Liz a revelation we knew was coming sooner or later. She realizes (just before she collapses) that she has to trust the team she already has (her Roswell crew) and sends off an email with her resignation. Heath is livid but he doesn’t really get a chance to fight her much on it as that’s the moment Max decides to try and heal Kyle.

My personal theory (also see: desperate hope) is that their connection will have allowed Max to a) heal Kyle and b) not die from healing Kyle by using some of Liz’s life force to do it. All three parties will be weak, yes, but more importantly, they will be alive! Hey, weirder things have happened in Roswell, right?

Check out the images for next week’s episode, “Killing Me Softly With His Song,” and let us know your thoughts on the episode in the comments below!

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