‘Mr. Corman’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 1 “Good Luck”

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Joseph Gordon Levitt’s 10-episode comedy Mr. Corman‘s first two episodes are now available on Apple TV+. Read on to see what Mr. Corman gets up to in the premiere episode.

Mr. Corman’s in his classroom teaching a lesson about Lewis and Clark. One of his students answers his questions with a question about why he had to say Sacagawea was a female guide, and at first, he was caught off guard, but quickly stumbled out an answer about females not having many roles in leadership and his student points out nothing has changed.

Another student says that Lewis and Clark’s expedition was all about luck, and he asks the class if they feel lucky. Most of them say no, and ask Mr. Corman for his answer. This causes him to do major self-reflection at that moment, but when it comes down to it he does feel lucky.

On his drive home, he spots a homeless person walking the street, prompting him to go off route to see who it is when they quickly disappear again.

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At his apartment, he lays on the couch and takes a nap but soon the day gets away from him and he’s awoken by his friend and roommate Victor (Arturo Castro). Josh says they should go out and makes a remark about a woman he overheard at the store talking about a date at Knott’s Berry Farm. Victor asks if he wants to go, and it turns into a long argument about what they should go out and do. Finally, Josh asks the important question: if they were 15 again, where would they want to go out to? They settle on the bar. What do they really end up doing? Staying home and playing video games. And Josh looks like he hates every minute.

Josh gets a text from his mom asking to be picked up, so he rushes out of his apartment and “into the world”. He’s once again reflecting on calling Sacagawea a female guide instead of just a guide. His mom quickly shuts him down saying he’s doing good work as a teacher. She also makes it a point that he’s doing better for himself now than when he was in the music business. He doesn’t agree but confides that he hasn’t played in a year.

Josh hits up one of his old friends to hang out and on the way, he has a jam session in his car. Inside the bar, he’s waiting for his friend, Dax (played by Bobby Hall a.k.a. Logic). They catch up and Josh realizes Dax is doing quite well for himself. Soon he meets Lindsey (Emily Tremaine) and they go outside to smoke. After a crude joke or two that turns Lindsey off, he makes a Princess Bride reference and all is okay again. He tells her he’s from Los Angeles which she doesn’t believe because who from L.A. was born there and lives there? Apparently not many in Lindsey’s eyes.

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They head to her apartment to hook up, which doesn’t go as planned, so to speak. Lindsey says it happens to a lot of guys and they don’t need to sleep together the first night they meet but Josh excuses himself. The next morning, Josh is at school ready to start class but his mind seems to be elsewhere. Cut to after work, he’s on a call with his mom who is not making him feel much better.

Once home, he opens the door to a room he hasn’t been inside of in a year. He sits at his keyboard and begins to play.

New episodes of Mr. Corman will release every Friday on Apple TV+. Stay tuned for our recap of episode 2 as well as subsequent coverage.

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