Nerds Rewatch: What We Noticed in ‘Prodigal Son’ Season 2, Episode 10

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Prodigies, welcome back to the second installment of Nerds Rewatch Prodigal! If you’re not familiar with this series, every Tuesday night at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT, we’ll be pressing play on Twitter to rewatch and live-tweet an episode of Prodigal Son. Last week, we put our rewatch goggles on for episode 9 of season 2, “The Killabustas.” This week, we delved into the events of the season’s tenth episode, “Exit Strategy,” with a new perspective now that we know what events unfold in order to point out some of its most striking moments and features. Without further ado, let’s jump into what we noticed in episode 10!

The Great Escape

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Alexa, play “The Great Escape.” We all knew it was coming, but seeing the culmination of the grand escape plan was truly something to behold. While viewers were quite aware of who Martin is as a person, it was almost heartbreaking to watch Capshaw get played in true Surgeon style — even though we know what’s coming down the line. And you’ve got to give it to the guys. Their plan was pretty ingenious logistics-wise, especially seeing how the plot point of the key cards from earlier in the season tie in. I mean, who knew Friar Pete’s rat obsession (*retches*) would culminate in the greatest slip away in the history of Claremont?

The Best Duo at the NYPD

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Malcolm and Dani seem to be getting closer in nearly every episode. In “Exit Strategy,” the two team up to interview a suspect, while Malcolm is very understandably worried about his father, but he doesn’t answer any calls from Claremont. Although the two of them did have their differences in the episode as to how to approach the case and what something could mean, they do actually end up working together to solve it with the rest of the team. At the end of the episode however, as Malcolm gets off the phone with his father after a very cryptic phone call, Dani comes over to him and breaks the news that The Surgeon escaped. There was no better person to give Malcolm the news, as Dani could spot how agitated he had been. It only makes you wonder just what will happen will happen with the two of them now that Martin’s escaped.

Who’s Driving Gil’s Car?

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Gil’s car(s) have been through a lot on this show. From getting destroyed after Malcolm landing on it after throwing himself out of a window, to witnessing the best Gilica moment to date. However, usually when someone other than Gil is around or driving, things tend to end badly for the car. To the point that when we first saw Gil’s new ride –- since Malcom totaled the LeMans –- he was very protective of it and would not let any of the team near it. So it came as a bit of a surprise when Dani swooped in to save the day at the end of this episode driving, you guessed it, Gil’s car. Granted, she saved the day by hitting someone with the car so it doesn’t seem likely that Gil will be letting her drive it again anytime soon. That being said, the writers really pulled a fast one on fans by putting Dani in the car, because we all expected Gil to be the one driving, so seeing Dani step out was a big surprise.

I Always Feel Like, Somebody’s Watching Me

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This episode functions as a tribute to the classic Hitchcock film Rear Window, in which an injured man sees what he believes to be a murder through his neighbor’s window. While a physical injury traps the character in Rear Window, Gerald’s agoraphobia is what keeps him in his apartment in this version. The showdown between Malcolm, Gerald, and Felix is shot like a thriller. The case of the week has just as much tension as the escape plot, which is difficult considering the stakes of the escape.

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