Monday, September 20, 2021

WATCH: Idris Elba Talks ‘The Suicide Squad’ and More on ‘LIVE with Kelly and Ryan’

On August 2, Idris Elba appeared on LIVE with Kelly and Ryan. He talks with guest host Katie Lowes and host Ryan Seacrest about his upcoming role in The Suicide Squad, The Office, and more. Watch the clips below!

In the first clip, Elba shares that he finished filming a project in South Africa. He just returned and is now quarantined at an airport hotel.

Meanwhile, the hosts stay nice and cozy with … Idris Elba’s face? Ryan and Katie whip out their matching Idris Elba blankets. And yes, he’s as cozy and warm as you’re imagining. The real-life version, while amused, is also slightly creeped out.

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As many people may or may not know, Elba had a brief stint in The Office playing Charles Miner. In the next clip, he reacts to the enduring and growing popularity of the NBC sitcom.

Up next, Elba discusses working on The Suicide Squad. He shares excitement about working with director James Gunn and the cast. He also talks about his experience bringing his character Bloodsport to the screen.

Finally, Elba talks about rats. Yes, rats. He mentions how rats relate to Bloodsport and how he used co-star Viola Davis’ fear of rats to help with his performance.

Make sure to catch Elba in The Suicide Squad, releasing in theaters and on HBO Max on August 6. LIVE with Kelly and Ryan airs weekdays on ABC.

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