Thursday, September 23, 2021

UPSAHL’s New Single “Time of my Life” Available for Pre-Save Now!

Alternative breakout artist UPSAHL has announced the release of her next single, “Time of my Life,” is currently available for pre-save! This will be the third single she has released this year in anticipation of her debut album dropping sometime in October.

Talking about the soon-to-be-released single on Discord, UPSAHL commented that “Time of my Life” is “… about living my best life, and living my worst life, and having mixed feelings about that”. To promote the single, UPSAHL also performed the song live on Discord and has added a short clip of the song onto TikTok. Although unreleased as of yet, “Time of my Life” is currently available for pre-save on Spotify and Apple Music here.

UPSAHL’s first single, titled “Douchebag,” was previously released on May 14. It describes the start of her story, written when she was going through a messy breakup and facing the difficult reality of a very final ending. Her second single, “Melatonin,” was dropped on June 11, which she described as being about “… being so overwhelmed with your emotions that you can’t even escape your problems in your dreams.” 

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“Douchebag” and “Melatonin” have been referred to by UPSAHL as Chapter 1 and Chapter 2, respectively, as they represent the different steps of her continuous journey which will be further explored in “Time of my Life” and her upcoming album later this year.

Feel free to listen to the first two chapters of UPSAHL’s journey below, and make sure to listen to her third chapter, “Time of my Life”, when it drops!

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