‘Lady Jesus’ Review: UPSAHL’s Inner Genesis Shatters Self-Perception in Debut Album!

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After four singles and months of waiting, alternative-icon UPSAHL’s debut album Lady Jesus is finally here! Released this Friday, October 8, the 10-track album is officially out. Despite only being 26 minutes in length, Lady Jesus is packed full of memorable songs! With a mix of playful pop and rock flare, Taylor Upsahl—known as UPSAHL in the music world—tells her story of reinvention as she discovers the ability to be her own savior, or “Lady Jesus,” within herself.


Not only is this song the first track on the album, but it is also the first single released leading up to Lady Jesus. “Douchebag” describes the start of UPSAHL’s story, written right after a very messy breakup after finding out her boyfriend cheated on her. The refreshingly upfront and honest lyrics combined with the pop-rock feel make it the perfect post-breakup song.


The second track and single of Lady Jesus begins as a far more melodic song with clean-cut vocals that showcase UPSAHL’s diversity not only as a singer but as a songwriter. Featured as the second part of her journey, UPSAHL commented on the meaning of the song under its official music video, describing “Melatonin” as being about “… being so overwhelmed with your emotions that you can’t even escape your problems in your dreams.” 

“Time of my Life”

Three tracks in and UPSAHL only seems to be getting even more brutally honest with her lyrics, making Lady Jesus live up to its reputation as an intensely personal and revealing record. “Time of my Life” explores the conflicting emotions a person feels when they experience both the best and worse times of their lives simultaneously. Supporting the contradiction posed in the lyrics is the song’s instrumentals. Backed with a catchy guitar and drum beat, the upbeat nature of the track juxtapose perfectly with the heavy idea that sometimes the best “time of our lives” isn’t always the best.


Falling in the same vein as “Douchebag,” “Lunatic” shows a different side to the post-breakup experience. Instead of focusing on her ex, UPSAHL tells her side of the story after their breakup. Describing the track on an Instagram post, she wrote, “I feel like people are so scared of being the ‘crazy ex,’ but sometimes you kind of just want to go fucking crazy. This song is owning that.” With an energy to match the title of “Lunatic” and a hook that belongs in a dance club, this is not just a song. Rather, “Lunatic” is an anthem to let loose to when venting your frustration for all the times you were made to feel like the “crazy” one.


With a more relaxed beat and throw-back vibe, “Thriving” is the personification of the phrase “it is what it is.” UPSAHL uses her lyrical skills to paint a clear picture describing some of the worst days she’s ever had:

“Guess I blacked out at the bar

I’m just tryna leave then I see a ticket on my car

Damn this shit is going south

I just checked my bank account

Insufficient funds, what the fuck is that all about?

I’m barefoot, stumbling down the street

The hottest mess that you’ll ever meet…”

The title of the song comes from her own personal mantra of “I’m thriving,” which she repeats to herself whenever she’s experiencing the exact opposite. Similar to “Lunatic,” this track is a reminder to own the person she is—including the messiest parts of herself—and make the best of even the worst situations. In regard to the album’s story, “Thriving” represents the point where UPSAHL is no longer consumed with her breakup as she begins her journey toward finding her own “Lady Jesus.”


As the sixth track on the album, “Notorious” is the first song that shows real movement on UPSAHL’s journey toward “Lady Jesus.” Moving on from the fallout of her breakup, UPSAHL decides to stop listening to what others think of her and stop being what others want her to be, stating, “I don’t want to be your type.” Instead, she’s determined to focus on herself, coming to the realization that she is badass and “notorious” all on her own. With a strong beat that’s easy to get into the groove of, “Notorious” is the anthem of self-confidence we never knew we needed.


“IDFWFEELINGS” describes a different stage in UPSAHL’s healing process after the messy end to her last relationship shown at the start of the album. Rather than jumping into another relationship that comes with the chance of getting hurt again, UPSAHL instead revels in the catharsis she gets from one-night stands due to their no strings attached nature.

“Sunny D”

In addition to UPSAHL, “Sunny D” also features Elijah Noll, making it the first and only track on Lady Jesus to have a second vocalist. Channeling the dance club vibe touched on in previous songs, “Sunny D” is the ultimate “feel-good” song of the album as UPSAHL reaches the point where she’s excited to hit the town and have some good-old fashioned fun. She uses SunnyD, a staple from her childhood, as a metaphor to express the sense of freedom she’s reached, similar to the emotions we feel when we remember the good times from our childhood before we had adult worries.

“Last Supper”

No matter what hardships you’re going through, we all know how difficult it is to go through them alone. Typically we rely on the people closest to us to help us get through, and UPSAHL is no different. “Last Supper” is not only a testament to UPSAHL’s effort to tighten her circle, getting rid of the people who only drag her down, but it’s also a thank you to the steadfast friends she leaned on during the ups-and-downs throughout Lady Jesus.

“Lady Jesus”

The title track and final song on the album, UPSAHL reflects on where she was at the beginning of the album, and the transformation and rebirth she’s experienced throughout her journey. With the previous song “Last Supper” ending to the slow sound of an organ, “Lady Jesus” begins:

Welcome to my funeral, please take a seat

Right here lies the body of the bitch I used to be

She was crying every night, I sacrificed her in her sleep

If she didn’t get to Heaven then I hope she rests in peace…”

As UPSAHL puts her past self to rest, she also celebrates her own second-coming having discovered her own inner savior. Rather than have faith in something external, UPSAHL has chosen to have faith in herself. So watch out, because Lady Jesus has arrived.

Lady Jesus is currently available to stream worldwide. UPSAHL has also released a line of Lady Jesus merchandise already available for purchase on her official store here. If you’d like to see UPSAHL perform live, we have good news as she is currently on tour. Make sure to check out her upcoming fall tour dates in order to hear Lady Jesus live, loud, and in person!

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