‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ Recap: Season 1 Episode 13 “Infested”


Last week, Clone Force 99 helped future Rebellion hero Hera Syndulla free her parents from the Empire. You can read the full recap of the episode here.

Warning: spoilers for The Bad Batch “Infested” below!

The episode starts with the team coming back on Ord Mantell after a mission more complicated that expected. The clones and Omega head towards Cid’s parlor and to the team’s surprise, Cid’s place is full of people. Cid is nowhere to be seen and they are intercepted by a masked guard. Hunter quickly disposes of him and they enter Cid’s office. Cid is not there and, in her place, the team find a Devaronian holding Ruby, the lizard the team delivered to Cid in episode 7.


The Devaronian informs the clones that the parlor and Ord Mantell are now his. He offers them work, and Hunter tells him they will think about it. On their way to the ship, Hunter decides that they are leaving the planet as soon as possible. It doesn’t sit well with Omega who wants to know what happened with the Trandoshan woman. She tries to convince them to help Cid when she is interrupted by the Trandoshan. Cid was waiting for them on the ship with Bolo and Ketch.

Cid fills the team in about her competitor. The Devaronian is Roland, a former client and the son of the crime boss Isa Durand. He is trying to make a deal with the Pykes, a crime syndicate. He chose Ord Mantell because it is a strategic place for smuggling being connected to multiple hyperspace routes. She is going to take back the parlor with their help which Hunter doesn’t keen to give. The Trandoshan then reminds him she kept their secret so far. Omega wants to help Cid because she helped them when they needed it. Hunter finally agrees.

The plan is to take control of the spice and to sabotage the deal. When the Pykes come to take the shipment and Roland fails to deliver it, the Pykes will dispose of him. The Trandoshan leads the clones to the old mining tunnels which will allow access to the office.

Wrecker wants to know why they simply don’t go directly to the parlor. Cid is afraid of the Pykes and doesn’t want them to know she is involved in the theft. She also refuses to let Tech repair the carts saying they need to be as quiet as possible. Cid, Omega and Tech take a cart and Wrecker, Hunter and Echo take the second one.

They arrive at a door where Cid warns to be really quiet unless they want to wake the hive. Wrecker opens the door and they continue to make their way silently. They hear noises and Wrecker loses his torch which fall into the cavern. Thankfully, the hive is not too roused by it and they are able to start their journey again.

They arrive at a ladder leading to Cid’s office and Tech wants to know how Cid is sure it will be empty. The Trandoshan answers that she has it covered and sends a signal to Ketch. The Weequay attires Ruby with Mantell Mix and kidnaps the lizard. Roland sends his guards after him.

The clones enter the office and starts moving the spice into the tunnel. Ruby escapes and Roland finds her. He orders his guards to find the Weequay and the Ithorian. After getting all the crates, Echo seals the door and the Bad Batch leave.

Roland makes his way to the office cuddling and reassuring Ruby. The guards can’t open the door and the Devaronian loses patience and shoots the door. He realizes the spice is gone and that the thieves escaped by the tunnels

The guards start chasing the clones and start to shoot. Wrecker retaliates to Cid’s anger. Hunter jumps on one of the guards’ cart and is successful in neutralizing them by sending them into the pit. Sadly, the hive is now awake and is starting to attack the team. Tech realizes the hive is avoiding the light and recommend to use the flashlights to keep them away. The team loses the spice, but make it to safety.

Back at the parlor, Roland is interrogating Bolo and Ketch. They reveal it was Cid’s idea, but they don’t know the current spice’s location. Roland is interrupted by the Pykes’ arrival. The Devaronian to negotiate for more time to deliver the money. The Pykes inform him that if he can’t deliver it now he is of no use to them. Things get tense and Roland threatens the Pykes. The leader is not afraid and tells him his whole family will suffer if they don’t get the money promised.


Cid and the team go back to the parlor knowing the Pykes already came for Roland. The guards are all down and the Pykes are leaving with the Devaronian. He tells them immediately that Cid stole the spice. After a tense moment between the clones and the Pykes, Cid agrees to retrieve the spice and to leave Omega with them as hostage. Hunter is not happy about it, but doesn’t have a choice.

On the way back to the ship, Tech reveals he identified the creatures in the cavern. They are called Irlings and are nocturnal insects having a sensitivity to thermal registers. The best time to retrieve the crates is nightfall. Cid decides that Wrecker and her will go into the cavern to get the spice. She is adamant about getting Omega out of the hands of the Pykes herself.

Upon arrival into the cavern, they quickly locate the first crate and Cid transfers it to the ship while Wrecker searches for the rest.

Back at the parlor, Omega is handcuffed alongside a brooding Roland. He warns Omega against resisting the Pykes and says she and her friends should have stayed out of his business. She answers he took Cid’s business in the first place. Roland is unapologetic because taking what you want is the Durand way. His mother taught him that. Ruby goes to Omega for cuddles and Roland remarks the lizard doesn’t like a lot of people. The young girl promises the pet they will be fine.

Meanwhile, the salvage of the crates continue. Echo is worried because it’s almost night and Tech tells him he is working on something just in case. Wrecker localized the last crate and Cid and him prepare to leave the cavern.


Hunter starts bringing them back on the ship when Cid hits accidentally a wreckage sending it into the pit. The Irlings start attacking immediately. Wrecker and Cid are in a bad position until Tech throws a light bomb into the hole. The Irlings fly away making it possible for Cid and Wrecker to go back to the ship.

The Pykes get back the spice and free Omega, but they still want to punish Roland. Omega tries to plead his cause, but the Pykes are making an example of the Devaronian and cut one of his horns. The Pykes leave, but warn Roland to not cross their path again.

Roland tells Omega it is a small price to pay and she gives him Ruby back. The Devaronian seems changed by the experience and he leaves. Cid invites the crew to the parlor offering them a drink. Hunter wants to know why Omega pleads for him. She doesn’t really except that Ruby likes him so he can’t be that bad.

“Infested” feels more like a filler episode since it doesn’t advance the main plot. No mention is made of Crossraids or the people after Omega. The episode ends on another example of the goodness of Omega and her will to try to see the good in people.

A new episode of The Bad Batch will be out on Friday, July 30. Stay tuned for more episode recaps on Nerds and Beyond.

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