Monday, October 25, 2021

‘Loki’: Release the Throg Cut! Additional “Throg” Scene Filmed

Marvel’s newest addition to their already impressive Disney+ lineup, Loki, is becoming saturated in Variants: from the members of the TVA to President Loki, and this week fans got their first look at a Thor Variant. Fans rejoiced during the Easter Egg filled episode 5 when comic-favorite Throg was shown trapped in a glass jar desperately reaching for Mjolnir.

Despite episode 5’s Throg scene being only a few seconds long fans instantly began to question if we would be seeing more of the Frog of Thunder. In a Twitter thread, Loki producer and writer Eric Martin revealed a much longer Throg scene was actually filmed for the show. The scene was meant to be featured in episode 1 and depicted what I’m sure was an amazing portrayal of Throg pummeling Loki. The scene would have been a part of Loki’s life events replay but was cut for time-saving purposes.

While we all remain hopeful that the scene will eventually be released (Marvel did give us the Zemo cut, after all) so we can enjoy what Martin promised is a “funny as hell” performance by Tom Hiddleston, don’t forget to tune in next week for the finale episode 6 and continue to follow along with our coverage!

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