‘Loki’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 5 “Journey Into Mystery”


The penultimate episode of Loki has arrived! Last week, Loki and Sylvie were apprehended by the TVA, Mobius and Hunter B-15 were shown the truth, and the Time-Keepers are nothing more than an elaborate ruse. Mobius was pruned by Renslayer, as well as Loki, and Loki woke in an unfamiliar place surrounded by familiar faces — more variants of himself.

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The Void. Loki has landed in the void very close to a creature called Alioth. The older version of himself quickly whisks them away.

Back at the TVA, Sylvie is demanding answers from Renslayer, who is still being uncooperative. Sylvie wants to know who is really behind the TVA, and to save her own skin, Renslayer reveals that Loki isn’t really dead. Saving Loki may still get Sylvie to the creator of the TVA.

Renslayer was just as blindsided about the Time-Keepers as Sylvie, and Ravonna tells Sylvie that when things are pruned, they aren’t destroyed, only moved to a void at the end of time. Oh, and nothing ever comes back from there. Renslayer bargains with Sylvie, help her find Loki, and discover the truth, and Sylvie accepts.

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Loki is also hitting a brick wall when it comes to getting answers. His variant forms are quickly moving him out of harm’s way until he finally stops them, demanding they tell him more. Kid Loki finally gives in and informs him this is where the TVA dumps everything and that Alioth is the being placed to ensure that it never returns. Boastful Loki and Classic Loki add that Alioth is what devours some of discarded “waste” of the TVA. (And Alligator Loki is rather upset at a shark analogy.) Loki tries to reason there must be a way out, but they all establish there absolutely isn’t.

As they continue on, Loki questions why the older version of himself obeys the child version so willingly, and Classic Loki reveals that this is Kid Loki’s kingdom. His crime? Killing Thor.

The Lokis have an underground bunker, and as they travel down, we see Frog Thor trapped in a glass jar jumping to try and get out or get to a Mjolnir which sits right outside in the rubble.

It’s Miss Minutes’ time to shine, Renslayer is searching for files on the beginning of time and the TVA, and Sylvie requests info on the end of time as well. Using her knowledge of hiding in apocalypses, Sylvie deduces that everything must be being dumped there or beyond — somewhere where nexus events don’t occur.

Find Loki, find the man behind the TVA, and kill him. Sylvie and Renslayer shake on their arrangement as Miss Minutes pulls up files on a spacecraft meant for navigating the Void. And, of course, Renslayer was stalling. Guards come running in to apprehend Sylvie, but she gets away. Without Renslayer to help her, Sylvie only has one option: she prunes herself to get to the Void.

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The Lokis are sharing stories. During Classic Loki’s retelling of what got him busted by the TVA, he reveals that Lokis are nothing more than the God of Outcasts. Loki is still not content sitting in safety while Sylvie was left behind. He tells the Variants about Sylvie and of his plan to kill Alioth, which earns him a laugh. So, he goes it alone. Only to be greeted by another variant of himself and his army. One that looks exactly like him.

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Sylvie has arrived in the Void, and Alioth is after her immediately. She runs, at one point seeing into its mind with her enchantment skills, but Alioth quickly gains on her. She finds help in the form of an old pizza delivery vehicle driven by none other than the pruned Mobius.

There seems to be a war going on between Lokis: Classic, Boastful, and Kid versus President Loki and his men. Alligator Loki bites off the hand of President Loki, and then chaos ensues. A fight begins, and Loki tries to escape through the madness, getting help from the sorcerer skills of Classic Loki. He opens a portal as doubles of himself, Loki, and Kid Loki continue to fight, allowing the three of them and Alligator Loki to escape.

As they stalk away, Classic and Kid Loki air their grievances about Lokis revealing one important detail — the TVA prunes every Loki whenever he tries to change into a better person. For his path is not to be good; it’s to be a villain. Classic and Kid Loki agree to help him aid for Sylvie and get him to Alioth.

Speaking of Sylvie, her and Mobius also come to an agreement on needing to face Alioth to get out of the Void. Mobius turns the car around, and they head back towards the massive, angry cloud creature.

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The Lokis watch as Alioth consumes an entire warship in seconds, and Loki realizes that perhaps he does need a better plan. As they turn to leave, a car approaches. Sylvie and Mobius have found them.

Sylvie proves she’s still the smartest Loki as she teases Loki for his ridiculous plan to kill Alioth and then reveals she thinks that Alioth is nothing more than a guard dog for whoever is truly behind time. And she’s going to enchant it.

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Back at the TVA, Hunter B-15 is being held captive. Renslayer accuses her of being disloyal to the TVA, and Hunter B-15 asks who exactly was she disloyal to? The Time-Keepers aren’t real. Renslayer plays tough with her, citing loyalty to the TVA and the Timeline, but Hunter B-15 sees through it. She knows that Renslayer also just wants to know who’s actually behind the TVA. It’s a race now between Renslayer and Sylvie to who can find them first.

Renslayer calls on Miss Minutes again to pull files from the beginning of time for her.

Mobius is chatting with Alligator, Classic, and Kid Loki, and he tells them he doesn’t recall ever apprehending an alligator Loki Variant. While they discuss the fact that it’s never too late to turn good, Loki and Sylvie sit outside. They talk about the nonsense that the TVA tried to feed them about their relationship causing a nexus event, and Sylvie confesses she’s never had a friend. She wants to know that Loki won’t betray her in the final moments. He tells her he’s betrayed everyone who ever loved him, and he knows why he did it. That’s not who he is anymore.

They discuss their possible paths after the TVA is destroyed. Sylvie tells Loki that perhaps there’s a timeline for him to rule when the TVA is gone. When he asks her, she doesn’t know what she wants. Loki offers to help her figure it out … together.

The Lokis and Mobius stand ready to strike. Sylvie tells them that she had a brief connection with the monster earlier; she knows she can enchant it. The team breaks. Mobius heads back to the TVA to burn it down with the TemPad Sylvie stole from Renslayer, Classic, Alligator, and Kid Loki decide to stay in the Void — their home — and Loki and Sylvie head out to face Alioth. But before they all go their separate ways, Kid Loki hands Loki a golden sword, and Mobius and Loki hug goodbye.

Loki causes a diversion, running off and waving his sword around to catch Alioth’s attention to give Sylvie a chance to work her enchantment charm. Alioth doesn’t fall for it. However, a flash of green shines from beyond both Loki and Sylvie, and Classic Loki has returned, rebuilding the ruins of Asgard with magic. That catches Alioth’s attention.

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Classic Loki takes Alioth on a merry chase as he manipulates the city he’s built, buildings disappearing and reappearing to confuse the massive monster. Sylvie tells Loki he has to help her enchant Alioth, but he tells her he doesn’t know how to do that magic. She assures him he does; they are the same after all. They grasp hands, and each grab a tendril of Alioth’s fog. Meanwhile, the beast takes out Classic Loki before Loki and Sylvie’s enchantment spell takes hold.

Then, the monster shows them the way to whom they seek.

The final episode of Loki airs Wednesday, July 14, exclusively on Disney+.

Be sure to keep up with our ongoing coverage of the series leading up to the finale next week and beyond!

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