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‘Loki’: Release the Throg Cut! Additional “Throg” Scene Filmed

Marvel's newest addition to their already impressive Disney+ lineup, Loki, is becoming

Hannah Hannah

A Very Necessary Ranking of Thor Odinson’s Luxurious Hair

Thor Odinson played by Chris Hemsworth is endearing for many reasons: his

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Four New Marvel Film Digital Bundles Available Now!

Still can't get enough of your favorite Marvel heroes? They've got you

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Marvel Studios Delays Entire Phase Four of the MCU, Announces New Release Date for ‘Black Widow’

It was only a matter of time until the ongoing worldwide pandemic

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‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Moves to Disney+ on December 5

Disney+ has been streaming for little over a month now and Disney

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Why Marvel Superhero Movies are Important

Disclaimer: This is not meant to slight the DC Universe. The DC Universe just doesn't resonate

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Marvel’s Infinity Saga Collector’s Edition Box Set Arriving in November

Some of our heroes may be gone, but they will never be

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Thor and Loki’s Best MCU Bro-Ments

Siblings, am I right? Pesky, annoying, but we love them. Thor had

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