Watch the First Look at ‘Star Wars: Visions’


Disney and Lucasfilm have given anime and Star Wars fans a reason to rejoice with the announcement date and a first look at the newest addition to the Star Wars legacy.

Star Wars: Visions will be a new and exciting look at the universe and characters we all know and love through the lens of anime. It is a nine episode journey to a galaxy far far away told by seven of the most celebrated Japanese anime studios each in their own signature style. Lucasfilm has given creative control to these studios to tell their own stories without being tied down by the official Star Wars canon storyline, even if using established characters or introducing new ones.

James Waugh, the vice president, franchise content and strategy at Lucasfilm said: “We realized we wanted these to be as authentic as possible to the studios and creators who are making them, made through their unique process, in a medium they’re experts at. So the idea was, this is their vision riffing off all the elements of the Star Wars galaxy that inspired them hopefully to make a really incredible anthology series.”

Below is a list of the studios and what episode of Star Wars: Visions they will be creating.

  • The studio Kamikaze Douga best known for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure will be doing the episode “The Duel.” 
  • Geno Studio (Twin Engine), known for Golden Kamuy, will be doing the episode “Lop and Ocho.”
  • Studio Colorido (Twin Engine) which is known for their Burn the Witch anime will be creating the episode “Tatooine Rhapsody.”
  • The studio Trigger will be tackling two episodes of the series, these will be “The Twins” and “The Edler.” You may recognize Trigger for their anime Little Witch Academia and Kill la Kill.
  • Kinema Citrus, known for Made in Abyss will be doing the episode “The Village Bride.” 
  • Another studio taking on two episodes will be Science Saru. Their episodes will be “Akakiri” and “T0-B1.” They are best known for creating Devilman: Crybaby.
  • Production IG known for the immensely popular Attack on Titan will be creating the episode “The Ninth Jedi.”

Star Wars: Visions will bring unique qualities to each episode, ranging from a Jedi versus Sith duel that will bring the Samurai style to a space bunny person. Nothing will be off limits.

All nine episodes of Star Wars: Visions will be released at once on Disney+ on September 22.

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