‘Manifest’: The Best Moments From the Series

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While NBC’s Manifest got cut short before fans could find out what really happened to Flight 828, the three seasons the show did give us provided us with some pretty great moments. Between the chilling and iconic return of the famed flight to Zeke’s Death Date survival, it was all intense from beginning to end. Keep reading to relive some of the best moments from Manifest!

828’s Return

“You’ve all been missing, presumed dead, for 5 1/2 years.” The infamous return that made Flight 828 the 8th Wonder of the World. From the announcement on the tarmac to the long-awaited reunion 36 hours later, these scenes give chills and make anyone emotional. When Grace and Olive reunite with Ben and Cal and Grace sees that Cal hasn’t aged a day, or when Ben and Michaela’s dad break the news to them that their mother got sick and died, it’s all too emotional to not talk about. These moments are why Manifest exists in the first place and why the story of 828 is so intriguing.

828’s Explosion

What started as hearing voices in their heads to actually discovering two kidnapped girls has turned into a vital part of surviving and a way of connecting each passenger to the plane. The end of the very first episode turned out to be a bigger part of the series moving forward, as the 828 passengers were all called to a tarmac where Flight 828 was. However when they get there, the plane soon explodes, and the passengers are left wondering what’s in store for them.

Captain Daly’s Disappearance

The mystery of Flight 828 continued when Captain William Daly kept getting blamed for what happened, and he did everything he could to figure out what went wrong that night. Daly finds a string of dark lightning and he attempts to fly into it, even kidnapping Fiona as leverage. Ben tries to stop him, and security is called to shoot the plane out of the sky. Before they have a chance to, however, the plane disappears, with Daly and Fiona. But where oh where did that plane go?

Zeke’s Death Date

Surviving the Death Date seemed impossible at first until it wasn’t. While all hope seemed lost for Zeke in season 2 and his Death Date was nearing, he was getting colder by the minute. In the season 2 finale after he saves Cal from the icy lake, and Jace, Pete and Kory are gone, Zeke is pulled from the water and says his final goodbyes to new bride Michaela, Ben and Cal. As Michaela cries over Zeke and Ben holds Cal, there’s a glowing light. Zeke comes back to life and he is officially the first one to survive his Death Date because he followed his Callings. This makes Ben, Michaela and everyone else wonder if the passengers could really survive theirs.

Tailfin Discovery

Perhaps one of the biggest cliffhangers in the show’s three seasons happens at the very end of the season 2 finale. Zeke was alive, Cal was safe, and it looked as if the Callings would stop. However, when Ben is holding baby Eden in bed, with Grace, Olive and Cal soundly sleeping next to him, he gets another Calling of the plane exploding and then crashing into the water. A Mexican fishing boat finds something connecting to the plane, the Tailfin. And from there, even more questions were raised about what really happened to Flight 828.

The Tailfin’s Dissapearance

While the tailfin’s discovery was a big cliffhanger at the end of season 2, its disappearance in the season 3 finale made an even bigger one. It had a prominent part of season 3’s storyline, up until the very end. When Ben and Saanvi return the tailfin to the ocean in hopes that Cal returns, all that happens is that the tailfin disappears, thus setting off a domino effect. Cal is now 17, the age he would be had he not disappeared on 828, and Captain Daly reappears in the salvaged plane’s cockpit at Eureka, moments before begging Dr. Gupta for help and then disappearing again, this time with the whole plane.

Want to relive these moments and more? Seasons 1 and 2 of Manifest are streaming on Netflix and season 3 is streaming on Hulu.

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