Thursday, July 7, 2022

Numskull to Release Villainous ‘The Suicide Squad’ Merch

The Suicide Squad team is on a mission to destroy Project Starfish on the island of Corto Maltese. But nothing ever goes the way it is planned, especially with these Taskforce X villains. With Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) back pulling strings, this new Suicide Squad will need the right gear to get through the mission.

That is where Numskull comes in with their new official DC Comics merchandise that is sure “to get fans in a villainous mood.” The Suicide Squad movie is not out until August 6, but these items are available for pre-order now.

This one is for the gamer lovers with a new Gaming Locker that stores up to 10 Xbox, PS4/PS5 games or movies, and up to 4 controllers. There’s a pin set with 18 metal pins in a collector’s case dedicated to the world of The Suicide Squad. There are even two baseball hats dedicated to Harley Quinn and the whole Taskforce X crew! Plus, after his introduction at DC FanDome and seen again in the trailers, now fans can wear a t-shirt showing their favorite and feared King Shark.

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Which items are you adding to your collection?

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