Make A Splash with Numskull’s New ‘Resident Evil’ and ‘Lord of the Rings’ TUBBZ Collectables


The duckpond has some new members today including some cute hobbits, a mutant and a biochemist!

Two of the TUBBZ Cosplaying Collectibles range’s most popular franchises, Resident Evil and Lord of the Rings, expanded today. With Resident Evil adding collectible duck versions of William Birkin and Mr. X, and Lord of the Rings expanding their collection to include Merry Brandybuck and Pippin Took.

Resident Evil fans will want to add these mutated duck versions of these notable characters to their collection! While Mr. X may be less intimidating as a duck, he is still on the hunt as Umbrella Corps’ formidable mutant T-103. Plus, he comes with a removable version of his signature fedora. Plus, the already severely mutated William Birkin has reached a new stage in his self-administered infection, becoming a duck!


On a cheerier note, the addition of two more hobbits to the Lord of the Rings collection brings it up to 18 characters for you to collect! In fact, the addition of Merry and Pippin means that you can now own the entire fellowship in duck form.


So be sure to check out the new Resident Evil and Lord of the Rings ducks now, and keep an eye out for more additions to the TUBBZ line in the future.

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