‘The Suicide Squad’ Is Sitting Ducks With New Numskull TUBBZ Collectibles


The duck pond is about to get a whole lot more chaotic as Numskull launches The Suicide Squad TUBBZ collectibles.

TUBBZ cosplaying duck figurines represent characters from popular movies, TV shows, video games, and comics from Jurassic Part to Back to the Future and Lord of the Rings. The Suicide Squad collection joins these other ducks on the pond with four unique ducks. You can catch a glimpse of them in the following video, and find full descriptions below.

Harley Quinn: She is just as irrational and unpredictable even as a duck. Her hair is in plaits, she is in her signature red/black clothing, and she is clearly up to no good. She has crazy thoughts on her mind.

Bloodsport:  There’s no doubt the other ducks are going to be in fear of this marksman. As usual he’s on a mission. Don’t get in his way. He is in his new hi-tech suit and he’s going to use it as only he can. He’s armed and dangerous.

Peacemaker: If anyone can restore calm and peace, it’s this guy. He wants peace at whatever cost. He’ll even fight for it. His helmet is firmly in place and the red jacket is on. He’s good to go.  

TDK aka The Detachable Kid: Well, he has one hell of a superpower, removing his own limbs and turning them into weapons! He’s easy to spot, with a twisted limb ready for action and his striking green suit complete with mask.

If collectible ducks are your jam, or you’re just a fan of The Suicide Squad, be sure to grab the collection here.

LeeAnn is children's librarian who joined Nerds and Beyond in 2020 as a way to stretch her writing skills and connect with others who have the same pop culture passions as she does. She loves music, reading (obviously), and any TV show that can grab and hold her attention. Currently some of her favorite things to nerd out over include Supernatural, Prodigal Son, Louden Swain and Percy Jackson (books, theater, or upcoming show - lets leave the movies out of it).

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