Friday, March 31, 2023

‘Loki’ Confirms Cinematic Loki as Bisexual

TELEVISIONDISNEY+'Loki' Confirms Cinematic Loki as Bisexual

Loki had already confirmed Loki as gender-fluid, but episode 3 brought another truth to the cinematic version of the character — Marvel has confirmed Loki as bisexual.

Right before the series premiere, a teaser was released confirming that the on-screen God of Mischief would be inheriting his gender-fluidity from the comics, and now his bisexuality is also confirmed. In a scene shared with his female self, she asks about the God’s former flames, to which he asserts there was “a bit of both” in terms of whether it’s men or women that interest him. When asked the same question, Sylvie agrees with his choice.

Loki has been bisexual in the comics for some time (and in mythology even longer). However, questions were raised if the MCU would ever bring this aspect of the character to the screens, and after 10 years it’s finally happened.

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This, along with his gender-fluidity, makes Loki the first openly LGBTQIA+ character in Marvel’s slate of heroes and villains, something we hope to see much more of in the future.

Episode 3 of Loki is now streaming exclusively on Disney+. Be sure to keep up with our coverage including episodic recaps, analyses, deep dives, and more as the series progresses!

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