‘Superman & Lois’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 11 “A Brief Reminiscence In-Between Cataclysmic Events”

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Last week on Superman & Lois, Clark used up all of his energy to take out Edge’s army of Kryptonians, collapsing at the entrance of the Fortress afterward. Read on for what happens in this week’s episode “A Brief Reminiscence In-Between Cataclysmic Events.”

Immediately we get thrown back in time to Clark as a teenager visiting the Fortress for the very first time. He uses the Sunstone as a key which brings up a hologram of Jor-El. Clark learns that he is his father, and all about the Fortress and its purpose. As Clark harnesses his powers, we see him age up into Superman. At the farm, Clark comes face to face with his mom, Martha, who embraces him in a hug. She asks if he found what he was looking for and Clark says yes, he thinks so. He found out who he really is. He fills his mom in on who he really is and where he came from. 

Upon his return home, Clark heads to the movie theater and sees Lana who is talking to Kyle. They kiss, and Clark realizes that they are together. He heads back home, distraught, so Martha brings out a few things to cheer him up. She pulls out his first suit and says it’s time for him to save the world. Clark is downtown looking for the Daily Planet when he hears an accident, and he does a classic Superman move and rips off his suit to unveil his super suit. The callback to Action Comics #1 where Clark saves the green car from falling makes an appearance. After saving the day he heads into the phone booth to change back to his daily attire and is questioned by bystanders who ask if he saw what happened. 

Inside the Daily Planet, Clark is in an interview and doesn’t stick it at first, but his determination gets him the job. But he has to keep up. Clark meets Lois, and he’s completely flustered by her. Lois shows Clark what’s happening in Metropolis that deserves more coverage but is one-upped by Superman. Clark asks how he can help, and they get to work.

Later that evening, Clark and Lois are going over their evidence on the case. He compliments her and says he should be going. Lois inquires about where he’s going, and if that place is a date. Clark denies this, saying it’s just a night in with Seinfeld reruns and frozen chicken nuggets. Lois tells him he’s a big help with her story and offers to help him get his own beat at the Daily Planet. Clark says he’d rather be there, and Lois wonders if he means doing the story or working at the company. Flustered, they both say goodnight to each other and head their separate ways.

The next morning, Clark is back at work, but he doesn’t see Lois at her desk. He eavesdrops on her conversation with the guy in the mask who tries using a flamethrower on her for calling him the bad guy. Clark swoops in and ices him, saving everyone he can before Lois tases him. Lois asks how he knew about the situation, and he says he has been reading her reports in the Daily Planet … and he has super hearing. She introduces herself and asks for his name, but he says she’ll come up with one. As he’s flying away, she officially coins him Superman.

Lois sits down for an interview with Superman, his first interview. Lois does what she does best and asks him all about where he came from and what he stands for. Lois’ mic cuts out, so they take a break. Pulled aside, her producer and best friend Janet says that she thinks he’s crushing on her. Lois shuts it down, saying she’s in love with someone else — Clark. Janet asks if Superman has super hearing, and they both turn around, in what is clearly an awkward situation. Superman says he’s a lucky man, but Lois doesn’t want him thinking she’s going easy on him.

Bettina Strauss/The CW

Lois meets Martha for the first time who is excited to meet her. They shuffle inside for lunch, and Martha asks why it took so long to bring her around. He wanted to make sure it was the right time, because he’s going to tell her who he really is. They head outside, and he shows her his abilities for the first time. It flashes through their engagement and wedding. He quickly snaps out of the past when Jor-El tells him he needs to leave, now. 

Lois walks into the room and says she’s pregnant. He tries to tell her something happened before she came into the room, but can’t get it out. At a doctor’s appointment, they find out they’re having twin boys. When the doctor leaves, Lois wants to know if this could be because of Superman. A flash in the corner reminds him that this isn’t real. Edge (Tal-Rho) appears, and Clark wants to know why he’s in his mind. He realizes that Tal-Rho knows everything about his life, as he goes for the boys. Clark tells him to leave them alone, they’re just babies, which prompts Edge to say he’d never hurt the babies, but the teenagers are a different story. Clark once again snaps out of it, and Edge says it’s about time they discuss his surrender.

Clark says Jon and Jordan aren’t bargaining chips and notes he knew he’d be weak from his flare. Tal-Rho wants to understand why he would betray his Kryptonian family. He’s backed into the corner; he either gets ousted or finds a new way. Clark says he spoke to Lara, and she said she believes there is still hope for her other son. Clark says he can’t agree to it, so Tal-Rho destroys the Sunstone, effectively getting rid of Jor-El, and they begin fighting.

Bettina Strauss/The CW

At the Cushings, Lois is visiting Lana and Kyle to check up. Lana reminds them that the town is going to want answers, and Kyle says he is clearly at the top of the list of people to blame. Sarah, Jordan, and Jonathan are talking about Kyle and everything that happened to him. Sarah asks for a moment alone with Jordan to which Jon obliges. Jordan immediately begins apologizing for not telling her, and she shuts him up with a kiss saying she no longer wants to be just friends, and neither does he. They walk out of the room happily; Kyle intercepts and apologizes to Lois for his treatment of her.

The boys and Lois return home as Tal-Rho makes an appearance. He says the life Kal-El chose is more disappointing up close. Lois stands her ground and tells him to leave, but he won’t. So Jordan steps up and attempts to use his powers, but he’s put out of commission. Tal-Rho says he’ll let them live long enough to watch their mom die just as Clark returns. He says he will do whatever is necessary as long as he leaves the family alone. Clark apologizes to his family one last time before leaving.

Tal-Rho’s home is shown, opposite the Fortress. Clark comes face to face with Tal-Rho’s father who asks if the eradicator is out of his hands. Lois, Jon, and Jordan are now inside where Lois makes a call to Irons to tell him it’s happening, and she thinks Superman has turned.

Superman & Lois airs Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. Check out our other coverage here.

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