‘Love, Victor’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 7 “Table for Four”

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It’s Benji’s birthday! To celebrate, Victor is invited to dinner with Benji and his parents, but it’s not quite the celebration any of them had imagined. Meanwhile, Lake tries to find the perfect apology, and Isabel is hit with a couple surprises of her own. Read on to find out what happened in “Table for Four.”

The episode opens at Brasstown as Victor tells Benji what he has planned for Benji’s birthday. Benji tells Victor his parents are taking him out to dinner and right on cue, Benji’s mom walks in. She asks Benji to make her a latte, using the time to invite Victor to dinner. When Benji walks near them, she tells him she changed her mind about the latte and leaves.

At Mia’s, Mia and Andrew sit on the couch and watch as Lake intently researches something. Soon, she asks Andrew what kind of date would make him forgive his girlfriend for being the reason his mom is put on a psychiatric hold, but he offers no helpful response. Lake decides to order food, and Andrew is disappointed he won’t get to spend the night with Mia as they planned.

Victor, Rahim, and Pilar listen to Felix lament about Lake and Dawn. Victor asks about the last time he showered, and Rahim piles on, eventually prompting Felix to go take one. When he leaves, Victor asks Pilar and Rahim to keep an eye on Felix because Victor is going out for dinner. Rahim comments on Victor’s outfit, disapproving. Pilar doesn’t even try and leaves them to it. Unable to find anything satisfactory in Victor’s closet, Rahim gives him the shirt he’s wearing. In exchange, Victor gives Rahim one of his shirts.

Victor comes out looking snazzy. Isabel notices him and straightens his collar. While she does, she tells him that she’s going to her first PFLAG meeting (yay!!) to get advice on how to tell Adrian. Felix emerges from the bathroom, wrapped in several towels, and tells Isabel and Victor they’re out of towels.

Victor meets Benji and his parents at the restaurant. Benji’s parents are thrilled, but Benji looks unhappy. After Victor exchanges a few jokes with Benji’s parents, they head to their table.

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Mia and Lake still search for potential apology date spots, and Lake comes across an aquarium with a deep-sea fish exhibit. She tells Mia about its significance from the first time she and Felix kissed. Mia gives Lake a look that Lake asks about. Mia doesn’t agree with Lake’s idea, saying that Felix has a good reason to upset and just needs time. Lake says she only wanted to help. Mia knows that and tries to be gentle as she reminds Lake what happened, but Lake doesn’t want to hear it. She’s frustrated Mia isn’t on her side and leaves.

Benji’s mom orders ratatouille, and Victor tries to joke about it with Benji, who wants to talk to his mom alone. Instead, his mom begins to make a toast. Benji tries to stop it, but his dad won’t let him. His mom brings up the accident, proud of Benji for working to get better, dropping the news that he’s been going to AA and just earned his one-year chip. Victor is surprised, and Benji is embarrassed. When Victor tries to ask about it, Benji excuses himself.

Felix gets a text invite from Lake to meet her at the aquarium. Pilar and Rahim come in and ask if he wants to join their J. Lo marathon. Before he can answer, Allison calls him. After a few moments, he shares that the doctor ordered an extended hold for Dawn that could last up to 14 days. Pilar and Rahim leave him. As they head back towards the living room, Pilar is upset it’s happening to him, saying he doesn’t deserve it because he’s the “swee-atiest” person. Rahim catches her about to say “sweetest” and teases her about having a crush. They find Adrian in the living room, and he’s started watching Hustlers.

“Two questions: What’s a lap dance, and why is it so expensive?”


Isabel arrives at the PFLAG meeting and spots Armando at the refreshment table. She smiles and prepares to head over until she sees Shelby join him, and he knows how she takes her coffee. Isabel watches them and ultimately decides to leave.

Victor finds Benji outside, and Benji apologizes for Victor having to find out about AA like that. Victor asks about the cabin, when they were all drinking, and Benji reveals that he swapped out his cup for orange juice. He continues that he always fakes so he doesn’t have to explain himself. Victor understands but is a little hurt that Benji didn’t tell him. Benji gets agitated, saying Victor could be more supportive, especially after having to put up with Victor’s stuff. Victor, who’s also irritated now, wants to know what that means. Benji lets everything out, bringing up how Victor being newly out means everything is a big deal. He’s frustrated that Isabel is being unsupportive and unwelcoming to Benji, but Victor still gets excited when she makes tiny steps forward. Benji ends by saying that he’s never made Victor feel guilty about any of it and has been patient and understanding, wanting Victor to reciprocate. Victor is deeply hurt by the last remark. He wishes Benji a happy birthday (sprinkled with some salt) before leaving.

Back home, Victor and Felix swap grievances about their partners. Victor is glad that Felix agrees Benji was overreacting, but that isn’t quite the case. Felix gets Benji’s viewpoint, admitting that it’s hard to watch Victor struggle so much with Isabel. Victor counters by bringing up Lake, sharing a similar sentiment. After contemplating with a look in the mirror (“Damn. It’s a curse to be this beautiful”), Felix decides to go hear what Lake has to say.

In the living room, Pilar, Rahim, and Adrian continue their marathon. Pilar stands in excitement when Felix walks out. She asks him if he wants to join, and he tells her that he’s going to see Lake. Pilar tries to respond casually (and fails), wishing him luck before he leaves. Rahim has Adrian bring a bowl of popcorn to the kitchen. When he’s gone, Rahim mimics Pilar, finally getting her to admit she has a crush on Felix.

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Isabel waits for Armando by his truck after PFLAG. He didn’t know she was there, and she tells him she only stayed long enough to see him with Shelby. Armando claims she’s just a new friend (sure she is), and Isabel reminds him about knowing how she takes her coffee. Armando still tries to convince Isabel it’s not what she’s thinking. She demands to know what it is, asking if he wants to see other people. Armando reminds her why they separated, and Isabel realizes what he actually means, telling him that she needs to hear him say the words. So, Armando admits he wants to see other people.

Felix meets Lake at the aquarium. She gives him a stuffed angler fish, which she says represents the start of their relationship, and hopes that this time it can represent a new start. She apologizes for breaking his trust, again saying she just wanted to help. Felix knows that, but Dawn is still gone, and he doesn’t know when she’ll be back. He remembers teaching Lake about how the angler fish does whatever it can to make its mate happy, and he doesn’t want to be that. He wants to be happy too, and seeing Lake only makes him sad. Before he leaves, he tells her they can’t be together.

Pilar shouts to Victor that she’s heading outside. She goes to Felix’s apartment, where she finds him watching Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and keeping his own score. He explains that it’s a tradition with him and Dawn. Pilar asks if she can join, but he doesn’t think he’s good to hang out with currently, but it doesn’t matter to Pilar. She answers the next question immediately and gets it right. She and Felix joke around a bit as she settles in.

Later, Benji shows up at Victor’s, surprised he texted. Victor says he knows being with him can be a lot sometimes. Benji interjects, saying he was embarrassed about AA and that part of his life, because he hates it. But he loves the part with Victor. They begin to kiss, and Victor wants to go to his room.

Mia and Andrew are (attempting) to make out, but Mia is distracted waiting for Lake to text her. Andrew picks up on it and says Mia needs a different distraction – like the pizza that should be arriving soon. The doorbell rings and Andrew goes to answer, but it’s not pizza. It’s Lake, who’s been crying. She tells Mia that Felix broke up with her, crying as Mia holds her. Andrew starts to head out, offering comfort in the form of, you guessed it, pizza that will be there soon. When he leaves, Mia wants to know what happened. Lake doesn’t want to talk about it, so Mia lets her cry it out, not letting go.

Isabel returns home from PFLAG. She begins talking loud enough for Victor to ideally hear as she walks down the hall towards his room. She knocks just before going in, only to walk in on Victor and Benji having sex.

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