‘Love, Victor’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 6 “Sincerely, Rahim”


In this episode, viewers finally get to see more of Rahim, who turns to Victor for advice. Meanwhile, things reach a boiling point with Felix, Dawn, and Lake, and Isabel and Victor have a breakthrough. Read on to find out what happened in “Sincerely, Rahim.”

The episode opens mirroring the series premiere: Rahim DMs Victor, introducing himself and saying he’s friends with Pilar. He’s reaching out to Victor because he’s gay and needs some guidance, citing that his parents are “traditional and super Muslim.” He fears he won’t be able to find what Victor and Benji have. Victor reads the message a little later, smiling.

Isabel straightens out a suit Adrian is wearing (and he’s not a fan). Victor walks in and asks about it, and Adrian tells him that Isabel will be singing at church. Isabel invites Victor, who declines and makes a comment about “people like him” not being welcome. Adrian asks what he means, but Isabel skirts around a real answer. When Adrian walks away, Isabel tells Victor Adrian isn’t ready to learn that Victor is gay; he’s just a kid (ugh).

At Brasstown, Victor and Benji clean tables as Victor tells Benji about Rahim, saying he’ll invite him over. Benji thinks Isabel will give Rahim her disapproving eyes, but Victor says she’ll be at choir practice. Benji remarks that Victor is like this kid’s Simon, prompting an excited Victor to say he should ask Simon advice on how to give advice. (So… maybe he’s a little too excited.)

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Felix tries to get Dawn to take her new meds, but she refuses because she doesn’t like the side effects. Felix tells her the effects will fade over time, but she still says no. There’s a knock at their door and Lake’s mom, Georgina, identifies herself. Felix answers and Georgina steps in, offering a basket of pears as a way to thank Dawn for hosting Lake. Dawn and Georgina attempt to make small talk as Georgina looks around the apartment. Dawn offers Georgina a drink, but Felix ushers her out. In the hallway, he asks if Lake said something. She tells him that Lake is just worried, and Felix realizes this was a welfare check. Georgina says she’s there if they need anything, but Felix says they don’t.

Mia adds the final touches to her outfit as Andrew enters to pick her up for their movie date. She’s surprised, as she told him to text her, but Andrew wanted to come in and greet Harold. Harold hears them talking and says hello to Andrew. He pulls the kids in to sample appetizers for the wedding, where Veronica greets them. She mentions Mia showing Andrew her dress so that they can coordinate. Mia thinks it’s too soon to be going to weddings together, and the atmosphere turns awkward. Eventually, Mia and Andrew head out.

Pilar brings Rahim home to introduce him to Victor, wanting to know how it’s been coming out to his parents and have it go okay. Victor begins to answer when Isabel comes home early, carrying take out for dinner. Her and Rahim are introduced, and there’s a painfully long pause until Isabel invites Rahim to stay for dinner. He agrees and says he’s going to text his parents before helping her set up a “tablescape.” When he leaves the room, Isabel says he’s nice.

Lake waits for Felix outside his apartment. When he finally steps out, she tells him that she didn’t know Georgina would show up, but Felix says that’s not the point. He’s hurt that she betrayed his trust. She tries to explain that Georgina is good with “stuff like that,” but Felix reminds her he doesn’t need help. She says he’s allowed to want it, telling him about a family friend who’s a well-renowned psychiatrist willing to see Dawn free of charge.

Pilar, Victor, Isabel, and Rahim eat, and Isabel and Rahim bond over high school theater, leading to a Little Shop of Horrors duet that has Pilar and Victor mortified. Rahim comments how his parents won’t be like this when he comes out to them. Isabel is surprised, clearly having not figured out that Rahim is gay. She comforts him by talking about why his parents might struggle, but the words sound like they’re meant for Victor.

“If they do take it badly, just know that they love you so much. And part of the reason they might struggle is because they thought they knew everything about you, and then all of the sudden they didn’t. So even if they say the wrong things, I hope you don’t give up on them.”

After the movie, Andrew brings Mia home as she rants about the logistics of how superheroes meet each other. Andrew makes a slightly shaded comment, almost doubtful that there will be a next time. Mia brings up the wedding, knowing it was weird. She wasn’t sure if it was something he’d really be interested in attending. He doesn’t say much in response before leaving.

Victor FaceTimes Benji and tells him about dinner and Isabel’s speech. Benji still doesn’t think it changes anything, causing Victor to get defensive. He hangs up when someone knocks on his door. It’s Isabel, who asks if Victor wants to get lunch sometime so they can finally talk. Victor says yes and suggests they go after Isabel sings at church. Isabel gets excited that Victor’s going, leaving him alone before he can change his mind.

Mia finds Veronica and says she wants to set boundaries regarding what happened with Andrew. It leads into them discussing more about inviting him to the wedding. Suddenly, Veronica is hit with a cramp, and then another one that feels closer to a contraction … but it’s too early for that. She wants to call Harold, but Mia says they can do it from the hospital.

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At home, Dawn tells Felix about an old car she found and wants to buy and restore. Felix brings up seeing a new doctor and tells her about the psychiatrist (but he doesn’t say it was Lake who gave him the idea). Dawn doesn’t think the psychiatrist will take their insurance, but then Felix says it doesn’t matter because they have an in thanks to Lake. Dawn wants to know if Georgina said something. Felix says no, she and Lake just want to help. Dawn is angry, thinking they’re being treated like a charity case. Felix says no one thinks that, but Dawn only gets more upset. She tells Felix she wants him to say no. He agrees and says he’ll drop it.

Mia heads in to be with Veronica, who’s just finished talking to the doctor. Mia asks what the doctor said, and Veronica tells her everything is fine, but they want to keep her for observation. Mia gets emotional, and Veronica understands. She opens up about her prior pregnancy that ended in a miscarriage, saying how her doctor at the time said she would most likely never have another viable pregnancy. She thinks this one is too good to be true, and that’s why she refers to the baby as “the potato.” If something happened, that would make it hurt less. Veronica continues by saying she didn’t realize how attached she was to this baby.

At church, Father Lawrence approaches Victor. He mentions that Isabel says Victor has a full plate, but Victor doesn’t think so. Father Lawrence continues, saying he knows Victor is at a crossroads and that Isabel is praying Victor finds his way back to the Lord again. When the service has started, Victor watches Isabel sing. He looks around and becomes overwhelmed, leaving in the middle of Isabel’s performance.

Georgina talks with someone at the news station when Dawn, absolutely furious, storms in and confronts Georgina, believing that she’s trying to break up Dawn and Felix. Georgina remains calm and tries to settle Dawn to no avail. She tells a PA to call security as Dawn’s anger (and even fear over losing Felix) escalates.

Isabel finds Victor outside and wants to know why he left. He tells her what Father Lawrence said, asking if it’s true. Isabel confirms it with her silence. Victor tells her that he’s trying to be proud of being gay, but it’s hard when Isabel thinks he needs to be fixed, how Benji doesn’t feel welcome, and that she won’t even tell Adrian. Again, she claims that Adrian is too young, but Victor counters by telling her that’s what people say to kids to shield them from bad things, and Victor being gay isn’t one of those things. Isabel concedes and is frustrated. She tells Victor about her lesbian aunt and how her family reacted to that. Isabel admits that she knows now being gay isn’t shameful, but she still struggles to unlearn what’s been so ingrained in her since childhood. She promises that next time she’ll be welcoming towards Benji. She also agrees to tell Adrian.

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Andrew shows up at the hospital to check on Mia. She tells him about how she’s used to people always leaving her, and as she got closer to Andrew, she became more terrified he would leave too. He says he’s been waiting for this, being with her, and promises he isn’t going anywhere.

Felix is also at the hospital talking to a social worker, Allison, who tells Felix that Dawn has been admitted for a 72-hour psychiatric hold. When Allison leaves, we see Lake is there too, trying to find a silver lining. Felix tells her this might not be only three days, explaining the consequences and how dire they are considering that Felix is still a minor. Lake continues by saying they’ll (including her) get through this. But Felix doesn’t count her as part of the “we.”

At Brasstown, Benji apologizes for ruining Victor’s excitement about Rahim and Isabel. Victor thinks it was a real breakthrough with Isabel, and Benji is skeptical, ruining that moment, too. He apologizes again, for real, before going to help a customer.

Later, someone knocks on Victor’s apartment door. Pilar answers to find Felix standing with Allison. He asks if Isabel is home. When she comes over, Felix introduces Allison and asks if he can stay with them for a couple days. Victor and Pilar look at each other, confused. Isabel asks what’s wrong, but Felix breaks down in her arms. She tells him he can stay as long as he needs.

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