‘Love, Victor’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 5 “Gay Gay”


So far this season, Victor has become more comfortable in his sexuality. In this episode though, he begins to wonder if he’s gay enough. Meanwhile, Isabel and Armando try to work some things out, and we see a different side of Felix’s mom. Read on to find out what happened in “Gay Gay.”

Victor and Benji are at school watching Victor’s ex-teammates down the hall. Andrew approaches Victor and Benji and uses a long-winded way to let Victor know he’s an ally, agreeing that what happened with the team was messed up and adding that they’ll welcome Victor back when he’s ready. Victor asks about the teammates who complained, and Andrew flounders. Victor calls him out for only wanting him back because the first game of the season is approaching, and the team needs their star player.

Victor and Benji walk down the hall, and Benji thinks it’s for the best that Victor isn’t on the team. Mia catches up to them and asks if they’re still going to Benji’s friends and family concert at Brasstown for his new band. Benji says yes, saying they’ll need brutally honest feedback.

“Ah, so tell you you’re great even if you suck?”

Greg Gayne/Hulu

After school, Lake and Felix are at Lake’s doing homework. They abandon the Hundred Years War in favor of making out. They’re interrupted by Lake’s mom, who tells them about her big gig hosting Good Morning Atlanta. Because of it, she plans to go to bed early and tells Felix to leave. When she’s gone, Felix invites Lake over to his place. Lake thinks that his mom isn’t home, but Felix says she’s on new meds and is doing well; he wants her and Lake to meet. Lake excitedly agrees.

Armando drops the rent check off to Isabel. Both are still a little giddy after sleeping together. Isabel invites him to dinner so that they can talk about it. Armando declines. He has a PFLAG meeting that he invites Isabel to attend, telling her about a restaurant next door. She becomes less enthusiastic, and Armando realizes she doesn’t want to go. She promises she’s working on it and invites him to dinner for the following night.

Mia and Victor arrive at Brasstown and meet up with Andrew and Lucy. Lucy is excited about the band’s new music, and while Andrew watches her talk, Mia watches them as a small swell of envy crosses her face. Andrew drags Victor to get drinks for the girls, but Victor sees through it. Andrew tries, and fails, once again to convince Victor to rejoin the team. Andrew still believes the few homophobes will get over it, noting how Victor is the “least gay gay person” he knows. Victor doesn’t know how to respond, so he heads over to Benji.

Benji introduces Victor to the band. One of the members, Corinne, makes a joke about Andrew being a jock, and Milo offers a reminder that Victor plays basketball. Victor shares that he quit the team, which leads to Benji adding to the joking. A third member, Stevie, says that Victor is Benji’s “perfect straight boy fantasy,” and Victor becomes visibly and increasingly self-conscious.

Felix brings Lake to his apartment that has noticeably improved, with much of the clutter gone. His mom, Dawn, comes to greet them, and she’s full of life. Felix makes official introductions, and his mom is excited to finally meet Lake. She invites Lake to stay for dinner before returning to the kitchen. Felix is still nervous, but Lake soothes his nerves.

Greg Gayne/Hulu

Benji’s band finishes performing and takes a brief intermission. He goes to check in with the group. Andrew and Mia both loved the song (and so did I. Listen to the full version now on the official season 2 soundtrack), and Benji turns expectantly to Victor, who says it sounded cool but is unenthusiastic. Benji pulls Victor aside, and Victor tells him that he felt weird about the jokes from earlier. He decides to head out, saying the song really was great. He says bye to the others, and Andrew follows suit. Before he leaves, he asks if Lucy will hang with Mia.

The next sequence bounces between Armando and Isabel. Armando is at PFLAG talking with another member, Shelby, who notices his good mood. Meanwhile, a gloomier Isabel talks with her church’s priest, Father Lawrence. She opens up about her and Armando being intimate and that they’re having dinner. She mentions their problems, saying Armando struggles to express his feelings. Back at PFLAG, Armando says the exact opposite. He tells Shelby that he feels more open and able to express his feelings. Shelby shares a similar sentiment, saying how it’s because her child was able to come out. This is answered by Father Lawrence just learning that Victor is gay. Isabel notes how surprised she’s been with Armando’s reaction, but she’s struggling. Father Lawrence, however, thinks she’s right to disapprove, and Isabel is taken aback. She says that she thought the church was more flexible, but Father Lawrence spews some nonsense about Victor not being able to know God’s love. The sequence ends as Armando expresses how glad he is that God gave him the courage to attend PFLAG and accept and love Victor.

Andrew finds Victor at a nearby basketball court. Victor sinks a basket, and Andrew asks again about the team, still convinced they’ll come around. Victor throws the “least gay gay person” line back at Andrew. He vents his frustration about being too gay for the team but not gay enough for Benji’s friends. He asks what happens if he does decide to be “gay gay,” like dressing differently or dyeing his hair pink. Andrew asks if that’s what Victor wants and says if it is and the team doesn’t like it, they can answer to Andrew. Victor calls him out again, telling Andrew that he’s not really an ally; he doesn’t want to risk his reputation. Victor sinks another shot before walking away.

Back at Brasstown, Lucy brings up Benji and Victor and then Mia and Victor. Mia says she’s glad Victor and Benji are happy. She asks about Andrew, and Lucy tells her that she saw them at the cabin. She asks if there’s anything between them. Mia tells her about hooking up with Andrew a long time ago but now there’s nothing. Lucy is surprised by the news, but she’s also surprised that she isn’t more weirded out, thinking she should be. Mia apologizes, but Lucy tells her it was helpful.

Lake, Felix, and Dawn finish dinner, and Lake compliments the meal and the plates. Dawn asks if they want dessert, but Lake tells her she needs to get going. Dawn is hit with a wave of sadness and begins to clean up. Lake tries to lighten the mood while Felix watches Dawn with a look of annoyance. Dawn brings out a full set of plates that she wants Lake to have and finds a box to put them in. Felix tells her no, and both of them become more agitated. Lake tries to de-escalate, but Dawn releases the box and some of the plates shatter as they hit the floor. She’s startled and feels bad, leaving the room. Felix begins to clean as Lake checks in with him. He says that he just needs to get Dawn back on her meds. Lake, though, says he needs help, but Felix is insistent that it’s just the meds. Lake pushes again, saying it’s too much for Felix to handle alone. He gets defensive and tells Lake to promise not to tell anyone.

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Victor gets a text from Andrew and heads to the locker room. When he arrives, he finds the entire team has dyed their hair pink. Andrew tells Victor he had a talk with the team, and Wyatt, one of the guys who complained, was kicked off. The other two culprits apologize and offer weird (good weird) but supportive comments. Victor finally agrees to rejoin the team and sits on the bench to let Andrew dye his hair. Enter Coach Ford, who’s fretting about his hair … which is also dyed pink.

It’s the first game of the season and the team, pink hair and all, is on fire. During halftime, Victor goes to where Benji is sitting. Benji apologizes for the jokes, saying that now that Victor is back on the team, that makes Benji a basketball boyfriend. Cue Benji and a team of four girls showing off their dance moves, an exhibition that can only be described as the cutest thing ever. And Victor loves it.

Back in her room, Lake researches Bipolar Disorder. Her mom comes in and tells Lake about the hosting job, but she quickly notices something is wrong with Lake. Lake says it’s nothing, wanting to honor her promise. Her mom sits on the bed and says that Lake can tell her anything.

Victor, Andrew, and the rest of the team make their way out of the gym. Lucy finds Andrew and says they need to talk.

Isabel and Armando meet for dinner. After making small talk, Isabel jumps right in, coming back to her affair with Roger. Armando thinks their problems started before that. He says neither of them wanted to change, segueing into PFLAG. Isabel tells him about the meeting with Father Lawrence. She still doesn’t understand, because Victor is a good son and person; she doesn’t understand why everything is happening. Armando reminds her that it’s who Victor is, and that helped him reflect and work on changing. He adds that if Isabel doesn’t change too, they won’t work.

Mia finishes up a run to find Andrew waiting for her in the driveway. He tells her that Lucy broke up with him. Mia apologizes, telling him that she felt like she needed to be honest, but Andrew isn’t mad. Mia asks why his hair is pink, and he tells her he wanted to make things right with Victor. He says it’s her fault, too, because she’s the voice in the back of his head pushing him to do and be better. He bares his soul and admits he wants to take another shot. He begins to ask Mia out, but before he can, Mia kisses him.

Love, Victor season 2 is streaming now on Hulu. Check back tomorrow for the next recap! In the meantime, find the rest of our coverage, including our season 2 review, here.

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