Monday, January 24, 2022

Rob Benedict, Paget Brewster and Doug Benson Are Back on ‘Will You Accept This Rose?’

In this week’s episode of Will You Accept This Rose?, host Arden Myrin discusses the first episode of the new season of The Bachelorette with Rob Benedict, Paget Brewster, Doug Benson and Erin Foley:

Rob Benedict, Paget Brewster, Doug Benson and Erin Foley join Arden and the Production Crew to break down episode one of Katie’s season of ‘The Bachelorette’! Hyatt Regency Fosters Love! Hugging Magicians! Ball Pits!

– Arden thinks that the HUMAN SKIN CELERY EATING RV DRIVING contestant was a PLANT!

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– Erin is so happy a lot of her jokes she faxed in made it on the air!

– Rob was disappointed he didn’t get to do his Joe Pesci Skin Salesman longer!

– Doug realized this is the first episode that no one STOLE ANYONE!

– Paget grew up sex positive so is less than a weirdo than the rest of the pod!!

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All that plus……..TWEET OF THE WEEK!

Rob Benedict recently played Vincent Le Mec on season 5 of Lucifer. Doug Benson is the host of the Doug Loves Movies podcast. Paget Brewster is currently voicing Judy Ken Sebben on Birdgirl.

You can see the episode announcement below:

Will You Accept This Rose? is available to listen on Apple Podcasts and wherever you listen to podcasts. Be sure to subscribe to be notified each time a new episode is released.

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