New ‘Harry Potter’ Potions Labels From Con*Quest Journals on Sale Now!


Adding yet another item to its top-notch merchandise, Con*Quest Journals has created new Harry Potter-themed decals for fans to create their own potions!

These elaborate decals are Potions Labels featuring Harry Potter fans’ favorite potions, elixirs, and magical ingredients, including Polyjuice Potion, Bezoars, frog parts, Hogwarts Apothecary, Horace Slughorn’s Apothecary, and more decorative decals from the Wizarding World!

Each Potions Label pack includes a set of 50 vinyl decals ranging from 2-4 inches in size for a price of only $9.99. These decals are also weather, UV, and scratch resistant and can be applied to laptops, phones, and even cars. These Harry Potter Potions Labels are now available to purchase on Con*Quest Journals’ official website, although customers should note that shipping is currently limited to the U.S. and Canada.

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