Recap: Morgan Edge Has Recruited His “Loyal Subjekts” in ‘Superman & Lois’ Season 1, Episode 9


Read on to find out what happens in this week’s episode of Superman & Lois, “Loyal Subjekts.”

Lois and Chrissy are trying to figure out why Edge is in Smallville, why is it the only town he’s sticking around in? Chrissy says this is Lois’ specialty, so they need to use everything they can, including Clark’s reporting skills and Lana’s files on the recruits.

Edge is meeting with one of the recruits, Emily, and he says he knows the pain and fear she is going through. He notes he can improve her life in every way imaginable. It cuts to her getting shocked, and she has been receptive to the treatment.

Lois is filling Clark in on new information, and she needs him because the residents of Smallville will listen to him, Martha was there long before Edge was and they trusted her. The boys come down the stairs ready for school. Jordan says he’s planning on spending time with Sarah after school, and Clark and Lois tease him about it but Jordan insists they are just friends. (Sure, Jordan. For now.)

Chrissy, Lana, and Lois are meeting at The Gazette. Lana says they’ve started “camaraderie building breakfasts” but before she can say anything else, she has to split to get to work. Lois tells her to take a break, but she says she can’t, not now.

Bettina Strauss/The CW

At school, the boys have just gotten off the bus when Sarah pulls up with Kyle. Kyle calls them over and thanks Jordan for helping her with her audition. Jonathan sneaks a glance at Tiegan and mid-conversation, Sarah stops, telling him to stay away from her.

Clark is at the diner, and he runs into Emily. She says it changed her life, all her problems have faded away. Just then, he hears an incident in Mexico going down that he suits up to handle. He pushes his way through the gunmen, as he notices his breathing has shallowed. He gets shot and taken down.

Superman is still down as he gets continuously shot with bullets. Suddenly he rises and is able to put a stop to the robbery. At the Gazette, Chrissy is furious. Edge has bought another ad in the paper. Lois heads to Edge Enercorp and interrupts his meeting with potential recruits. Leslie grabs onto her arm trying to put a stop to her. Lois tries to get the recruits on her side but they don’t want to hear her. Lois tells him she knows exactly what he is doing, and he wants proof. He wants to know who the people would believe more, a “has been” or a man offering them a chance at a better life. She says she’s not publishing the ad, and he tells her she can’t stop him, so she better use her handy device to call in her “super friend.”

At the Kent farm, Clark is icing his wound. Lois walks in, worried and confused, but Clark says he’s fine, and they weren’t kryptonite bullets, they are regular bullets.

At school, Jordan is helping Sarah practice for her performance. She thanks him for all his help. He freeze sneezes and rushes out. He calls for Clark who tells him he’s also been infected by whatever is happening to Clark.

Lois is tending to Jordan and Clark says he thinks the bioweapon infected him, which in turn has infected Jordan. Jordan says he’s not even that sick, and sneezes again. Sam comes into the room and tries to explain himself, that this wasn’t supposed to happen. They ask how to fix it, and Sam says his people are working on it.

Jon is still at school and trying his best to calm Sarah down, who is about to perform. Jon says he will find his brother and she urges him to hurry, because she’s up first.

Bettina Strauss/The CW

Back at Edge Enercorp, Lana meets up with Emily who is inquiring about what he did to her. Leslie pulls Lana away and into Edge’s office. He says she is looking into things that don’t concern her, but he knows she is telling Lois what’s going on. He knows Lois is desperate. Lana asks about the process she went under, and he offers her the same.

Jon is home trying to find Jordan who is in full winter gear in his room. Jon is clearly worried, and Lois and Clark are trying their best not to panic. Clark rushes him off to the fortress to save him. Lois meets Sam outside, who says she believed he was trying to do the right thing, once upon a time. But now he has knowingly and willingly endangered her family, so she wants him to leave and never come back.

Inside the fortress, Clark finds out Jordan is in respiratory distress. He wants the kryptonite out of him as soon as possible, but it needs to be done the same way it was done to Clark in the past. Clark tells him he is going to have to burn it out of him, and Jordan is scared but Clark says he’s here for him, and he can squeeze his hand as hard as he needs to.

Lois is upset because she’s supposed to protect her family, but she feels like she is failing. Jonathan tries to reassure her by saying it’s all part of being a super family, and that Clark will figure something out like he always does.

It’s time for Sarah’s performance! Lana and Kyle are in attendance and they sit next to Emily, who asks how the meeting with Edge went. Jordan isn’t there and Sarah is ready to quit, but Kyle heads to the stage and grabs a guitar to help her.

At the Kents’, Jonathan talks to Sam on the porch who says they are going to get everything figured out, but Jon wants to know why those weapons were made in the first place to hurt his dad and brother. Sam reminds him that they aren’t like Jordan and Clark, they don’t have powers. Jon says they are nothing alike — because he would never be scared of his family. And even if he had seen what Sam has, he would still trust them, and Sam would still be a coward.

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Suddenly Emily stands and heads out of the room but is stopped by Lana who asks her where she is going. Kyle offers to go see what’s wrong. Leslie notes that Superman is still weak, and Edge says that’s why they are going to take down the one he protects.

The kryptonite is finally expelled from Jordan, who is exhausted and in pain. At the Kent house, Sam is on the phone wanting to know why they don’t know how long the effects will last.

Inside, Jon and Lois are waiting to hear back about Jordan. Lois gets a phone call from Lana who tells her that Emily’s actions were weird, like she was someone else. Suddenly there is a knock on the door that Jon gets up to open. Lana tells Lois that she is afraid Edge is going to do something. Edge’s recruits, including Emily, walk in and try to kill Lois. Sam throws a synthetic kryptonite bomb at them to stop them and gives Lois and Jon enough time to get out of there. Inside the barn, Kyle is there, because Lana was worried.

Sam is trying his best to fend them off inside but he gets knocked out. Jordan and Clark are still at the fortress as Clark stops and takes off his glasses. He’s crying, saying that it’s basically his fault that Jordan is the way he is, but Jordan says Clark never asked for what happened to him either, and they embrace.

Lois calls for Superman just as Jonathan blasts them with one of Irons’ weapons. Kyle commends Jon’s shooting ability, and suddenly his eyes begin to glow red; he’s been infected by Edge. He pulls Lois and Jon into a chokehold but just as fast as Superman arrives and takes down Kyle, Kyle is gone.

Bettina Strauss/The CW

At the Kents, Lois gives Sam an ice pack. He tells her everything she said was true. He knows he was an absent father, that he wasn’t there to protect her. She tells him he was tonight and he notes that he couldn’t let them hurt his grandson or his daughter.

Upstairs Jon and Jordan are talking. Jon asks if everything is okay with him, and Jordan says he thinks the freeze breath is around for good. Jordan can’t believe what happened to Emily and Kyle, but Jon says they were just brainwashed. They don’t know if they should tell Sarah.

Inside the Cushings’ home, Lana wants to know if Kyle is drunk. He isn’t, but he can’t remember why he was in the middle of the field, or how he got there. It dawns on her that Edge is behind this.

It is revealed that he was indeed the one at the beginning of the episode that Edge met with. Kyle says he just wanted to be better for his family.

Lana gets another call from Chrissy, who says she found a piece of information that she figures Leslie Larr and “motel attacker guy” are originally from Smallville. Lois is once again going over the notes she has, and she and Clark are putting the pieces together. Clark says when he landed, the remnants of kryptonite from Krypton are the X-Kryptonite buried in the mines. They come to the conclusion that it isn’t Smallville Edge needs to build his army, it’s the people inside of it.

Superman meets up with Edge. Superman says he needs to stop but Edge says he can’t make it happen any more than Lois can. As Superman barrels towards him, Edge punches him and it leaves Superman shaken. Suddenly, Edge is in costume levitating in the air. He says it’s time that they catch up … brother to brother.

Superman & Lois airs Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. Check out our other coverage here.

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