Recap: The Martez Sisters Return in ‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ Season 1, Episode 6 “Decommissioned”

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After an exciting week rescuing an adolescent Rancor, the Bad Batch is back with another epsiode!

Last week we met Cid, a Trandoshan information broker, who sends the squad to acquire the rancor for credits. You can read our full recap of Star Wars: The Bad Batch episode 5 “Rampage” here.

Warning: spoilers for “Decommissioned” below!

The episode starts off on the seedy streets of Ord Mantell, a planet in the galaxy’s Mid Rim. As someone walks into Cid’s Parlor, they get shot at, prompting them to immediately run away. The person shooting? Omega.


With the guidance of Echo, Omega is practicing shooting her new energy bow. The other members of the group stand around and watch her. She struggles with the bow — her arms shaking and her aim isn’t quite there. As she continues to shoot into the wall, two onlookers are taking bets. One thinks she won’t hit the target and the other encourages her by cheering her on.

Omega misses the target. After complaining about the onlookers distracting her, Echo kneels down and explains that practice will help teach her how to tune out the distractions. Cid interrupts the energy bow lesson and explains that she has a job for Clone Force 99. The job requires the Bad Batch and Omega to retrieve a tactical droid from a decommissioning facility on Corellia. These type of droids were the operational brains of the separatist military. Echo explains to Omega that they are important because the more they fought during the Clone Wars, the more they learned… and won. Whoever has that droid can learn how to defeat the clones now that they are serving the Empire.


The Bad Batch goes off-planet and heads toward the decommissioning facility to get the droid and get paid. The facility is guarded by police droids, but the group easily sneaks past them, as well as the workers in the facility, and begins looking for the droid they need. The group splits up and the work begins. Tech, Echo, and Hunter go to locate and retrieve the droid, Wrecker is on look-out duty (which he begrudgingly reminds them that that was Crosshair’s job in the past), and Omega stays where she is and keeps her eyes peeled for the droid.

As Omega watches the team get to work and scans the conveyor belts for the droid, she spots the droid’s head as someone else snatches it up. Omega begins to spring into action but is blocked by another person dressed up as one of the workers. As soon as Omega aims her bow at the person, they lift their mask up and try to reason with the girl. Under the mask is none other than Rafa Martez, which means her sister, Trace, is the one who took the droid’s head. We first met the Martez sisters in season 7 of The Clone Wars after Ahsoka leaves the Jedi Order.

Trace runs away with the target, paging Rafa asking where she is. However, there’s no answer from Rafa because she’s held up with Omega and her energy bow. Trace runs straight into Tech, Echo, and Hunter. Their blasters raised and ready to fight her.

Meanwhile, Rafa is able to disarm Omega. In doing so, Omega accidentally fires her weapon, alerting the workers that they aren’t alone. The workers lock down the facility and the police droids come to get rid of the threat, putting the Bad Batch, as well as the Martez sisters, in a tough position.

As Omega pursues Rafa, Hunter chases after Trace when she runs away with the head. Before she is caught, she throws the head at Rafa who catches it perfectly, but as she takes off, she runs into a police droid. The droid head flies out of her hands and lands on a conveyor belt below them. Omega and Trace take off toward the head as Rafa is cornered by the droid. Hunter shoots it down and soon the two are blasting police droids from every angle together.


To override the lock down, Echo shorts out the entire system. So he orders Wrecker, still on the upper levels of the facility, to get to the main control panel to reboot the facility. Wrecker makes the jump to the panel despite his fear of heights, but hits his head as he lands. He successfully reboots the system before collapsing to the ground, grasping his head and muttering the words, “good soldiers follow orders.”

As soon as the system reboots, the conveyor belt that Omega, Trace, and the droid head are on begins to move. However, as they jerk into motion, Omega drops the head and falls over. The body of another droid falls on top of her. Trace grabs the head and takes off. Before Trace escapes with the head, she notices Omega struggling to get the droid off of her. She’s trapped as the conveyor belt moves toward a pit that will burn the droid parts. Omega comms Hunter saying she needs help, and of course he leaps into action at the sound of her scared voice.

However, Hunter is too late. Omega falls into the pit. She attempts to climb out before the pit dumps itself into a fiery lava, and to her surprise, Trace has come back for her. After a few attempts, Trace reaches Omega and gets her to short-lived safety just in time, with some help from Hunter.

Hunter, Omega, Trace, and Rafa make their way back to Tech and Echo to regroup, hoping for a way out of the mess they’re in. They decide to reprogram the droid head to order the other droids in the factory to kill the police droids pursuing them. (So many droids.) While the group holds off the police droids and reprograms the head, Wrecker wakes up, and is thankfully back to his normal self. He jumps into the fight… literally, and takes down a group of the droids.

The reprogrammed droid head is activated and orders all of the battle droids in the facility to attack the police droids. This gives the group time to escape, but not before the head gets destroyed. On the way out, Omega even learns how to tune out the distractions and gracefully fires her energy bow at the droids as they run out of the facility.


On the Martez sisters’ ship, the group finds out that Trace and Rafa were trying to retrieve the head for their contact who needed the information to fight back against the Empire. In a wholesome and noble turn of events, Hunter gives the girls the data Tech pulled from the droid head while reprogramming it before saying goodbye.

The episode ends on the Martez ship. Rafa fires up a holotransmitter and tells her contact that they have the data. She also gives him information about a squad of “rogue clones” who helped them… and where to find them.

What a fun, yet stressful, episode! Who is the Martez sisters’ contact? Will Wrecker hit his head again and activate his inhibitor chip? So many questions that we hope get answered soon!

A new episode of Star Wars: The Bad Batch is coming to Disney+ next Friday, June, 11. Stick with Nerds and Beyond for more recaps!

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