Recap: Omega Saves the Day in ‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ Season 1, Episode 5 “Rampage”

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A new episode of The Bad Batch is out today!

Last week, the team landed on Pantora to get fuel and supplies and realize a bounty hunter is after Omega. You can read the episode’s recap here.

Warning: spoilers for “Rampage” below!

The episode starts with Omega getting Crosshair’s comm since he won’t need it anymore. The girl is happy about getting it and immediately tries it while Echo reminds her it’s not a toy. The team is on its way to Ord Mantell, and Omega wants to know why, since the clones wanted to lay low. Hunter says they need to find out why the bounty hunter is after her. Echo reveals he knows an informant named Cid that they can contact on the planet. Wrecker asks if Echo trusts the informant. He answers that the Jedi did. Tech remarks that they now are all dead and Echo wants to know if they have a better option. Omega, still playing with the comm device, says he has a point.

The team lands on the planet and heads towards a bar. Hunter reminds Omega to follow the rules: “Don’t wander off, keep my eyes and ears on my surroundings, and trust no one but my squad.”


The group arrives at the bar and starts looking for Cid. Hunter goes to talk to a Trandoshan woman and asks her if she knows Cid. She says no. Hunter wants to interrogate the other aliens in the bar, but the woman tells him to leave if he doesn’t intend to spend money. The clones don’t know what to do next. Echo is sure it’s the place where the Jedi were meeting Cid. Tech thinks Cid may have heard about what happened to the Jedi and fled. Meanwhile, Omega goes to talk to the Trandoshan, now sitting at the bar because she realized the alien is Cid.


Cid leads the team to her office while lamenting the end of the Jedi, since she had a good thing going on with them. Her work has dried up with the start of the Empire. and she asks the clones what they want. Echo shows the Trandoshan a hologram of the bounty hunter they encountered on Pantora. Cid is willing to help them if the clones do something for her in exchange. She wants them to rescue a kid named Muchi taken by Zygerrian slavers. Wrecker wants to about the bounty and Cid offers to give them 30 percent of it.

On the ship, Wrecker is hurting, but he downplays it when Hunter asks him if he is alright. It’s clear that the clone is still suffering from hitting his head a couple of episodes back. Tech is analyzing the data given by Cid and finds out that the Zygerrians are hiding in the the ruins of the Old Ord Mantell city. Omega asks what slavers are and can’t hide her disbelief when Tech explains. She doesn’t think it’s right and Echo agrees with her, saying they are going to save the kid from slavery.

The crew disembarks and does a recon of the place. Tech spots a child, a Falleen, and assumes it’s Muchi. Omega wants to go with the clones, but Hunter wants her to go back to the ship and to wait for them. Omega is clearly angry but does it anyway. The clones approach the place where the slaves are kept.


Hunter gave each clone his mission. Echo is set to watch their back from above and Wrecker will need to distract the Zyggerians while Tech and him are freeing the kid. It seems like a good plan until Echo falls from his post due to a brezak attack. The clones are all captured by the slavers.

Back at Cid’s office, the Trandoshan is talking a Twi’lek speaking huttese and who seems familiar. Cid reassures the Twi’lek that his employer will get the bounty and that her best people are working on securing it.

On the ship, Omega is painting her doll trooper to look like a “Bad Batcher” when she hears someone trying to board the ship. She hides and watches while the Zygerrians search the ship. She escapes and tries to contact the team without success. She looks for her friends using her binoculars and realizes they have been captured.

Wrecker is trying to break his shackles, without success, and one of the slavers shocks him and then Echo when the clone threatens him. The clones are trying to devise a plan to escape, but Tech can’t compare the situation to previous missions to find a solution, since it’s the first time they’ve faced something like this. Hunter says they need to warn Omega, but they don’t have access to their comms. Echo then spots the girl. She wants to come help them and Hunter signals her no. The Zyggerian leader comes to see what his men have captured. He thinks the clones will fetch a nice prize, to which Echo answers that the Republic forbids slavery. Echo tries to keep the leader’s attention on him so he doesn’t see Omega hovering around the camp. Omega sees the weapons and tries to get to them but slips on a stone which gets the Zyggerian’s attention. Wrecker throws a stone on a guard to avoid Omega being discovered. The slaver mentions the fall of the Republic and how they can now go back to Kadavo and rebuild the slave business.

Omega stumbles onto a cage and tries to free what’s inside when she is captured. She was successful in opening the cage and an adolescent rancor escapes. The Zyggerians try to contain it The clones use the distraction to free themselves. Omega goes to the Falleen child and tells her they are going to get her home. The adult Falleen then informs her that Muchi is the rancor.

Muchi is wreaking havoc around the camp while the remaining Zyggerians are trying to capture her. The clones go after her, too, since they need to get the information on the bounty hunter.

Omega and Echo are helping the civilians to get to safety while the rest of the team are going after Muchi. They found her fighting the slavers and she is doing fine, until the Zygerrian leader attacks her on his brezak. She escapes thanks to Hunter, who throws himself at the Zyggerian. The clone tells Tech and Wrecker to follow Muchi and that he will keep the Zyggerian busy. They fight and Hunter has the upper hand.

The rancor and the brezak fight with the flying beast quickly being overpowered. Wrecker asks Tech how to stop the rancor. Tech tells him that the rancor adhering to a social hierarchy and that Wrecker needs to challenge the alpha’s autority. Wrecker then throws his weapon on the side and starts to fight the rancor for dominance.

Echo and Omega lead the civilians to speeders they can use to escape. They find the rancor and Wrecker still fighting each other, even if they are clearly both exhausted. Wrecker finally wins.

Cid gets a visit from the mysterious Twi’lek. It’s Bib Fortuna, Jabba the Hutt’s right hand man. He wants the rancor and Cid tells him that Jabba needs to be patient when they hear the rancor approaching. Omega is riding the rancor and Wrecker seems to have developed some affection for Muchi. Bib Fortuna and Muchi seem to be happy to see each other, and Cid gets paid. The rancor goes with the Twi’lek after looking a last time at Omega and Wrecker.


Cid is impressed with the clones, saying she wasn’t sure they would be able to get the job done. She goes with Hunter in her office to talk. The Trandoshan informs him that the bounty hunter is Fennec Shand, a newcomer who has proven herself “to be cunning and ruthless.” Cid doesn’t know who hired her. She warns Hunter that he is going to need friends and money if someone like Shand is after them. She gave Hunter their cut of the bounty and tells him he can have more if he comes to work for her. The clone answers that he will think about it. Before Hunter leaves, Cid ponders about how interesting it is that someone like Shand is after them and that they must be valuable. Hunter is alarmed by the remark, but Cid tells him she is good at keeping secrets.

In this episode, Omega proves herself a valuable and competent member of the team by rescuing her fellow clones from the Zyggerians. After watching “Rampage,” we have a few questions: Is Wrecker okay? Can Cid be trusted? Who is Shand’s employer? Is Muchi linked to the rancor Luke kills in Return of the Jedi?

A new episode of The Bad Batch will be released on Disney+ next Friday. Stay tuned for more recaps!

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