Recap: Fennec Shand Arrives in ‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ Season 1, Episode 4 “Cornered”

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Another week, another episode of Star Wars: The Bad Batch!

Last week we saw the Bad Batch and Omega stranded on a planet where an Ordo Moon Dragon roams and feeds off of raw energy. Meanwhile, Crosshair leads a team of new recruits for the Empire. You can read the entire recap here.

Warning! Spoilers for “Cornered” below.

The episode begins with the group aboard their ship figuring what their next steps are. They’re out of fuel, they don’t have any more rations, and their ship is registered on a wanted list. So, they decide to land on the closet planet to them — Pantora — so Tech can scramble the ship’s signature and they can get some credits to food and fuel. Omega says she wants to explore, and despite Hunter saying not this time, she stares that the map of Pantora longingly with hope in her eyes.


Once the team lands on Pantora, the one in charge of the Docking Bay approaches asking to scan their ship. Due to it being on a wanted list, they pay him to ignore it, and he walks back into his office. Once back in his office, he comms someone else saying he has located the ship but requires payment to give them the information. The someone he contacted? None other than Fennec Shand, a mercenary who we first meet in season 2 of The Mandalorian. Fennec agrees to pay for the information as she looks at a hologram of Omega.

The Bad Batch decides to split up on Pantora. Wrecker and Tech stay behind with the ship so they can scramble the ship’s signature, while Hunter, Omega, and Echo (dressed as a droid) go into town to trade an explosive for credits. While walking through the streets of Pantora, they come across people cheering on Imperial clone troopers to celebrate the end of the war. They realize the new rules the Empire is putting in place is accelerating faster than they expected, so they decide to barter for credits and leave the planet as fast as they can.

At what we assume is the equivalent of a pawn shop, Omega is looking through all the merchandise as Hunter attempts to sell the explosive for credits. The vendor says he won’t purchase the explosive because he’s running a “reputable business.” However, the vendor sees Echo disguised as a droid looking at the doll Omega found and offers 2,000 credits for him. Of course, Echo is not happy with this, but Hunter promises that once they get the credits and the supplies, Echo can escape. Reluctantly, Echo agrees to this but at an increased price. (We love a character that knows their worth.)

“Fine, but not at that price. I am worth more than 2,000.”


Hunter barters and says he will sell his “droid” for 4,000 credits. The vendor negotiates and offers 3,000. Hunter takes the deal, and they walk a bit farther into the shop to finalize the deal. While the two of them are distracted, Omega sees two dog-like creatures being pulled in a crate. She follows them and once they stop, she pets the creatures, simply enjoying this new experience. However, one of the creatures snatches up the doll she had in her hand as soon as the crate starts moving again. Omega runs after it. As she does, Fennec watches in the shadows.

The deal is finalized with the vendor, and once Echo is taken to the back of the shop and Hunter has the credits, the realization that Omega is gone dawns on the squad’s leader. He immediately runs out the shop to search for her.


Omega is running down the street chasing after the creatures when one of them throws the toy to the side and she accidentally bumps into someone walking. Falling to the ground, she realizes how out of place she is. She doesn’t know where she is. She doesn’t know where the clones are. She is truly scared. A kind voice speaks up behind her asking if she’s alright. However, it’s Fennec putting on an act for the child, and she offers to help find Omega’s friends.

Echo is taken to the back of the shop and is told that he will be in charge of the other droids working for the vendor. One 3P series protocol droid says she is usually the one in charge and once she finds out he isn’t actually a droid, she announces that she will report his deception. Echo, not backing down, pulls out his blaster and says that he will be taking her complaint, ultimately scaring the droids into going back to work.

Frantically looking for Omega, Hunter comes across the discarded doll she was once holding. He picks it up and uses his enhanced tracking skills to continue to look for her. Meanwhile, Fennec and Omega are walking around when Omega admits she’s hungry. Fennec not-so-accidentally bumps into a food vendor and sneaks two pieces of fruit for her and Omega to eat. As they snack, Omega notices her blaster and asks why she has it. Fennec simply says for protection.


Hunter soon catches up with Omega and Fennec and immediately knows something is wrong. The two have a stand off in the street with the kid in the middle, which results in a fight. Hunter tells Omega to run before getting knocked down. Then police begin to pursue Fennec, so she runs away in the same direction as Omega.

Meanwhile, Tech and Wrecker are working on the ship and Echo is still in the shop as they all receive word from Hunter that someone attacked them and is after Omega. Wrecker runs off to find his friend and Tech tells Hunter that he will hack into the system to scour cameras across the city. Hunter tells them that they are going to need to leave as soon as possible but unfortunately, Tech says the ship is not at all ready to be flown right now. Echo offers to help, rallies the droids to help him, and after removing their restraining bolts, leads them out of the shop much to the vendor’s dismay.

Terror washes over Omega’s face as she runs through the streets of Pantora with Fennec on her tail. She finds a maintenance tunnel and climbs down hoping to lose her pursuer. Her running comes to a stop when she heads straight into something that knocks her down. Thankfully, it’s Wrecker, here to save her. As they begin walking away, Fennec shows up. Wrecker sets the kid down, tells her to go to the ship, and walks toward the bounty hunter while cracking his knuckles. However, Fennec uses fast-thinking, side steps Wrecker, and slams him into the tunnel wall and knocks him out. Omega makes it up the maintenance tunnel ladder and shuts the door behind her, locking Fennec out.


Much to her surprise though, the ladder took her to the top of a maintenance tower. Fennec blasts the locks of the door, knocking Omega over the edge. She hangs onto the edge above speeding traffic. Through the cameras Tech sees what’s happening and tells Hunter, who steals a speeder and races toward tower.

Just as Omega begins to slip, Fennec catches her. But upon seeing Hunter speeding through traffic, she intentionally lets go of Omega and jumps after her landing on some sort of delivery truck. Hunter and Fennec begin shooting at one another as Omega comes up with a plan on her own: releasing the deliveries on the truck to knock Fennec off. As the race to get Omega back continues, Wrecker wakes up and heads back to the ship.

While Omega’s plan worked to knock Fennec off, she herself begins to slip and ends up holding on to a strap on the truck. Fennec has landed on another ship flying around and takes control by knocking the driver out. Just as Hunter is about to reach Omega, the bounty hunter pushes his speeder away and he loses control. With police on her tail, she kills them before focusing on her task at hand once more.

Hunter gains control of his speeder and catches up to the two. Shooting his blaster at Fennec’s ship, it slows it down so he has the chance to save Omega in a nerve-wrecking sweep of his hand has she begins falling. For safe measure, Hunter throws the explosive he was initially trying to sell at Fennec’s ship, causing her to jump to safety before it explodes and crashes.

Echo and the droids complete the repairs of the ship as Hunter and Omega arrive on the speeder and Wrecker runs into the docking bay. The team boards the ship and takes off without a second thought.

Meanwhile, Fennec contacts whoever hired her and tells them that the target got away but she’ll find them.

What an action-packed episode! Who exactly is Fennec working for? Will the Bad Batch find them first and put a stop to it? We have so many questions, and can’t wait to see what happens next!

A new episode of The Bad Batch is releases each Friday on Disney+. Stay tuned! Nerds and Beyond will have more recaps!

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