Recap: “Breaking Brad” Is a Family Affair in ‘Mythic Quest’ Season 2, Episode 4


In the previous episode of Mythic Quest, Ian and Poppy decided to utilize the worst possible solution to their inability to agree on plans for the upcoming expansion — working separately with their own teams! Meanwhile, Brad helped David with his tentative return to the dating pool, and Jo assisted C.W. with his publisher woes. Keep reading to find out what happened in this week’s episode, “Breaking Brad.”

We open with a surprise birthday celebration for Brad. He vehemently claims that it’s not his birthday, but David informs him that he was told this information by none other than Brad’s brother Zack, who excitedly makes his way into the room. Brad is not pleased. If looks could kill

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After the ambush, Brad makes his way through the office with Jo hot on his heels as he attempts to surmise what his scheming brother is up to. Zack has made himself comfortable winning over the rest of the team, but Brad believes he’s trying to take his job. He grabs an axe prop from the hallway, but then ultimately decides to hide out in his office instead while demanding that Jo take care of the situation.

Elsewhere, Rachel and Ian are out for a drive, and Ian is complaining about Poppy. They pull up to find her lounging on the hood of her brand new Porsche, courtesy of Montreal, and Ian is flabbergasted. And there are chocolate bars melting on the dashboard! Dana arrives to pick Poppy up, leaving Ian with the new car. Ian is about to drive off in the Porsche, until he realizes that it has a manual transmission. Rachel watches from her car in glee as Ian struggles to drive more than a few feet forward, and he blames Poppy for getting chocolate stuck in the clutch when she walks over to see what the issue is. And also his legs are too strong for the car … apparently.

David and Zack are bonding by the cake when Jo storms over and begins to lay on her trademark intimidation tactics. Zack is disappointed that Brad won’t be joining him for lunch and showing him around, so David offers to take his place. Brad panics when he learns that instead of taking care of the problem, Jo is now letting his brother cozy up to their executive producer. Whoops.

Poppy is delighted to show the programmers the video that they took of Ian failing miserably at driving the Porsche, though nobody else is laughing. Dana, meanwhile, is entirely sick of the fact that Poppy has her running nonstop errands for her but has yet to teach her how to code. Brad hurries into the room and tries to bribe Poppy to dislike Zack, but the plan goes out the window as soon as Zack begins complimenting her work.

Back in the Porsche, Rachel is venting her worries about Dana to Ian, who suddenly interrupts and tells her that he doesn’t care about her love life. This riles Rachel up, and then they begin talking about how easy Ian’s career path has been as a straight white man. Ian hints that this current situation in the car is Rachel’s opportunity, and he asks her what she wants, but she freezes up.

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Jo ushers Brad to the motion capture studio, where the whole company is crowded around excitedly to see the special guest that Zack brought to the office: Snoop Dogg (yes, like, it’s literally Snoop Dogg). The plan is for Snoop Dogg to perform an in-game concert.

Rachel still hasn’t thought of anything by the time they pull into the parking garage. However, when Ian gives up and gets out of the car, Rachel scrambles from the driver’s seat and tells him that she wants a seat at the table. However … she’s not sure what table that is.

Brad confronts Zack after the “concert,” and we finally see his brother’s dark side come out as he flippantly tells him that Mythic Quest has peaked, and it’s time to sell it off. Zack tells him that he’ll step in and do what needs to be done, just like he did with Kate. Brad is forced to resort to begging him not to kill the game, but Zack simply says, “We’ll see,” and leaves. (He confirms that it is indeed not Brad’s birthday.) Jo, who overheard the conversation, takes off after Zack and hops into the elevator with him. She learns that when he and Brad were children, they were given piglets to raise for slaughter. Brad named his Kate, and when the big day came around, he couldn’t do it. So Zack did it for him. He exits with an ominous, “I’ll be in touch.”

Don’t miss the Snoop Dogg concert in the credits!

Episode 5 of the second season of Mythic Quest will land exclusively on Apple TV+ on Friday, May 28. Follow along with all of our recaps for this season here.

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