‘Mythic Quest’ Review: Season 3 Continues to Set a New Bar for Workplace Comedies

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With just a few days left to go until the premiere of its third season, we really need to talk about Apple TV+’s underrated gem — Mythic Quest.

Mythic Quest is a workplace comedy first and foremost … but it’s not your typical workplace comedy. The series, which was created by It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia‘s Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day, and Megan Ganz, follows a group of video game developers and the various — and sometimes unbelievable — antics that occur in their turbulent, borderline-chaotic workplace. Even if you’re not familiar with the real-world MMORPGs that show riffs off of, like World of Warcraft, it’s still incredibly enjoyable for gamers and non-gamers alike. (And perhaps most notable is the fact that, while this is a series set in the world of gaming, there’s no shortage of female characters at the front and center of the story.)

The season 2 finale of Mythic Quest saw a major shakeup for the series as a whole, because McElhenney’s Ian and Charlotte Nicdao’s Poppy made the shocking decision to leave their beloved company behind in pursuit of other creative endeavors. Given how central both characters were to everything that took place in the office over the course of the first two seasons, their departure raised questions as to where the next season was set to go, narratively.

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Season 3 finds not only Ian and Poppy, but most of its characters, uprooted from their original postings and thrust into new, challenging roles that will test them time and time again as they try to navigate their new realities. And though we won’t go into the finer details of what’s in store for GrimPop and those that remain at MQ (you’ll just have to watch and see), this twist helps to expand the scope of the story and provides an opportunity to see a different side of the characters that we’ve come to know. Additionally, the show also takes advantage of the dynamic compatibility between these characters by mixing things up with some new, unexpected team ups along the way.

The third season of Mythic Quest continues to exemplify the fact that, though we can acknowledge the series is certainly a comedy at face value, there’s also surprisingly a whole lot of sincerity sandwiched in there between the snappy one-liners and ongoing gags. While the behavior of these characters may often be exaggerated for comedic value, it’s these frank, ardent moments of humanity and self-awareness that set this show apart. Poppy and Ian’s relationship is one of the biggest examples of this, and because their bold, contrasting personalities guarantee that nothing will ever be simple between the two of them, this season explores their dynamic with laughter and poignance in equal measure.

Ultimately, season 3 is another triumph for this series — it’s a loot box packed full with humor and entertainment in spades. To be frank, Mythic Quest is one of the best current, ongoing comedy shows available to watch at this time. It’s undoubtedly up there at the top of its genre, and at this point, it deserves far more widespread audience recognition.

Don’t miss season 3 of Mythic Quest when it premieres exclusively on Apple TV+ on Friday, November 11! In the meantime, get a refresher on season 2 with our episodic recaps.

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