‘Manifest’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 10 “Inversion Illusion”


It’s the Manifest season 4 midseason finale, and I suggest some tissues. With Angelina the owner of the Omega Sapphire, she is bringing some real destruction. Meanwhile, the fight to save Cal ends with someone risking their life, and the Registry implements a new policy that will forever change the way the passengers live.

Keep reading to find out what happened on “Inversion Illusion.”

Ghost of You

David Giesbrecht/Netflix

In the attic, Ben hears Grace’s voice, and when he turns around, she’s standing in front of him. She tells Ben how much she misses him, and Ben says he’s broken without her. He begs for help with Cal, and Grace wants him to bring her Eden. It will all make sense. Ben tells Zeke about his Calling, and he thinks her gravesite might be the only place. Zeke assures Ben he has Cal and will keep him updated.

At Grace’s gravesite, Ben tells Eden about her real mom, and Grace shows up. She asks him to do something. To let Eden go back to Angelina. She’s the only other mother Eden’s ever known. Ben notices something about Grace’s eyes, realizing she’s not Grace. It was actually Angelina. Eden runs to her, and Angelina aims a gun at Ben. She’s adamant that she and Eden belong together. Ben wants Eden to decide, and she chooses Ben. He runs away with Eden, and when he puts her in the car, Angelina screams, causing pain to all passengers.

Fallen Angel

Michaela and Jared visit Eagan in the hospital, and Eagan tells them that Angelina is responsible, but he doesn’t know where she is. Michaela sees Angelina’s prayer book in his backpack. She gets a Calling of a figure, which shatters into glass.

Once finding out what Angelina did with the Omega Sapphire, Michaela grabs Angelina’s prayer book. She tells them about her Calling, and Olive says she helped Angelina with the exact same Calling. She knows where she is. Cal talks Ben into going with Michaela to find Angelina.

Michaela and Ben arrive at Angelina’s old school, and there’s a fire inside. They see Angelina standing below a window, begging for forgiveness. She realized she doesn’t need to find an angel.

“I am the angel.”

Michaela grabs Angelina’s gun and tells her it’s over. Angelina knows she’s an angel sent to bring vengeance upon the evil and to lead the righteous to salvation. Ben tells her she’s a sad, lost, lonely person in the Lifeboat awaiting judgment. Angelina brings up the trials, and Michaela tells her she’s warping God’s words. Evie comes up beside Michaela, and Ben tells her that it’s not her; it’s Angelina. Traumatized still by the accident, Michaela drops the gun, and it falls into the lava.

The fire gets worse, and they try to save the students and teacher. Using a pew, Ben creates a bridge over the lava. After getting everyone out, Ben goes back in to stop Angelina. The glass window shatters, and it, along with bricks, tumble on top of Angelina.

Angelina, still alive for some reason, weakly gets up and sees the last bit of the sapphire, but when she reaches it for it, it falls through the cracks. She reaches down to grab it, and her hand is on fire, the sapphire infused into her skin.

“Blessed are they who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled.”

Angelina walks through the cemetery outside the school, and with an overlook of the city, there’s lava everywhere.

The Dragon

TJ was able to bring the papyrus from Astoria that he sent from Egypt, and they compare the two pictures of Maat. Olive points out the hole in Maat’s chest and how the sapphire could be the thing to save humanity and maybe even Cal. TJ thinks there’s something else. He learned that the Egyptians used pigments that were vibrant blue, but over time, they faded away. If they use an infrared filter, they might be able to see it.

Olive digs through boxes to find a camera with an infrared filter. When they get the picture out, it’s surrounded by a bunch of dots all around the sapphire. TJ grabs a picture frame and uses a marker to color in the dots. After they put it over the papyrus, Olive connects them. It’s exactly like the constellation.

Second Chances

Peter Kramer/Netflix

When Cal wakes up, Zeke has Derek Jeter’s last game with the Yankees playing, with baseball stadium-level food and foam fingers. Zeke tells Cal that he can take that fear and pain away, but Cal doesn’t want him to take it all on. Cal wonders why he came back older, stating he’ll never live long enough to uncover that reason.

Cal’s scar begins to move and it glows. Henry was right.

“I am the Dragon.”

Cal and Angelina get a Calling, and they are both on the plane. He tries to stop Angelina, and she uses the Omega Sapphire on him. Grace shows up and tells Cal it’s time to let go. He tells Grace he missed her so much but thinks there’s more he’s supposed to do. He’s ready.

Grace tells him there’s no need to fight any longer, and Cal realizes that all those years he was sick, she never told him to stop fighting. Cal gets stronger, and Grace vanishes. He grabs the Omega Sapphire, and it breaks in Angelina’s hand. Cal comes out of the Calling, but he passes out.

Cal wakes up and tells Zeke to get everyone. When Zeke goes upstairs to get Olive, he overhears her and TJ talking. If a dragon, a passenger, gets touched by the sapphire, it could tip the scales, and all of them could survive, which means the entire world can survive. Cal is the Dragon. He can save all of them.

“This is the way it has to be.”

While touching Cal, Zeke calls Michaela and tells him he won’t be there when she gets home. He’s not scared because of her. They were always meant to be together. He was given a second chance at life. He didn’t know why, but it was her.

It was you. And then, in the cave, that magazine photo of your beautiful face kept me going. And then when I came back, I wanted to find you. I had to. The first time we touched, it was like I could feel you in every cell of my body like you were a part of me. You’re why I came back. You’re my breath and my blood and my soul. You let me know what it means to be truly alive. The universe brought us together for a reason, Mick. It was my second chance to make up for all the pain and hurt I caused. And now I finally get to do that.

Zeke Landon

Michaela pleads with him to wait until she gets home. She and Ben race home, and Zeke promises he’ll see her again under the stars. He takes his last breath in Michaela’s arms, and Cal wakes up. The only thing that can be heard is Michaela’s sobs.

High Stakes

Peter Kramer/Netflix

After getting the information that the world is coming to an end, Saanvi has been hard at work trying to find anything that may help them.

Saanvi tells Vance about what Angelina did. She says they’ve been so focused on using sapphire to connect to the divine they completely forgot about their connection to each other. They won’t know whether a Calling is real or false now that Angelina can create false Callings. As if that wasn’t enough bad news, Saanvi says that if misusing the Noah’s Ark fragment created a volcanic fissure, just think about the consequences misusing the Omega Sapphire will have on the world.

Cal’s scar sample glows, and it’s from sapphire. Saanvi realizes that the Major was right. Cal is the Holy Grail. The Bird’s Nest is raided, and Vance tells Saanvi to destroy everything. Dr. Gupta comes out and tells Saanvi that she put the whole world at risk when she lost the Omega Sapphire. She warned her about playing God.

Inside the Belly of the Beast

With Jared working at the Registry along with Drea now, they’re able to help the 828ers more inside the belly of the beast.

After a passenger gets detained, he is reunited with his son, and Drea apologizes. Unfortunately, Captain Fahey tells everyone that they are to detain every passenger on U.S. soil until further notice, effective immediately.

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