‘Batwoman’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 11 “Arrive Alive”

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This week on Batwoman, Sophie and Ryan search for Angelique and subsequently continue their search for Black Mask. Meanwhile, Alice begins to work with Enigma to erase her memories of Kate. Read on to find out what happens in “Arrive Alive.”

The episode kicks off with False Face stocking up on supplies for Snake Bite. When they return to the lab, Angelique is there with Black Mask, saying she can make Snake Bite for him. He drops a vial of a highly acidic batch on the floor and tells her she better be able to, threatening her by having other members of False Face hold her dangerously close to the acid.

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Ryan at the bat cave and Sophie at Crows headquarters talk on the phone about Angelique’s abduction. Ryan continues to push Sophie to provide information, but she tells Ryan she’ll handle it. Ryan says she can help, but Sophie refuses. After they hang up, Luke tells Ryan that he was able to set up a tracking system for the cars that were present at the abduction.

Alice waits for Enigma at her office. A new client walks in, and Alice briefly poses as Enigma until the real Enigma shows up, which leads Alice to throw her knife at the patient, ultimately killing him. Enigma thinks Alice is there to regain her memories of Ocean, but Alice reveals that she wants to forget Kate.

Three cars belonging to the False Face Society are gearing up to go get Fear Toxin for Snake Bite. As they begin their run, Batwoman intercepts one of the cars whose driver happens to be Sophie, whose cover has just been blown. Sophie explains how False Face goes about getting the toxin and that she would’ve found the final drop site by the end of the run. But, thanks to Batwoman, she lost the only solid lead she had.

Alice tells Enigma about the hallucinations she’s been having of the younger version of Kate, explaining why she wants to erase her memory. Enigma tries to break down the hallucinations, wanting to get to the root of the issue. Alice, however, wants to cut to the chase, holding her knife on Enigma until she agrees to help but also explains what she needs to do in order to erase Alice’s memories.

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Sophie returns to Crows HQ, where she finds Jacob talking with another Crow, Agent Tavaroff. She breaks the news about her mission, and Tavaroff leaves. Sophie tries to explain, but Jacob is growing increasingly angry. He tells Sophie that he’s putting Tavaroff in charge of the mission, which Sophie disagrees with because he’ll go in guns blazing. Jacob is past listening and shouts at Sophie to leave. When she does, she heads to The Hold Up where she fills in Ryan about what happened, saying they need a new driver if they’re going to get to Angelique first. Ryan is clearly up for the challenge and uses Sophie’s own reasoning against her to convince her to let Ryan drive.

Alice and Engima begin the memory erasing session. Alice is pulled into a hallucination of her and young Kate in a moving car. Kate is taking polaroid photos of the two of them, much to Alice’s annoyance. Kate tells Alice that she’s capable of love, but Alice doesn’t believe it in the slightest. She makes Kate disappear, which prompts her to see Ocean, who’s driving the car, and Kate returns. When she’s back in reality, she thinks that Enigma is toying with her instead of helping.

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Ryan and Sophie begin to prep for infiltrating False Face, borrowing Mary’s car for the heist. Ryan is excited, but Sophie doesn’t think she’s taking anything seriously. She tells Ryan that she needs to know everything about the car if she’s going to get accepted as a driver. Sophie then explains how the heist works and mentions knowing a trusted source who can help get Ryan in. And that trusted source? Luke. Sophie is unaware the two already know each other, so they pretend like they’re meeting for the first time. Luke creates a fake driver’s license for Ryan and once that’s complete, he’s able to get a message to False Face recommending her as a driver. Sophie leaves, and Luke hands Ryan a set of stealth comms, a tracker she’ll place in the Fear Toxin, and an AI for the car. Before she heads out, he tells her that working with Sophie is a bad idea.

Alice is clearly shaken by the hallucination. Enigma tells her that her reuniting with Ocean unlocked those memories, meaning young Kate was right about Alice’s emotions. Alice disagrees, claiming that she didn’t feel anything when she killed Ocean on Coryana. She yells at Enigma to rip the memories out of her head.

Meanwhile, Ryan does her driving test for False Face. They ask her a question about the car, which she answers effortlessly, and they officially recruit her, handing her a phone and a mask. Later, they set up for the heist. Sophie (who Ryan has saved in her phone as “Crowphie”) calls, letting Ryan know about a drone above her location that was spotted that probably belongs to False Face. Therefore, their plan to have Ryan stop and place the tracker in the Fear Toxin won’t work. Sophie tells Ryan to abort, but she doesn’t. Once she gets the toxin, she has Luke take over driving via the AI. Crows soon begin chasing her, shooting at the car. Luke is able to shake them, and Ryan inserts the tracker. When she returns, she meets Luke, but Sophie is missing, and Ryan realizes she went after False Face.

Engima begins the erasing process again, and this time, Alice is with Ocean in the abandoned train. He asks her why she killed him, but she doesn’t answer. It tells her it was for nothing, but she believes he would’ve done the same thing. He claims he wouldn’t have. Alice is snapped back to reality, where the real Ocean barges into the room. Holding Alice at gunpoint, he explains how he’s alive, seeming to have changed his tune about Alice since they last saw each other. He also wants to know why she killed him. She (pretty convincingly) begins to cry, stating it was the only way to get Kate back. She then hits him with Enigma’s staff, and the two begin fighting. Enigma says a phrase that gets them to stop and leaves. When she’s gone, the two realize that she fully unlocked their memories of each other.

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Sophie tracks down False Face and Black Mask, who takes and zip ties her at a surveillance set-up he has, wanting to ensure she wasn’t followed. As he prepares to kill her, Batwoman tosses a batarang that pierces the table. As her and Black Mask begin to fight, Sophie frees herself using the batarang. She helps Batwoman capture Black Mask and demands to see Angelique. He shows them a live feed of her being held by a member of False Face, saying that the person can kill Angelique if Sophie and Batwoman don’t let him go. They do, and he returns to the lab where Angelique has just finished a batch. He tries to inject her as a test run, but she admits that Ocean didn’t teach her the full technique, meaning her batch may be lethal. Black Mask continues trying to inject her, and she stops him by saying she can help him find Ocean.

Alice and Ocean walk through an alley together (so romantic), and Ocean explains how he found her. He also tells her that Safiyah sent him back to Gotham to find the last surviving Desert Rose, believing Batwoman has it (and, unfortunately, she’s right). He asks her if she regrets it, but she dodges the question, trying to use the fact that she killed him as an excuse, but he doesn’t hear it, asking her again. Unable to fight it any longer, the two begin kissing.

Sophie examines Mary’s car for any damage from the heist. She sees the bullet holes in the side mirror, which leads her attention to a glowing light on the driver’s side — the comms. Meanwhile at the location where Sophie, Batwoman, and Black Mask were, Agent Tavaroff watches surveillance footage of what happened, noticing Black Mask hit Batwoman hard enough to spray blood. He then notices the blood at the scene and takes a sample. At Crows, Sophie listens the conversation between Luke and Ryan, where Ryan says that she misses the batsuit. (Maybe next time we listen to Luke when he says something is a bad idea.)

Batwoman will return with a new episode on Sunday, May 2 in its new time slot of 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT on The CW. Catch up now on The CW app and cwtv.com. Find our previous recaps and the rest of our coverage here.

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