Recap: Red Protects His Love in ‘The Blacklist’ Season 8, Episode 13 “Anne”

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This episode begins with Red and Dembe meeting with an investor at his restaurant discussing his liquidity. They discuss Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and Red tells him that they’re running late for an appointment.

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On Red’s plane, he’s reading a book about how to play Bridge as Dembe tells Red that he should go with him. Dembe reminds Red that something he taught him was to not have patterns, in order to stay one step ahead of his enemies. Red likes seeing her, and likes coming back to someone. Red is going to see Anne at her house in Kansas. Meanwhile at Anne’s, Anne is talking to her friends about Raymond and her friend, Lois, says she likes punctuality. Another friend of Anne’s, Bran, tells Lois to play nice as Reddington walks in the door with flowers. Anne greets him with a kiss. She goes to put the flowers in water as Lois tells Red that if he hurts Anne, she will kill him.

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The four of them play bridge, and have their laughs. Bran asks how they met, and Red tells them that they met at a park where Anne was bird-watching, and Red couldn’t keep his eyes off of Anne. Anne and Red have been watching movies, even though Red is notorious for falling asleep before the movie ends. Later, Red is asleep on Anne’s lap as they watch their movie in a very tender moment. The next morning, Red says that he needs to go to the hardware store for an output connector, and she tells him to take her truck. He goes into town and remembers Dembe’s warning about patterns as he sees a work truck that seems suspicious.

Back at Anne’s, Red and Anne talk over wine. A bit into their conversation, Red tells her that he’s worked on something for so long, but it’s in jeopardy. She says that she wants to do more, but he tells her that she already does enough. She wants him to let her in, and he changes the subject by asking her to dance. They do, and then let’s just say they both get some action.

In the morning, Red wakes up and walks downstairs as he hears Lois warning Anne about Red. Lois tells Anne that she knows nothing about Raymond, but Anne says she knows everything she needs to know. Red listens and Anne says that she loves him. He creaks down the stairs, and now they know he heard their conversation. He greets them both, and makes a remark regarding the conversation he just eavesdropped on, and Lois goes to work, at the police station. Red tells Anne that Lois is right, and that he should tell her about who he really is, but she assures him that she already knows who he is. She tells him that he needs to see a fork-tailed fly catcher and goes to look for binoculars while he makes sandwiches.

Anne finds the binoculars as Red is making the sandwiches. Red looks out the window to see the same van that was in town before, and suggests that Anne go to town to get them new sandwiches. She complies and goes to town, while Red investigates the work van. He goes to ask the worker what he’s doing, and the man has a solid story. The man goes to pull out his work order to show Red, but there is a gun in there instead. Before he can grab the gun, Red stabs the man in the side and asks him how many are coming. The man says everyone. Red slits his throat and walks towards the van, but the van speeds away.

Neville Townsend arrives in town with his cavalry and guns. He’s arrives at Anne’s house, but no one is home. Neville suggests tracking Anne’s phone as the phone rings. Neville answers the house phone and it’s Reddington. He’s on the way to town and tells Neville that he doesn’t have to do this, but Neville insists that this isn’t going to be civil. Neville’s men have tracked Anne’s phone and she’s close so a team is headed to her.

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Red arrives at the restaurant to meet Anne. He grabs the food, and she notices blood on his hands. He tells her he will explain, as one of Neville’s women are following them. Red finds a shop and him and Anne go inside. He shoos the owner of the shop out with a gun, and tells Anne that they’re both in danger. He hides Anne in a closet and hands her his gun. He tells her that if anyone but him opens the door, shoot them. One of Neville’s women come into the store and almost open the closet door, but Red kills her. Anne and Red leave the shop, but Anne wants a better explanation. Red continues to see vans following them, and he and Anne enter the the police station. Red enters and makes an announcement that he’s Raymond Reddington, a fugitive, and that he needs to be disarmed. Lois asks what him and Anne are doing there as cops swarm Red to disarm and handcuff him. He tells Lois that they have a situation and she needs to listen to her.

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Red is in handcuffs at the station and begs Lois to take Anne somewhere safe. The Chief tells Red that there are several people coming to get him (FBI, etc.), but Red insists that they don’t have time because the men who are coming will attack the building and kill everyone inside, regardless. The cops and the Chief look out the windows and on their cameras to see vans without plates. Red asks Lois to convince the Chief to enact the lockdown protocol and he does. They start their lockdown and evacuate non-essential personnel while calling for other units to give them backup. Anne asks Red, “Who are you?” He says that she needs someplace safe to hide. 

At Anne’s house, one of Townsend’s men tells Neville that there was an incident, but they have eyes on Reddington. Neville asks what happened, and the man tells him that one of their people is dead. Neville says to get ears on the police scanner and if they are going to do this, they need to do it now. 

Will Hart/NBC

The Chief tells Lois that when units arrive, they will take Anne somewhere safe, but Red says that they can’t wait for units. Anne is visibly upset and angry with Reddington, and he tells her that he never wanted her to be involved in this part of his life, but he wanted so badly to be a part of hers. She slaps him and says that when this is over, so are they. 

Another van pulls up and Neville Townsend calls the station. The Chief answers, and Neville says he wants Reddington. If they don’t let him out within 60 seconds, he will kill everyone. The Chief tries to keep control of the situation as Neville counts down and his men take their places. Red tells Anne to hide and stay low, and suddenly, the Chief is shot in the head. Neville says that he hopes the next person in charge is more reasonable and Red tells Lois that she’s in charge now. 

The cops at the station make calls that shots have been fired as more of Neville’s men get into position. Red instructs the cops to get the weapons out of the weapons locker and take positions of their own to push Neville’s men back. One of the officers, Officer Brandt, wants to give Reddington up, but Lois says no. Brandt goes out to try and deescalate the situation, but he’s killed. Neville calls the station again and Lois answers. He tells her that she can’t change the rules and he wants Reddington to come out. She hesitates, so he says he’ll be right there. Red convinces Lois to un-cuff him so he can help, and they gather weapons even giving one to Anne. Red gets a weapon and Lois tells him that until the station is breached, then he can shoot, but of course Red starts shooting anyway. A shootout occurs; both cops and Neville’s men are injured.

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The shootout continues and Red asks Lois about the holding cell. She is trying to help an injured officer and tells Red that they don’t have access to it because Officer Brandt has the keys. Lois says she can grab them, but Red and Anne tell her no. Lois goes to get the keys from Brandt and Red covers her. She grabs the keys and heads back inside, but is shot in the leg. Red brings her back inside and Red, Anne, and Lois head to the holding cell. Neville enters the station with his men, and they head for the holding cell. One of Neville’s men shoot at the bulletproof window, but Red tells Anne to keep her eyes on Lois and ignore Neville. Red puts a tourniquet on Lois’ wound to stop the bleeding, and he tells Anne to put pressure on the wound as goes to talk to Neville. Red tells Neville he should’ve left Anne out of this. Neville says they’re ending this today. Red tells Neville that he should take his men, guns, bloodshed, and then leave; then come and find him so he can show him how to enact revenge. Sirens are heard, and Neville and his men leave. Red comes back to Anne and Lois; Red tells Anne to keep pressure on the wound, while also apologizing and says he doesn’t belong here with her. He tries to leave but Lois says that she told him if they survive, she is putting him under arrest, and she pulls her gun on him.

Backup arrives at the station, and FBI and SWAT storm the station. They find Lois and Anne, alone. Anne asks the main FBI agent if they found Reddington and the agent didn’t know Red was there. Lois tells the agent that she tried to stop Red. The agent tells them that they can drop a wide net so that Reddington won’t get far. Lois is getting into the ambulance when the paramedic says that Anne saved Lois’ life with the tourniquet she made (that really Red made). Anne tells the FBI agent that Reddington was in town to see her, frequently, but she didn’t know who he really was. The FBI has questions for Anne and she says she will answer them, but she needs to go home first. Lois tells the FBI agent that Anne is a victim, not a suspect and asks Anne if she could take Lois’ car home. Anne agrees to take her car home and Lois says that she wishes they caught him, but she gets satisfaction knowing that he’s out of Anne’s life.

Anne drives home as she remembers what happened before the FBI arrived. Lois blames Red for everything, but Red says he tried to help. Anne tells Lois that she was right about Red, but she was wrong too. Anne stands in front of Red to protect him from Lois’ gun and refuses to move. Anne arrives back at home and opens her trunk, where Red gets out. She tells him which road to take out of town, and she asks about Neville. He tells Anne that she was right at the station, and it was selfish of him to get involved with her because now he put her in harm’s way. She asks why they can’t be together if she’s already in harm’s way, but he doesn’t want her involved in what he has to do next. He tells her that she needs to go somewhere safe and she tells him that one of her friends has a cabin. He tells her that he’ll send her a specific postcard to let her know when it’s over. He thanks her for everything and they say their goodbyes.

Red drives Lois’ car and is on the phone with Dembe, saying he should’ve come with him. He hangs up with Dembe and listens to a song in the car, thinking of Anne and their time together. Suddenly, Red turns his car around and arrives back at Anne’s house. As Red walks in the door, Anne is being held at gunpoint by Elizabeth. 

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