Mike Shinoda Produces 26th Track “Objects In View” by Every Rose Live on Twitch!

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Mike Shinoda

Wrapping up the thirteenth week of music production streams, Mike Shinoda took on a very different type of track, at least in comparison to the songs he has previously produced on his Twitch channel. Preparing viewers to hear the track for the first time, titled “Objects In View” by artist Every Rose, also known as Alex Rafael Rose, Shinoda emphasized the fact that it has harp. This is the first song Shinoda has produced live on Twitch that includes such a unique instrument. In addition to the harp, the song also has multiple vocal tracks and guitar.

“Okay, listen, it’s going to be crazy. We’re not going to do anything normal here. Anything I would usually do to a track is kind of out the window.”

Beginning to work on the track, Shinoda first copied a few unique sounds Every Rose included at the end of the song to thread throughout the entire song. This helped to highlight specific parts of the song and also give listeners some consistency to fall back on in order to make the ending better relate to the rest of the song. Then Shinoda created a few different beats to select from to use as backing rhythms, before making more unique sounds from scratch to fill out the track. Next Shinoda tightened up the timing of the track, increasing the beats per minute in order to ensure the backing beat matched the vocals, harp, and guitar. Wrapping up the first day of production, Shinoda focused on ensuring the main and backing vocal tracks were formatted properly, fine tuning the beginning of the song and the second verse, and doing a little mixing and mastering.

On the second day of production, Shinoda began with cleaning up the first verse, focusing specifically on the guitar. While attempting to figure out what chords Rose played in his guitar track, Shinoda realized there were actually more than one guitar track recorded on that one track, making it difficult for him to hear the chords. Shinoda decided to record another guitar part himself for the first verse and chorus. He then added a new section of the drum rack to one of the existing tracks. Next, he edited the vocals, adding a slight echo to certain sections of the main vocals and backing vocals, before letting viewers hear the final product by playing the song all the way through from the top!

Alex Rafael Rose’s official EP i am the ocean on Soundcloud.

Alex Rafael Rose, also known as Every Rose, is a singer, multi-instrumentalist, and film maker from London, UK. His films have appeared at film festivals around the world, including San Diego Comic Con and The Washington DC Independent Film Festival, and two of his films have won awards at multiple festivals. In regard to his music, Rose enjoys creating alternative folk music, ranging from acoustic to electronic in style. The majority of Rose’s original music can be found on his Soundcloud page, going as far back as 2014 with singles such as “30 Pence” and “There’s a soul”, and as recent as this year with singles such as “Dragon” and “Spell Of Love” (in collaboration with Cadence Kid/Cassidy Turbin). His first EP, Scar Tissue, can also be found on Soundcloud, along with his second EP, i am the ocean, which can also be found on Bandcamp. One of his more recent singles, “COVID-19”, can also be found on Spotify.

If you weren’t able to see Every Rose’s “Objects In View” be produced live by Mike Shinoda, you can still watch the Twitch replay below! Make sure to check out Every Rose’s music, as well as Shinoda’s previous production sessions. And stay tuned to Shinoda’s Twitch channel weekdays around 10 a.m. PT, for further production sessions live on Twitch!

As a special announcement, anther #ShinodaProduceMe track now has a release date. “Strong” by Joe Turone will be released on Friday, April 30, and is currently available for pre-save here!

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